MCP calls Malawi economy ‘ouroboros’:  Tears ‘leprosy’ budget

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has called the Malawi economy as ‘ouroboros’ which is suffering from Leprosy disease that demand an immediate intervention.

Dzonzi: Malawi economy is on sick bed

Dzonzi: Malawi economy is on sick bed

In his response to the 2015-2016 mid-term budget review, MCP spokesperson on financial issues, Alexander Mandaliza Kusamba Dzonzi of Dowa West said the current state of affairs in as far as economy is concerned the country is operating under “Ouroboros Economy”.

He said: “Mr Speaker sir, for those who have passion in Greek ancient religious symbolisms you may remember that there was a snake known as Ouroboros.  An Ouroboros Mr Speaker sir is a snake that is known to have the ability of eating its own tail and if it successfully manages to do so it consumes itself completely.

“Mr Speaker Sir, when I notice what happens in the economy, Ouroboros snake keeps coming to my mind.  The similarities are just unbelievable.”

Kusamba Dzonzi also quoted the Holy Bible in Second Kings chapter 5 verses one to 27 which talks about Naaman, the commander of the Syrian Army who had dreaded skin disease, leprosy but was advised by one of his wife slave girl from Israel that he must go and seek  help from a prophet and when Elisha heard of him, he just sent his servant to advise Naaman to go and wash seven times in the River Jordan and that Naaman would be cured completely of his leprosy disease.

He said Naaman though he was a decorated military commander obliged and he got cured of his leprosy.

Dzonzi pointed out that it  would be “naive” to expect Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  led government to meet its financial obligations under the current budget “when in truth it cannot keep its value in real terms.”

He said:“It is a fact that the Government of Malawi earns in Malawi kwacha, but largely spends in dollars on Fisp [Farm Input Subsidy Programme], procurement of medicines, fuel, tooth picks, cutex [nail polish], mesh and motor vehicles.”

Dzonzi said with the current monetary policy the Malawi Economy is suffering from Leprosy and it is destroying itself.

“Like Naaman it’s not too late for the Malawi government to take heed of the various pieces suggesting  the curative measures of the economy,” said Dzonzi, asking President Peter Mutharika  and his government to follow the example of the Syrian Military commander and cure the economy.

“Government seems to rely only on monetary policy as a sole too of Malawi’s economic well being,” note Dzonzi.

He said overreliance of monetary policy is not only economically catastrophic but also “politically inept.”

“Most of the challenges facing Malawi now are direct consequences of the dogmatic pursuit of the monetary policy,” said Dzonzi.

He urged government to formulate and come in with policies which can resuscitate the productive sector.

Among other measures that they have proposed to the minister of Finance and economic planning to focus on import substitution; include taking advantage of the local market demand and opportunities.

Dzonzi said that the civil service reforms are not just about reducing the size of the public servants but must among others focus look inculcating a culture of hard work and utmost accountability, rewarding enterprise and integrity.

He asked the government to eradicate nepotism and favouritism ingenuity and that the reforms must be merit and not mediocrity.

Dzonzi said the current reforms “felt far too short to address these requirements.”

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A nzeru a ku m'mawa

Akaletsa kuchita import ma toothpick ndi inu nomwe muyambe kunena kuthg taonani ndi ma toothpick omwe sakupezeka.muyambe kupanga ma toothpick of comparable or higher quality then things will sort themselves out no one will import them.


So what’s the alternative to the monetary policy you idiot!

mwa ma

Anthu mulibe manyazi eti? nungalangize kuthukumve ngati Bwampiniyu? kkkkkkkk


where does namaan&reprosy fit in economics azimwale?


Kikkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! azungumbuli mwati bwanji? ku chemerela umachemelera yako zimenezo inu muzidziwa!!!! ifetu timanyadilana munthu wathu akachita bwino kutoteroko mkunyadila osati poti inuyo mwanva kuwawa ifeso tinve kuwawa yayi kwathu kuno kulibe zimenezo mwanva odala?
Ndakunverani chisoni chifukwa zikuoneka kuti nanga ka mtima kasanje kakulapo, ngati palibe nsanjeyo ingokozekani nsanjeyo yayandikila ndipo ikugwiritsani ntchito ndi nkwiyo……………………………………………………………!
Ngati mwakwiya kwiyani zeeeeeeeeeeedi tsono!!!!!!!!!!!!! kikkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


a Dzonzi tawaudze zoona anthuwa nkhutukumbwe
Mbvekere” ndilibe problem” Zoona!




This MCP guy has a problem! He is a Malawian. Let him propose something that he thinks is feasible for the country. This is our nation. Whether DPP, MCP, PP we are all Malawians. If you think we can vote you in power because you are a good oppose but you never suggest what is feasible, FORGET. Muzingosutsa choncho.

Inu amene mukuti mwana wa Mchewa ameneyu ndinu munthu WOTSALIRA ndiponso WOMVETSA CHISONI. Tribal affiliations have no place in civilized world! Mupindulanji ndi mangawa osankhana mitundu? One is not brighter because he is a chewa, Lomwe, etc! Wake up!!!!!


Zoona m’meezo nde kuyankhula kumeeko odala. opulezident wathuwa sowerenga buku lopatulika kuti okadziwe zinthu ngati izi. Mouze zanzene kuti onvetse. Inu ndinu patali onyata o ku Dowa.


Thats very true, there are alot of Bible stories to learn from, and indeed our Leaders need to humble themselves like Namaan the leper. Teach Peter Muthalika alot more Bible stories coz he doesnt read the Bible.

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