MCP complain to regulator on MBC inciting genocide through hate-filled programs

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has written the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) expressing concern that the tax-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)) is still refusing to open up the airwaves for the opposition parties and that its content is largely biased towards the ruling party.

Mkaka : MBC is promote hate-messages

MCP also complains that the tax-funded station has rolled out propaganda campaign against the opposition by introducing new programme called Sapita Kawiri.

In a letter seen  by Nyasa Times dated February 1 2018 by MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka to Macra director general Godfrey Itaye, the public broadcaster is also airing  some  programs such as  Chinduji, Manifesto Yanu and Ndikati Chete which  have  been biased .

The party warned that the infamous Rwandan genocide was propelled by the use of the media.

“Radios were airing programmes which were promoting hate against each other,” said Mkaka citing a research of Thomas Hauschildit.

“Thus, MBC out to know how hate messages they are trying to promote  all in the name of sprucing DPP image would put this nation on fire,” reads the letter.

MCP reminds Macra to keep MBC “in check” as it is legally required to provide unbiased coverage to all parties because it is run on tax payers’ money.

Mkaka said they have reported the matter to the regulator in the spirit of being “preventive and progressive”.

MCP reminded Macra that it has summoned Zodiak and Times media houses “when there were complaints.”

“We look forward to your expeditious and adequate action,” reads the MCP letter to Macra.

Media expert Lowani Mtonga told Nyasa Times that the battle to free MBC needs practical action.

“The lack of editorial independence and opening up of MBC airwaves is against the spirit of Communications Act and the Constitution. The Communications Act clearly spells out under Section 87 of the public mandate of MBC to operate without any bias or serve any political interests.

“Secondly, MBC ignores the Constitution which categorically states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and that the media has the right to publish freely. This entails MBC to be neutral and serve public interests regardless of people’s political views,” Mtonga argued.

He said MBC  as a public broadcaster is falling short of the mandate as  a platform for public discourse.

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Mkaka, unaiwala to include Times TV and Radio on your complaint to the regulator. Include the Hot Current as one of such programmes that incite genocide. The fact that the radio station does not use tax payers money is not a licence to incite genocide. By the way when did MCP start hating genocide? The party has been associated with genocide since its inception. Where are the Chisiza brothers? How about Orton Chirwa, Msonthi, Madinga and others? Was what MCP did at Thambani not genocide? Mr Mkaka, close your shithole and let able people in the likes of Kaliwo, Kabwira… Read more »

Mbuzi ….kape


Ukunama Iwe mbale. How can you say that the party has been associated with genocide since its inception? It seems you don’t know the meaning of genocide. You can either consult the dictionary or you have to go back to Mr Hatton. It’s not too late for you to be wducated.

Kanthiti Mzandu

By then it was one party not in this multpartisim M B C yaonjenza 2019 mudzasiya nokha ntchito


MBC inkapanga zomwezo munthawi yanu. Munkatchula anzanu agang’a ndi abongololo. MBC idali chida chanu chonyozera anzanu. Tidali akapilikoni munthawi yanu. Lero dzanja lalemba. Adachotsa ufumu wanu naupeleka kwa oyenera. By the way, drone mwabweza? Atolankhani a MBC akayandikira kumsonkhano wanu mukufuna kuapha. Choonadi kuwawa. Musatseke pakamwa MBC. iSIYENI IULURE IDALI YANU PAJA. MBC pitiliza kutiuza zoona zokhazokha. Kodi nkhani zanu zabwino MBC akazitenga kuti popeza ntchito zanu ndi zoipa zokhazokha mpaka luro


All political parties should just open their broadcasting stations. So that everyone can listen to those station by choice

Mary Banda

Tiyankhuleni timve


DPP MBC koma ndiye mwaonjeza. MBC TV ndi ya aliyense muno m’Malawi, bwanji mukukhala ngati MBC ndi ya DPP


Thats why Malawi will remain a failed nation coz you want us to believe the mistakes which MCP did way back should be repeated now. We chose multipartism and somebody is here backing what DPP is doing, then what is the difference? You are telling me that we should continue killing opponents to silence them the way DPP did with Chasowa. We chose multipartism to operate different from one party system of govt. Mwamva alomwe inu backing MBCs conduct, vuto siinu koma umbuli hence blind loyalty.

Khulupirirani pa Yesu Khristu

Rule number one – ALL television is bad. Rule number two – ALL state-owned TV/Radio stations are biased towards evil. MBC towards the government, SABC towards the God-hating sodomite-loving ANC terrorists, ZBC towards ZANU-PF, BBC towards God-hating leftwing sodomites, etc etc etc. No television, radio or media is “unbiased” since they are all ultimately owned by the same master, Satan.

Andrew Mithowa

Sakulakwa a MBC, tidziwe zomwe zimachitika, kuti 2019 tivote modziwa yemwe tikumuvotera!

Patrick Phiri

MCP is simply a useless and ignorant grouping not worthy sympathising with. If Rwandan genocide was caused by biased broadcasting, what can stop their Times Radio and Times TV from causing the same? It does not have to be a public broadcaster, but any hate broadcast from any radio or TV can cause genocide. Mwamva mbutuma za MCP?

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