MCP ready to give back Chakwera car to Malawi govt

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has hinted that it is ready to surrender the  vehicle MG393AH which leader of the opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera is currently using as part of his parliamentary entitlement.

MCP leadership during the new conference at its party headquarters in Lilongwe

MCP leadership during the new conference at its party headquarters in Lilongwe

Addressing a news conference at the MCP headquarters in Lilongwe on Thursday, five Members of Parliament of MCP led by Publicity Secretary, Dr Jessie Kabwira took turn in asking government to take Chakwera official vehicle if Executive see it as only remaining solution in solving myriad of problems locking the country.

“We are not clinging to the vehicle, after all as a party we are ready to give it to government so that the issue can be resolved once for all,” said Kabwira.

Taking his turn, Member of Parliament for Kasungu Central, Amon Nkhata, said that Government should also withdraw all vehicles from different heads of departments, Principal secretaries, Ministers, and from the office of Vice President.

“All of them were bought the same vehicles as their entitlement but it is surprising that only Chakwera is being fingered,” said Nkhata.

Kasungu East Parliamentarian Madaliso Kazombo, said when one is being employed he is given condition of services and entitlements.

He said Chakwera is entitled to the vehicle as his title is constitutional office.

Meanwhile, MCP has said it is geared for the next sitting of Parliament slated for Friday, Nov. 6, which starts with State of Nation Address from President Peter Mutharika.

Among other businesses during the sitting, the minister of finance is expected to deliver ministerial report on the state of economy in the country.

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proud to be southernor ..
proud to be southernor ..

Abweze ….wanyera panjira walinga mbalume…samadziwa kuti tinapenya ….Anakunamiza malawi lero wasukusula…..Ubweze basi ufune olo usafune….No secret and more to come….inu phee pofika 2019 munyenyeka …uwill regret the day u joined politicts…


Anthu anangokula koma saganiza.Galimoto sikuti wagula ndi chakwela koma paliament yomwe ndi nthambi ya boma.Chakwera sangagule yekha alibe mphavu imeneyo.Now,zikuyenda apazi ndi ndale chabe ndipo zikumaonetseratu kuti this called DIPIPI sikugona tulo ndi MCP!

Mapazi asiyana

And when you give back the vehicle,the government must sell it? Taziganizani inu! The problem isn’t the vehicle but it’s purchase amidst economic crisis. If you want,sell the vehicle and give the money back to government. Kodi inu a MCP do you speak for the Leader of Opposition? The car wasn’t bought for MCP President! Aaash,musupula maliro a eni. Leave the issue to parliament

MCP should nt give back the car. Muntharika should tell people where is the money he took from the state house after his brother. MCP OF-Course they are disappointed. The whole story is to fruastruate Chakwela because APM knows this coming elections he stands no chance and he knows he stole votes from Chakwela. He is tying so much to find a way to fruastruate him. It is not Chakwela who bought the car but it is i constution thing. If one has to give up then all of them should return of -course if that will make a difference… Read more »

when you go to parliament bulding
plz don’t consetrate your own issue,you are developed people “alredy”.Think wisely use your educated brain to contro positive condition.


O’ Chakwera mwanyanyala? Kkkk mungazathe kuyendetsa Malawi mukazatenga mu 2054? Zimaphweka kumanena azako, APM mwamunena kangati wanyanyalapo, ndiwe wauchibwana eti? Umaona zophweka ndiye ine ndikuti usabweze kkkk


I just cn MP 9 for the police just the same


Let govt withdraw the car from Chakwera and solve the economic mess, the same govt bought it for him.

Shame on MCP. Who is the advisor of your president? Please fire him. MCP through its Vice who is now a Speaker and the Opposition Leader in Parliament have shown how bad they are. I do not know how much they had declared that they have. They would have been cautious to ride in a car that is costing millions including the speaker. Your press conference will not change my mind that you are just a gang of opportunists. Wait a minute…… salaries were raised your colleagues did not accept that increase until the economy will improve and yet you… Read more »

People lamenting over one car leaving the big junks of money that go to State house for renovations, hospitality, motorcades . IIIIIIIIIIII dziko lopatsa manyazi ngati ili nsinalione

Zefania Kabotolo

MCP, just sell the vehicle and the proceeds deposited into MG A/C Number 1 other than talking this and that. Then let us know that you have done that through Press Conference.

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