Minister Dausi paid ex-Malawi Young Pioneer benefits

Minister of Information and Technology Nicholas Dausi is among the list of people who have been paid compensation for atrocities to the people of Malawi when they served under the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP), a paramilitary wing of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) during the one party state.

Dausi: Received huge pay

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development released status of terminal benefits for the ex-MYP employees in local papers Wednesday and among notable names is that of Dausi.

MYP was known for various atrocities to the Malawi nation during the reign of MCP and Dausi was among the people committing these atrocities.

Dausi who was disengaged in 1994 served as a senior MCP member soon after his disengagement before joining the ruling DPP under the late President Bingu Mutharika.

According to the list of the names of certified ex-MYP members, Dausi was paid his terminal benefits through his National Bank of Malawi (NBM) account number 0133017122801.

Nyasa Times could not verify how much Dausi got as terminal benefits but sources said he is one of the people who got ‘huge’ terminal benefits.

According to the list, Dausi was born on 10th March 1956 and was first engaged by the notorious MYP when he was 20 years old on 10th December 1976.

A political analyst who refused to be named said it was embarrassing for the minister to accept the benefits considering the atrocities that were committed by MYP.

“The Minister was part of this group which caused untold misery to Malawians during one party rule and here we are paying them for killing our fellow Malawians. The Minister should be embarrassed to receive this kind of money. He should have at least given it to charity or relatives of the people MYP killed,” he said.

In the statement, the Ministry of Finance said out of 530 ex-MYP members with proper documentation and verified by government, 423 have been paid their terminal benefits since 1994 when they were disengaged.

“However, there are some ex-MYP members who claim to have not received their terminal benefits at that time (1994). These lodged a complaint to the Government for payment of their benefits in 2011. Terminal benefits were, therefore, paid to some ex-MYP members in 2012 and 2014,” reads the statement in part.

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umbuli amalawi kukonda kupanga base zinthu on speculation. azanu amene akutukuka (& r civilized) samangoganizira munthu kulakwa ayi. amapnga kafukufuku and munthu akapezeka olakwa ndikumupanga punish mogwirizana ndikulakwa kwakeko. anthu amene mukuti anapha amalawi pano takhala nawo zaka zoposa 20 koma bwanji simukuwapititsa kukhoti kuti muwamange and so kuti asalandire nawo ndalamazi? mbuzi za anthu inu ndithu! phokoso nthawi zones!!

Watematema Mutu

This Dausi man is known to be behind most of the atrocities during Kamuzu. Akuti ameneyi amaweta ming`ona yomwe ovutisa boma la Kamuzu amakaponyedwa kuti adyedwe. Lero suyu akuwoneka, kulankhula ngati mnjelo……

Michaek jj

paying Dausi hurge money for for atrocities & killing? kkkkkkk., truely the DAVIL is ruling this country.


Malawi Young Pioneers regardless of everything were employed by the government, they deserve their fair terminal benefits…by the way MYP was one of the most effective youth empowerment programs in this country despite few selfish politicians turned it into paramilitary wing.

Actually it is sad and unfair,very unfair to put aside air time for on MBC for the purpose of castigating current MCP leadership for atrocities committed by former party leaders when most of those who are doing the castigating joined the DPP and are pretending to be saints.I wonder whether these people have a conscious,whether they truly pray to the living God,am sure it’s high time God started punishing them for they are un repentant. If you were in the former part am talking about then shut up and leave those who are in pain to recover,do not remind them… Read more »
Wa Mwale

DPP is now providing shelter for all the killers of one party regime and yet they act like angels these are people who are making funny of all of us. Days numbered abweze basiiii

Kantyali Phyiphyiti

In one of DPP’s political rallies the VP said to APM that: “bwana njoka saweta”. Now you can see what he meant. Is Dausi not a serpent in DPP ranks?


Koma ziliko kani nkhaza zija mumachita ndinu a nduna yayi ife timangova kuti mumakonza anthu tasangalala kuti mudatuluka mchipani chathu pitilizani nkhazazo kumeneko ife timadabwa kuti lero mungamakambe za democracy .Ndipo nkhope yanu zikuchita kukukhala nkhaza kkkkkkk


The MCP is now a clean Party all the killers have descended to DPP lead by Notorious Nicolas Dausi and his friends :Dr H Ntaba ,Dr EB Muluzi the list is endless


In the first place under whose government was it decided that the ex-MYPs should be given benefits? So Nyasa Times was able to know Dausi’s particulars including the Bank Acc through which he received the money but failing to know how much he received? Nonsense.

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