Mia, Mkandawire ready to take MCP far and wide ahead of Malawi watershed 2019 elections

New Malawi Congress Party (MCP) first and second vice president, Sidik Mia and Harry Mkandawire respectively have promised to take the party far and wide during the campaign period for the next year’s watershed elections.

Sidik Mia is new MCP vice president

The two were endorsed at the convention the held in Lilongwe at its headquarters from Saturday to Sunday.

Party president Lazarus Chakwera was also endorsed as the torch bearer for the party for the second time.

In an interview after getting the vice president post, Mia said part from his excitement; he is ready to take the party in the areas where it was not visible particularly the southern region.

“People have spoken. Delegates have spoken. Now it’s the time to go on the ground to liberate Malawi from the struggles it is facing.

“We are here not to celebrate but to work. My main goal is to take MCP to the areas where it was not visible in the southern region. I promise to work hard to make sure that the party wins with a landslide victory come 2019,” he said.

Mia cited the positive results during one of the by-elections when MCP won five out of six seats.

MCP won by-elections were held in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency in the Southern Region and Lilongwe City South East and Lilongwe Msozi North constituencies as well as Mtsiriza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency but lost to DPP the Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency in the Central Region.

“If I was ready to campaign for our candidates in the southern region and got positive results while I was a mare member, what about when I am the party’s vice president? I challenge you, come 2019 we will see MCP winning all over,” he said.

Addressing the convention, Mia said Malawi has been “captured” by few people who have taken it as their personal estate.

“These people masquerading as leaders have ruined our country to the core.  The situation is hopeless in our country. High unemployment among our youths. Ridiculous expensive tuition fees for higher education for our children. Rampant  corruption. Irritating black-outs. The problems are too numerous to mention,” he said.

Mia said MCP has no option  but to fix the country.

“We have no option but to create opportunities for our youths. We have no option but to decisively deal with corruption.  We promise to work with the youths as we rebuild our country in 2019. We promise to work with all and sundry. No one will be left behind in our quest to develop the motherland,” he said.

Mia described Chakwera as a formidable force whose strength no other presidential candidate in the 2019 election can match.

He thanked the delegates for entrusting him with such responsibility, and promised to work for the betterment of the party and the country.

On his part, Mkandawire promised political wind of change in the northern region.

“This is the time to make MCP a national party on the ground. I will be going all over the northern region, from Chitipa to Likoma and Mzimba strengthening the party,” he said.

Mkandawire said that the party is the only solution to the pains Malawians are going through.

“It’s not a secret that Malawians are starving, we have a broken system because everyday we hear that people’s money has been stolen and democracy is being threaghten. This is time for change and MCP is the only solution to all this,” he said.

in his acceptance speech, Chakwera preached against corruption, nepotism and tribalism.  He warned party faithful not to expect to be rewarded for their loyalty should MCP get into government in 2019.

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The reason why political parties keep electing old and tested politicians as their party torch bearers is because they believe that Malawians will be amicable to voting them into power. Malawians aren’t ready to take a chance with new and young leaders; doing so would be suicidal for any party. Political parties are just responding to Malawian electorate behaviour. I must say though that, as Malawians, we are so backwards and devoid of vision……we can’t visualise Malawi beyond what we have now. Its like we are trapped in a time machine. Until Malawians recognise their own stupidity in the poor… Read more »
kotakota mtalamo

A mhone mukuoneka kuti muli ndi umbuli odzipatsa dala,achina msowoya mukwanena kuti amapangidwa replace ndi anthu ena ,mmesa msowoya wakoyo sadapite ku convention pamene adali ndi umfulu wokapikisana naye mia pa u vice president ku convention


Mia is the one in control of MCP and his wife. People should realise how these two are trying to take over MCP.


Let’s all rally behind MCP. Let’s forget about the past. This is the New era. Chakwera and the rest will rescue Malawi from the pangs of DPP. Only MAP can develop Malawi.

Long live Malawi long live MAP.


I am feeling sorry for the old loyal MCP die hards who have been replaced by PP leadership within their own rank. It is disheartening to see that the president office is dominated by influential exPPs whose aim is to flushout the rest of MCP diehards and fill the party with ex PP, DPP and UDP loyalists. Chakwera khaya anagniza bwanji????? Bola Msowoya, Kabwila, Njovuyalame, etc ndithu


Mbuzi iwe, ukuoneka wababwa dzulooooooooooo………………….!! Malawi was once a one party state………… and all people born before multiparty belonged to MCP not DPP!

Mia and team are back to their mother party – MCP, osati zamkutu zakozo…………………………………!! Wangwa nayo, ukumva bwanji mthupimoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………..! kikikikikikikikikiki

Unamumva bwanawe Bishop Mtumbuka m’mene wamumasulira Msowoya wakoyo…………………………………………!! Ngati siunamve muyimbire phone Msowoya akuuza wamumasula pakati pa chigulu cha anthu kuti alibe traits of leadership koma dyera, kudzikonda komanso kusokoneza. Ndiye inu muziti nyonyonyonyonyonyonyo……………! Isaaaaaaaaaaaa munya muona chaka chamawa…………………………………….!


Mbuzi ndiwe!Every one was MCP??me&my family we have never been MCP eversince


Then you must have forgotten your grandparents in your story. There was time that every Malawians was MCP. My point is not to force you to be a supporter of MCP bcoz I for one am not but I believe facts cannot change but opinions. So the fact remains that at one point of time Malawi was lead by one party and……..


ndiwe mwana wobadwa 2016 ndithu .nkhadi la umembala linali lawina aliyese.

The MCP is on the road to the capital city so branding MCP as a party in the PP heart,that is garbage because the MCP open door policy is a living one. As long as these new recruits will operate within the constitutional ambits none of them will kiss the NEC boot. For sure they are aware of the entire responsibilities they are shouldering. They won’t be monkeying around by looking over their shoulders to fool around with our voyage to the port of call formation of government. You may choose to quote the hooting five whose hands are blue… Read more »
kaka ni dada

Bravo MCP, bravo team Chakwera, bravo Chakwera, Mia & Mkandawire. Cadet apume wefuwefu tsopano.

Its sad that Malawians think a wolf can turn into a goat. Mia has been to all parties that have plundered this country and for sure he has participated in that plunder and his last stinch was with the chief plundering party the PP. For sure Mia is investing a lot of money in his political bid and Malawians should ask themselves how he will recover his money if not from stealing from government. If one is infected by a deadly disease and leaves his wife and marry a new wife does the disease go away from him because he… Read more »
Chris Movehe

A Kaukonde ngati muli ndi umboni woti MIA was involved in the plundering bwanji tikupempheni kuti mukapeleke umboniwo ku ACB?? Bwanji a polisi sakumumanga MIA yo? Musamadane ndi MIA poti sanalowe CHIPANI CHANU ayi… He is a Malawian and has got every right to join any Party of his choice. If he is a nonentity in politics of MALAWI why is it that the Ruling DPP was courting HIM??

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