Mia declares interest in Malawi Congress Party veep post: MPs endorse him

Wealthy tycoon with a cattle ranch and politician Mohammed Sidik Mia  has declared his  intentions  to contest as vice president for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) at the party convention expected to be held in March.

Mia: To contest as MCP vice-president at convention

In MCP: Abida Mia wife of wealth businessman and political heavyweight Sidik Mia

Mia, regarded as political heavyweight  of the twin Lower Shire Valley districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje, made his position on Tuesday  in Blantyre  when he hosted about 50 MCP shadow members of Parliament (MPs) from the Southern and Eastern region, ending months of persistent flirtation with the idea of running for the MCP vice president office.

“From today I want everyone to know that during the forthcoming party convention, I will contest for no other position, but the vice-presidency of the Malawi Congress Party. That is it, I stand by it and I am very ready,” Mia said amidst cheers from the shadow MPs.

“I am sure I will carry the day,” said Mia.

MCP is the largest opposition party in Malawi and its president Lazarus Chakwera is the leader of the opposition in the August House. Without doubt the party expects that after next year’s elections  it will be in power of a multiparty government after it has been out of power since it ruled  Malawi during the one-party State between 1964 and May 1994.

Mia, a former Cabinet minister,  said he want to help  propel MCP president  Chakwera to power “and we are going to make MCP great again.”

He said MCP will be “bigger and better and stronger.”

Meanwhile, in Lilongwe,  MCP lawmakers  endorsed Mia for the position of vice –president during a meeting called to review recently exposed wrangles among some of the party’s leaders.

A communiqué issued at the end o the meeting endorsed the open door policy allowing all who are interested to join MCO to contest for any position at the convention

One of the MPs present at the meeting , Richard Chimwendo Banda  said the MPs are “happy” that Mia has come out and declared interest to stand as party Vice President.

Chimwendo said the MPs t will support his candidature.

Mia was born 1965 and was first elected an MP for Chikwawa Nkombezi in May 2004 on the United Democratic Front (UDF) banner,  then president Bingu wa Mutharika appointed him deputy minister of Agriculture.

He served as deputy minister of Mines, Natural Resources and Environment as well as that of Transport and Public Works.

In May 2009 elections Mia was re-elected MP on the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ticket, a party Bingu formed after ditching UDF in 2005.

Mutharika promoted him to full Ministerial position and when Bingu died Mia joined People’s Party of Joyce Banda when he was also trusted with post of Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure.

He dumped Banda’s People’s Party before the 2014 elections and  was out of frontline politics.

In June 2017 Mia announced his political comeback and joined MCP in July 2017. He has since been instrumental to build MCP support in southern and eastern region which was considered no go political areas for the party in the past.

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Bambo Handid, what do you mean by ”ife tiri pa ground”? Is it not the same ground which was used by Gwanda? Is it not the same Lower Shire where Gwanda was the giant? Is it not the same MCP which Gwanda was the presidential candidate not as Mia wa pakaliyala? Look here MCP!!!!!!!!!!! Mia is not looking for VP post. The guy after looking for the weakness and poverty of the party he has looked beyond 2019 and seen that he will once be the top most in the party. He could not do it during JZU’s time because… Read more »

Munthu kubwera poyera ndikunena maganizo ake ndiye zofunika kwambiri anthu amadziwiratu kuti direction ikhala yotere. Dpp pano ikuwerenga kaye anzawo mdikumachedwa ndi kukonza zazolakwika za Mcp koma anzanuwa akuntchuka bcoz dziko likumva za iwo inu simukudziwa kuti you are decampaigning yourself a Santana mumandimvetsa chisoni kwambiri.

Kanthiti Mzandu

These are aspirants not shadow kodi mwatani a D P P Dr Chakwera ndi a Mia 2019 Boma kale Richard Msowoya ndi a Kaliwo apange zawo . Even the Northern Region and the Synod here are behind Chakwera and Mia


Atumbuka anzanga mwaonatu! MCP ilije nkhalo!

They have used Msowoya as a condom


If anyghing he has let us down! How can he align with Kaliwo opanda phindu

Kunena za ena

Jelasi siumuna, Mia anasankha Nsena nzake wokongola. Kodi anakwatilana pa chibale, sindinawonepo nsena wokongola chonchi chibadwileni?


Mia ndi mkaladi wa Chiphwitikizi yemwe amayankhula chi Sena.

Kunena za ena

Kodi ndimpwititikizi eti poti Nsanje inayandikana ndi mazambiki paja? Coexistence at its best.


By taking this Man Mia as the Veep the be rest assured that you are totally losing the Northern Region -Pastor Chakwera and your glutton MPs let me tell you what you are doing now is just digging your own grave —- ok wait and see what will transpire during your convention and what will happen in 2019 you will regrette alot – the loss that you will suffer will make you retain back to the pulpit.

Za ziizii

Msowoya who did not bring anything to the table even Karonga votes in 2014 . He even struggled to win his seat.
So which Northern vote are you talking about.


looo what an interesting decision Mia has taken, tilinanu a Mia osafooka

Have the MCP already conducted their primaries? Who elected these shadow MPs? So people have no choice on who should present them in Parliament next year? Dictatorship at its best. MCP siidzalapa ayi. Fisi ndi fisi basi. Mia should not cheat himself that he can be a VP of this country. The numbers from the south which he wants to give Chakwera is less than what Chakwamba gave to MCP when he himself was a candidate. Who is Mia compared to Chakwamba? Chakwamba was able to sweep all constituencies in the lower shire but never won the presidency. So Mia… Read more »

santana wopenga, out of touch with reality. if tiri pa ground.

Mia we believe in you when you say you can knock the whole cabinet out. Even if they are joined by fortune seekers from other parties. We need strong willed leadership in this country! Not zimbava zaku DPP izi ayi. Hyena’s with no faith! A peter all the way with his US nonsense and law crap yet Malawi still remains the sad self it is. What have the likes of goodall gondwe and his so much knowledge from world Bank done for the malawi economy other than keep it to the poorest with so much dept. Chaponda and his UN… Read more »

Poverty makes malawians shitholes. They will applaud stupid things. This country will remain poor . The MP ‘a nodding to Mia is because they want money. Mbuzi. Mu MCP muphulika nuclear bomb. Apa Saulosi atenga boma basi.
Mia will next week announce that he will contest the presidency. MCP Mp ‘s will endorse again. Umphawi umapangitsa ugalu.
60 shadow mp’ s . He had already formed his block. Saulosi chilima is the next president. Ndi amene malawi akufuna


77777.. wanama. many people are rich, many more than Mia. why only Mia. Muli nd vuto. what of the rashy, essa, mlombwa, muli,, mpatsa, simbi, . povert has nothing to do with it

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