MCP says federalism foes are ‘eating’:  NPL poll shows DPP, UDF MPs say no

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has maintain its stand that it is federal system of government which can help to achieve equitable distribution of resources in the country.

Kabwila (Left): MCP not fazed with the defections

Kabwila (Left): MCP is for fedelarism

MCP publicity secretary Dr Jessie Kabwila, whose party has officially stated it is for federalism, told Nyasa Times in a telephone interview on Friday tin reaction to a newspaper poll of legislators has shown that 61.5 percent of members of Parliament (MPs) would reject a bill if it were introduced in the National Assembly on whether or not Malawi should be a federal State.

Nation Publications Limited though its daily title, The Nation, reported on Friday that it conducted an opinion poll over a two-week period ending yesterday—sampled 122 of the 193 legislators through telephone, short message service (SMS) and electronic mail (e-mail).

The paper reported that of the respondents, 75 MPs (61.5 percent) said they would vote against federalism while (30) or 24.5 percent said they would support it and 17 (14 percent) were undecided.

By party representation, the survey reached 42 MPs from the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), 15 from former president Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP), 30 from Malawi Congress Party (MCP), eight from United Democratic Front (UDF) and 27 independents.

Kabwila told Nyasa Times that her party feels vindicated that those who are “eating the tax payers money” are rejecting federalism.

She said: “MPs who are rejecting federalism are those from government who are enjoying the taxes of the cash-strapped Malawians.”

Kabwila continued: “Is there any news here? It is not surprising to see the United Democratic Front  voting no to federalism because the party is enjoying the same bed with the ruling DPP. They are all enjoying the public purse.”

She said MCP is advocating for federalism because they want equitable distribution of resources.

“What is happening now is we have a so-called government which is run by the people from the South,” said Kabwira.

The MCP spokeswoman said there is an “urgent need for a much more robust approach to make people understand what federalism is and how it is different from what other people are saying, that will help a lot.”

President Peter Mutharika is on record as the first to publicly propose federalism and proportional representation in the country eight years ago during a National Constitutional Review Conference in Lilongwe.

Mutharika recently called for “honest and lawful debate” on whether the country should adopt a federal system of government.

“It is a legitimate thing that people must be free to debate issues as long as they are doing it honestly and within the confines of the law,” said Mutharika at a news briefing on October 6 in Blantyre.

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DPP & UDF thieves including their presidents are against federalism. If worse comes to worse, we will form the proposed Front for the Liberation of the North (FLN) to fight this stupid government of Lomwe.s through war.

A Nyamazi, Mukumatha Mawu anthu akumpoto inu ngati Malawi yonse ino mwachuluka ndinu atumbuka, kodi mukawerengena kumeneko muliko angati? Nanga bwanji maiko enawa sitikumamva za Federal Government zanuzi? Akulu akulu anati “ukatha mano usaswe phali ” kunena zoona chomwe ndachiona ine apa ndichoti, anthu akumpotonu mwayesesa kulimbira mpando wa uPresident kuyambira nthawi ya MCP koma zikukanika ndeno nokha mwaona kuti sizizatheka kuti mungadzaupedze mpando umunewu ngati Dr Chihana anaulephera or mutamenya kampeni yomayenda door to door ndikumawapatsa anthu ndalama komabe sizidzatheka olo mpang’ono pomwe coz palibe yemwe sakudziwani inu atumbuka. Kuphunzira sikudziwa kutsogelera dziko ayi utsogoleri amasankha ndi mulungu osati… Read more »
Dawira Waka Dawira
Previously I thought that Benson Tembo had a backbone and the intellectual capacity to steer MBC into being a real public broadcaster but alas!!, he has proven to being just another boot-licker and MC for DPP. How could MBC parrade goats to talk about issues affecting people? Benson remember “He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a big fool” you and your fake pastirs and activitists should just willingly go to hell before we force you there. You cant speak for masses, talk about urselves and ur stupid and full of shit family members only.… Read more »

Very interesting debate indeed, one faith group on TV Malawi said 80% of Malawians don’t understand federalism because of Umbuli!!!! But then went on to display his Umbuli by denouncing the proposers of federalism!!!!! TVM, don’t parade such people who contradict themselves.Its a shame to the nation!!!!!




Nation inasiya kunena zoona masiku ano….


Don’t be foolish in thinking, referendum on federalism will involve people from all regions and believe me the majority will be the Nos.According to my analysis,95% of the southerners shall vote no 95% of the northerners shall vote yes while 50% of the centre shall say yes and the other 50 no .considering the small population of the north, the Nos shall carry the day.But if it was seccession alot of southerners would go for it because they feel that their already developed region will be free from nepotistic and greedy Tumbukas

Muchizi John
Having followed federalism debate I can clearly appreciate why Malawi will take practically centuries to develop. How can the government mobilize its entire machinery and resources just to fight a straight forward issue like federalism. It beats a normal mind to see an entire government fighting a system of governance that has successfully proved its vitality in maintaining stable governments world wide. It is clearly unfortunate that a country like Malawi would waste its valuable time and resources on a matter of debating federalism. We should waste time and resources on designing systems, rules and procedures of implementing federalism because… Read more »

Zibwana eti zaumbuli zanuzo ife ai atumbuka inu acabecabe kuzolowera kunyera madzi eti,inu mxamka dziko lathu apo bii mpita ku tanzania.

Auffie yassin

Wether u lyk or nt no federalisim in Malawi a Bandah + Kabwila ooooh bwanji manyadzi?

Edgar B Tamonde

Federalism yomweyo mp amene akukana wotchani ndimbava zomwe zomwezo.

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