MCP ‘rebels’ appeal district chairmen case demanding convention

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) ‘rebels’ have appealed to the Supreme Court a case in which party district chairmen are demanding a convention where new elections for office holders, including that of president, should be held.

Chatinkha: Appeals to Supreme Court

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who is leading the district chairmen and sponsor of the legal fees, said the district chairmen were not convinced with the decision by the High Court to dismiss the case.

She said among other issues, the district are not happy with the way party president makes some appointments, citing the position of second secretary general which she said is not provided for in the party constitution.

Eisenhower Mkaka doubles as second secretary general and party publicist.

Chidzanja Nkhoma said efforts to have the issue discussed outside the courts proved futile.

“Some mediators have come to mediate on the issue but it seems the party leadership is not interested in mediation,” she said.

Mkaka, on the other hand, said the party is always keen on talks but it would be hard to go to the negotiating table when matters are already in the courts.

“We shall meet in the court,” he said.

Party President Lazarus Chakwera fired Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma from the party for confusing confusion after she openly said she would challenge Chakwera for party presidency position during a convention she is fast tracking.

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Mao wanzeru ngati uyu kumalawi kuno kulijenso. Akudziwa ku Agalatiya CHAKWERA adakanika kutsogolera nkhosa za MULUNGU uyu. Ndiye chipani angachithe? Mai awa sakufuna mpandowo ayi, koma tisankhe munthu oti amange mcp


Chatinkha galu ukuf7na pofera Chakwera is standing 4 the party in 2019


Kodi ma ujeni amuthela?


God first all second. Good promotion comes from God

staford nduwaluwa

you chatikha ur just wasting your time u can’t be a president of malawi go and ask JB ‘don’t destroy our party

Yahya Jammeh
The one behind problems in MCP is John Tembo who is pumpering Chatinkha to cause confusion in the MCP ranks. This is the problem with Chewas when they fail they unfortunately don’t admit it, instead they make sure others fail too. Tembo failed to become President of Malawi and he has seen signs that Chakwera can become one. Instead of supporting him, he is stubbing him from behind so that Chakwera too fails. This attitude will not help anybody in this country. No matter what Chatinkha will do, she will not win any case in court. The best she can… Read more »

It seems MCP is full of cowards and this woman scares you too much. With all the obvious mess in MCP you can’t stand up to Chakwera and result to violence basi…shame. leave Chatinkha alone to help clean the house. Kodi do you know that you are being used by Chakwera to do his dirty work? Wake up people.
MCP will die with Chakwera and why would Dpp help someone who will destroy thier perfect situation. ..dpp is happy with Chakwera and not otherwise. ..wake-up wake-up. Chakwera only wants money

rotten cops

Akufuna pofera. Akufuna kuti APM adzawagulirire Coffin because the entire Chidzanja family is as poor as most of us. They cannot afford a decent funeral for her. This woman is liar and thief at the same time. Before Malawi introduced ARV program, she used to bring fake medicine purportedly from the USA. Stop this nonsense otherwise; we will expose you and DPP will not defend you

John mkaka
To me it seems like that you people making threats and insulting Mai Chatinkha are simply vindicating her case. It makes sense that MCP so called rebels should ask for leadership change if the horrible comments are to go by. Democracy should be accommodating various views and not insulting people who differ from you. No leader is indispensable and if MCP constitution provides for an emergency convention when a petition has been presented, then it’s prudent to accommodate the aggrieved. The Republic Constitution allows for an appeal if one is dissatisfied with a ruling and I see no reason to… Read more »

Zikomo a John Mkaka chifodya cha mau anu a Chikondi. Ife anu Congress tikukhumudwa ndi nkhalidwe wankhanza umene a Busa akupanga. Please please chipani ndi anthu, ndemukapa menya ndi kupha anthu okutsutsani nde a me aka ku votereni ndi ndani. Asiyeni a Mai Chatinkha akatha ndiza ife osauka. Lindani madzi apite ndemudziti ndadala

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