MHC tenants meeting in ‘zonse zimene za Kamuzu Banda’ chants: Protest rental hike

A meeting of Malawi Housing Corporation’s (MHC) tenants   at Chitawira Primary School in Blantyre on Sunday was punctuated by protests  chants and songs of  ‘zonze zimene za Kamuzu Banda’ [ everything belongs to founding president the late Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda].

Napolo: MHC surviving on sale of plots and not on house rentals

The tenents  meeting under the umbrella of MHC national tenant association was to come up with a common position  following MHC decision to hike house rentals by an average of 48 percent.

They demanded that the hikes be revised, saying they will seek court’s redress to stop the hike.

MHC national tenant association chairperson Mervin Kaumphawi said the corporation should have taken into consideration the rising cost of living and the minimum wage in coming up with the rental hike.

They agreed to obtain a court injuction and seek a judicial review.

A mass protest is also likely going to be staged, according to their spokesman Goodnews Mphande.

The tenants who are renting one-bedroom apartments, argued  that the adjustment of the rentals from K55 000 to K84 700, representing a 54 percent rise, was dismaying.

They also argued that the percentage is 10 times the previous percentage, citing 2016’s 10 percent, which was from K50 000 to K55 000, and 2015 six percent adjustment, which saw the corporation increasing rentals from K47 190 to K50 000.

The tenants reminded that MHC was established in 1964 with a purpose of providing affordable housing for the middle and lower class sectors of the working population.

But MHC chief executive officer (CEO) Eunice Napolo said at a news conference in Blantyre on Friday that her corporation decided to raise the rentals in order to generate more funds for its maintenance works, construction of more houses and to meet escalating costs.

Napolo said the corporation was of late surviving on sales of plots and not on house rentals and revenue, hence funds were not sufficient to maintain houses.

She said the hikes, made differently based on class of houses and location, has been implemented with government’s approval effective July 1 2017.


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26 thoughts on “MHC tenants meeting in ‘zonse zimene za Kamuzu Banda’ chants: Protest rental hike”

  1. MR Lee says:

    Yea naonso ma teachers avuta uko ku Lunzu,salale yachepa ,onjezankoni,koma ndiye zonse zimene nza Kamuzu Banda .

    Ndiye pamene angayimbe ati,sindidzaiwala angwazi mpaka imfa kumanda.

  2. Hon Pwhisi says:

    Hehede kkkkkk palendi mpaka kusankhana uchairman.abale tulukani kamangni zanu, malo alipo kwa chisapo 49,25, kaphili .tima bedsitter mpaka kubelekelamo ana 9, nkulandilanso zidzukulu mxiii. tichite kukuganizilani kuti tsopano kamangeni yanu.
    Mukaganiza nokha ndiye kupita ku chimbudzi basi .
    Tulukani anzanu akhala pa waiting list zaka 20, akudikila nyumba zomwezo.

  3. Chipoya LJ says:

    Land lord ngati wanena, wanena basi. ngati simukwanitsa tulukanimo basi alowetsemo ena omwe angakwanitse.
    ma tenants enanunso mwakhala mnyumbazi mpaka dzaka 30 osamamga yanu. mpaka zidzukulu mnyumba ya rent.
    ma tenants enanso mpaka mumachititsa rent nyumbazo ngati zanu.

    bravo MHC! anthu ulesi basi. daily kumwa mowa komanso kugula magalimoto mulibe nyumba pali nzeru pamenepo? tulukanimo ena alowemo

  4. nphwache wa bingu says:

    Guys if you think that the MHC rentals are too high please vacate the houses and find cheaper houses out there. Sanakumangirireni ayi!!

  5. Chibalo says:

    Guys Eunice Napolo at the helm of MHC? When did that happen guys? Government employed silently because you are a Lomwe? Why is this goverment playing with Malawians like that? It would have another thing if we saw an advert and she competed with other Candidates and maybe got favored as a woman and ofcourse as a Lomwe which is the case now with many positions.Malawians must wake up from the slumber.

    This Country is divided along deep tribal lines.In the name of making reference to Tumbukas, the Chewas are convinced that this Country is atleast better with a Lomwe than if was in the hands of Tumbukas and the moment DPP advances that argument, all the Chewas remain powerless and defeated and yet in my opinion, the Chewas were supposed to be very vocal now ndi kale Kamuzu amakukonderani.Padutsa zaka zingati tsopano? Cry Cry Cry Malawi!

  6. meyala says:

    50% hike is way too much considering mmene ndalama yavutira pa Malawi. Yes maintenance cost inakwera koma be considerate MHC, mudziko lathuli its the minority few omwe akulandira salary yooneka kumaso kwa anthu, ambiri they get pea nuts and those are the pipo akukhala nyumba za MHC. Please be realistic.
    On the other hand, ma landlord a MHC osangokomedwa kuti nyumba za MHC ziliko affordable nde kukhazikika pa comfort zone. Abale tatiyeni kumayeserako pang”ono kupeza malo nkuyambapo kachisakasa kathu. chako nchako anthu, rent mpakana retirement? Amangwetu tiyeni tiziganizira zamawa lathu, nyumbazi tikakhalamo kumatuluka kupereka mpata kwa wena nawo akakhalemo.

  7. George Phala says:

    I think we should privatise MHC as it is no longer providing a social service that it was intended for. We are shareholders and we cannot be charged commercial rates. Let us as citizens withdraw our money from MHC and use it for cement and Malata subsidy so that we can build our own houses. MHC can go commercial just like Kukoma, IT centre etc

    If indeed the Govt has approved this increase, we, our parent and our children and will remember this in 2019.

  8. mtete says:

    This borders on inefficiency on the part of MHC. Surety rental revision could have been staggered to caution the burden on tenants. Someone did not do their homework.

    I bet rental hike was shelved in the runner up to 2014 elections for fear of scaring away voters. A combination of six and ten percent rises from 2013 would have taken the rentals to the level being demanded now. Anyway, what do you expect from Boards full of political sympathisers and praise singers?

    Well, no complaining here. This is the government you freely voted in.

  9. Nkhombokombo says:

    MHC are justified to raise the rentals as per say but the justification to raise the rentals by 50% as in this case is inhumane. For the past 52 years we’ve been in this Indipendence we have never heard of Govt raising salaries by that percentage even the private sector to achieve that means you are exceptionally performing well. But MHC are literally doing nothing in terms of maintenance! How do they ever think of building new houses when they are now dismally performing in terms of maintenance for the few houses they already have? Most of these houses last tasted lime or any needed necessities some thirty or so years ago. Govt please intervene because you are the responsible people who gave them the mandate without looking on sad effects on your people, the tenants. Most, if not all, houses are a sour sight to the eye to deserve that huge increament in rentals!!!

  10. Naphiri says:

    I remember when I was living in Falls Estate with my parents, there used to be a maintenance office of MHC. Any problem faced, they could come and do the maintainable and every year around June they used to paint the houses. But now all that odd gone and they are raising rentals like nobody bussiness. Uni adiphiphi build your own houses and do that. Your are selfish people.

  11. karonga says:

    If MHC can hike rentals up to more than 50 percent with the support of the stupid DPP government, why then is the same government not able to raise salaries for its workers by 100 percent so that people can afford to pay the hiked rent? MCCSTU, can you borrow a leaf from what Malawi Housing Corporation of exorbitantly raising rent to ask for 100 percent salary increase for all civil servants? If one reason for the hike is to meet the rising costs, do you think the tenants are spared from the same? Are you trying to get everything that people get as monthly wages as rent and what are people going to pay water board, escom, for food, clothing, school fees, transport to and from work, groceries, fuel like fire wood and other day-to-day basic needs? Katungwe nkukankhana, and mnzako akati konzu nawenso konzu ndiye boma lakweza nyumba mopitilira muyeso, nafenso atikwezere malipiro mopilira muyeso wokwezera nyumbazo. 50:100 game. Mabungwe a anthu ogwira ntchito m’boma nthawi yakwana tsopano kuti livinenso bomali chifukwa cha zopusa zomakokweza zinthu. Aaaaasa mwatilowa eti?

  12. youna says:

    This is against the purpose of MHC which is providing affordable housing for the middle and lower class sectors of the working population.

  13. Victor Mkomba says:

    Much as the rentals were to be hiked, the percentage is much on the higher side

  14. namarika says:

    Can MHC management rescind this inhumane decision, please ? Do you want all the tenants to vacate the houses or what? Satulukamo, Nyumba zomanga Kamuzu izi, mufuna anthu aadzivutika inu mukudyerera ———- mangani zanu zomwe mitengo yake muzaike yokwerayo!! nonsense!!! kubera anthu basi

  15. Marcus Zimbiri says:

    Ngati nyumba za MHC zadula pitani ku maplot. FAST!. Mukapeza zotchipa kumeneko. Nanga kukamira nyumba mpaka zizukulu momwemo! Iya. Tulukani basi mukapeza zina zotchipa.

    1. hali says:

      very true.

    2. Thandie wa Shadreck says:

      Nyumbazo sizanu musakakamile komanso kukakamiza eni ake kuti asitse ntengo. Ngati zadula tulukani mukalowe zotchipazo. Musaopseze landlord, muyaluka. Kodi pa msika ukapeza ogulitsa wina kuti akudulitsa katundu wake mmesa umangochoka nkupita pena nkukagula pamene ukuona kuti mpotchipapo? Nanga mpaka kuopsezana? Chitani manyazi

  16. lemson says:

    All is in order musatengere kuti MHC ndi ya boma. Zinthu zinadula kulikonse and these are fair charges. Check with private landlords, you will see kuti MHC ili better.

  17. kaitano says:

    Kikkkkkkkk!! zonse za Kamuzu.

  18. Chiswabumbu says:

    Mufuna muzikhala nyumba za ulele? Anzanu tikunya ndi ma rent?

    1. James says:

      A rise in MHC houses will impact private landlords to raise their rentals too

  19. lesley says:

    When a product is expensive we boycott purchase. In this case kungowatulukira nyumba zawozo a MHC, amene angathe alowemo. Ngati asowa olowa, zikhale zopanda anthu. Then eventually azatsitsa rent. It must also be understood that MHC should not play some charity to those who are not willing to sacrifice and build their own house.

  20. Pius Muhapwana says:

    Amalawi musalore zimenezo. A DPP achitira dala afuna nyumbazo alowetsemo a Lomwe. Ndi za Kamuzu izi. I wo amage awo basi!

  21. getrude says:

    Eunice Napolo this is nonsense. Can you justify the hike???? If you were still at National Bank as a bank clerk could you have afford to pay that amount????????????? Musamaiwale komwe mukuchokera. Munali ndani? Mungothokoza kuti ku akumudzi kwanu akakusankhani MP then chifukwa choti ndinu alomwe lero ndinu MHC chief executive officer. I even fail to understand what qualifications you have to attain the post???????????? Bank clerk wa national bank

    1. TT says:

      Getrude, what does a decision made by MHC management got to do with kumene munthu akuchokera or about her past or qualification? stupid thinking people like you are why this country is not developing.

  22. mvuu says:

    MHC pitani Ku bank mukatenge ngongole against the houses basi and not to punish innocent pipo otherwise mavuto akusowa kwa ndalama ndi atonse

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