MCP MPs blast DPP poverty deniers: Mutharika told to mind the gap of super rich and poor in Malawi

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentary leadership has delivered a stinging criticism to governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led by Peter Mutharika for being poverty deniers while they are living in comfortable life of super rich.

Kabwila showing reporters The Nation newspaper which reported Mutharika's New York 'Mapwevupwevu'
Kabwila showing reporters The Nation newspaper which reported Mutharika’s New York ‘Mapwevupwevu’

At a news conference, the MCP addressed in Lilongwe on Thursday, the party leady by spokesperson Dr. Jessie Kabwira, Dr Elias Chakwera (shadow Ministers of Education), Mandaliza Dzonzi (shadow minister of Finance) and Juliana Lingui (shadow minister of Health) condemned President Peter Mutharika leadership as the perpetuators of the country’s stricken poverty due to poor social-economic policies.

Kabwila accused the Mutharika government of ignoring the economic turmoil the country is facing and the increasing abject poverty.

She said austerity is actually rhetoric for the government when in reality they’re imposing it on the poorest and most vulnerable in the society.

On how the passing of the 2015/2015 nation budget was implemented, MCP expressed sadness over the bloated delegates sent to UN Summit in New York as tax-payers money is being spent wrongly based on challenges the populace are encountering saying, a serious government could not send such huge numbers of people reportedly to over 115 while the same government was seeking financial support from donors.

“This is a childish government. How can you carry party loyalists, wives, maids to a summit whose presence won’t add any value but rather wining, shopping with poor’s money and later, you seek financial support from donors. Can a serious donor offer help with such uncalled for spending?

“The budget policy we passed in parliament is off track this is the reason the Kwacha continues depreciating, high interest rates which has resulted into skyrocketing prices of commodities and services. Some of these reforms MCP isn’t consulted which we could provide foresight before they announce them to the public”, said Dzonzi

On education reforms that include abolishing Junior Certification Education (JCE) exams, MCP sounded an alarm saying Malawi’s system of education was not yet ready to graduate into those reforms.

“Education reforms must be based on education theories not on economic grounds. Any nation’s development derives from well- established education policies. Abolishing JCE exams isn’t viable for Malawi as education system is still under developed. If this reform is implemented, expects high dropout rates,” pointed out Chakwera.

“Why raising tuitions in fees secondary schools teachers training colleges and abolishing student sponsorship in public universities when our economy is in shambles? We thought this could be the best time government was to rescue the public from the social economic turmoil but instead it’s acting strangely”, wondered Chakwera, MCP’s shadow minister of Education.

The also party condemned DPP government on the decision for withdrawing of health workers who were already deployed to various health facilities across the nation due to financial constraints which MCP described the move as being insensitive to an ordinary Malawian at the village.

“How can you ask donors for funds to train health workers then later you tell the same partner that we won’t make use of their resources output into use? Are we serious as a nation? The monies being used for travelling to UN Summit could be better allocated into this. It just shows how visionless the leadership the nation is under”, worried Lunguzi who is also Chairperson of Parliamentary committee on health.

MCP therefore called all Malawian to rise up against any policy decision which might harm them saying the nation has lost direction under “sleepwalking” President Mutharika as poverty continues to worse.

“Others thought that putting DPP in power was away to punish MCP but we are all suffering from mediocrity of this government. They are running the affairs of the state in hurry as if are chased by anybody. Malawians don’t want to reach the extent of July 20, 2011 due to social-economic challenges. People want decent health, education, water, transport services delivery,” said Kabwila.

Kabwila persuaded concerned citizens to peacefully rise up against any counterproductive policies which only favour the super rich and DPP loyalists leaving the rest feeling the pitch.

“We need productive citizens. This nation is for every as such we must take care of it from any damage one might want to pose on”, appeals Kabwira.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said MCP statements are out of “frustration and anger.”

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number65 wanama koopysa ndipo ukulankhula ngati simukuona mmene anthu akuvutikila pitani pachioradzulu pomwepa apa mukaone mmene anthu akuvutikila .. kuthubwe kwa che H musa makawo anthu akuvutika osakhala masewela komatu tili ndi akuluakulu anthu ngati achina mwanamveka

rowland matemba
rowland matemba
5 years ago

mcp! mend the rift between chakwera and jumbe.jessie will you return to chanco after loosing 2019 elections?central region yonse yakwera ya jumbe.2019 jumbe for mcp torch bearer.

Uncle Ken
Uncle Ken
5 years ago

Dziko Ndi Choncho Asiyeni Ndi Nthawi Yawo Naye Mulungu Akazafuna Muzalamula

5 years ago

Mcp was supposed to be the first to mind the gap btwn rich and poor people but you completely failed for 31yrs just misusing donor funds. DPP is trying everything to rectify your mess for the fucken 31 yrs. You must shut up your mouths. DPP is there to stay more than 31yr and you will be crying forever.

Dr Mbewe
Dr Mbewe
5 years ago

Angulu party of DPP tchito zaje ndi kuba. K577 billion cashgate. Ndalama za madonor simuziona mpaka 2019 wooo. Mbava. Ifenso tikuti madonor asapeleke ndalama kudziko lino Chifukwa angoba a DPP

Nyau ya Lazaro
5 years ago

MCP created a big gap between super rich and the poor. It only focused on people to have three things: food, cloth, thatched houses. Today people can have more than these but they are still poor. Why???? Mcp denied people to own other things we see today: Tv, cars, vending, phones, minibuses, computers, internet, nyasatimes, freedom of expression etc. Muluzi did a good job to narrow the gap. The gap for 31yrs was so deep and grave that it requires another 31yrs to fill it. Mcp should pause and leave others to fill the gap it created. The south will… Read more »

Nyau Party
5 years ago

Kukadakhala kuti MCP (Nyau Party) inayendetsa bwino dzikoli (31yrs) with alot of donor funds, bwezi Malawi muno mulibe osauka lero. Koma ndalama zambiri mumathera mapwevupwevu. MCP inachita kugula ndege ya azimayi ndalama itasowa nazo chochita. (ndegeyo ili pa airwing). Ma delegates opita kunja amaposa 300. Munthu amene amamanga nyumba ya malata anali wa Theba basi. Nyumba zosathonya mumanena za udzu. Kodi Jessie unali usanabadwe? Foseki!!!!

Linwood de julius
5 years ago

masiku ano ndichoncho olemera azilemerese osauka kumulandilatu azingokukuta mano basi ukathamanga thamanga wina akulande kupitira ku america impishment ichitike basi

5 years ago

A female graduate has become a fool here showing that 120 delegates are on record without conducting a research. Look at the doctor. Kameraman wachita kukusiya kutali kuti wusaoneke ngati gule. Kodi Jessie are you still kuyang’anira dambwe la a gogo ako lija. Wachita bwino wabwera apa ndinakusowa. Chioneni mano ngati kang’wing’wi woti wavala kale zakugule kwake.taona anyamata uli nawo akuchita kuoneka bwinotu, matayi pho. Koma iwe uli mbuu. Garu iwe. Iwe ngati ungabwerer ku CHANCO after 5 years sabastical holiday ukasimba zoona kwa anzako monga Edge Kanyongolo amenenso akufuna kuti a Malawi achose lamulo la insulting laws kuti tizingophana… Read more »

andrew kambalame
andrew kambalame
5 years ago

MCP yaziwa liti kuti there is gap between the rich and poor. A chakwera tamangolalikirani zinazi siyirani a ndale apitilize. Nawo a Jessey Kabwira…. You critisise everything however we cannot trust you. Munthu ophunzira bwinobwino koma phokoso lokhalokha. Mukanakhala inu. Mwasiya ntchito yabwinobwino mumafuna chiyani ku ndale, si kuba komweko? Ndi chiyani chomwe mukufuna ku ndale. A chakwera, u bishop sizimakoma?

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