Minister Vuwa urges Mzuzu residents to shun HRDC demos

Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Symon Vuwa Kaunda MP, has denounced the new wave of anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) beginning this Tuesday, urging the residents of Mzuzu City not to participate in the protests when the city’s turn comes.

Vuwa at the rally
Some chiefs at the rally…

Kaunda, who is also an executive member of the National Governing Council of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), spoke Sunday when he, alongside DPP’s Northern Region Governor Kenneth Sanga, addressed a political rally at Msongwe School in Mzuzu.

HRDC Chairperson, Timothy Mtambo, has told the media that the incoming new wave of anti Ansah demonstrations will be only held in the cities, beginning with Lilongwe from Tuesday to Friday this week.

“Let us support Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as President of this country. Refrain from these demonstrations organized by MCP through HRDC. Stop destroying government buildings and property for these things are for your own benefit,” Kaunda pleaded with scores of people that attended the rally.

HRDC has been organising protests aimed at forcing Ansah, who is the Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), to resign over allegations that she presided over a mismanaged presidential election in May after which MEC declared Mutharika the winner.

As if that is not enough, main opposition Malawi Congress Party and UTM party have challenged Mutharika’s victory in the Constitutional Court, calling for the nullification of the presidential election results.

But Ansah, who is also a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal, has insisted that she would not resign until the Constitutional Court makes a determination on the presidential election case which is currently being held in Lilongwe.

She has described demonstrations calling for her resignation as acts of “mob justice”.

During the Msongwe rally, Sanga concurred with Kaunda, assuring the residents of Mzuzu that they are safe from “vandalism and looting” disguised as peaceful protests.


“Do not live in fear as the State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has assured us of full protection. Government is in full control of the security situation,” said Sanga.

At the rally,  chiefs and block leaders, speaking through Traditional Authority (T/A) Kabunduli, pledged to rally behind President Mutharika over what they described as a number of development initiatives by the Mutharika administration in the region.

Chief Kabunduli told the crowd: “Let me remind you that government under the leadership of President Mutharika is constructing Mombera University, the District Commissioner’s office complex and water supply project in Mzimba.

“In Rumphi, there is construction of a new teachers college, Njakwa-Livingstonia road and Bolero-Nyika road. And in Mzuzu, a new airport is coming. There is also the new Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay road and new Nkhata Bay District Hospital,” he told the cheering crowd.

Kabunduli also commended President Mutharika for elevating chiefs Thula and Chipimbininga in his area to Sub TA status.

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1 year ago

DPP ndikuyitemwa chomene

1 year ago

A Vuwa nthawi zonse mukangosankhidwa unduna mumapokosera pa nkhani iliyonse yadzudzula DPP chifukwa chani kodi? Kukhonza ndale ku chipani ndikuwapangira a Malawi chitukuko mukakhale paundunapo not bwebwe bwebwe ngati Minister of Northern Region, ntchetche yojijirika imaphizidwatu ndi mchimba.

1 year ago

Pamavi pako vuwa

Mai madando 147
Mai madando 147
1 year ago

Mr vuwa u can’t force people not to exercise their rights; when are u going to wakeup and know that this is democracy? U bring shame to us, mind this Vuwa; this is Malawi not Nyasaland u cant see urself that u dont have support? Compare urself support of yours and HRDC support .Northern region is not developed becoz of u Vuwa bribing chiefs and judges shame on u Kaunda nd ur clowds.

Destroyer of liars
1 year ago

Where is the crowd in the pictures? The body build of Vuwa and Sanga constitute crowd.

C Banda
C Banda
1 year ago

“Minister Vuwa urges Mzuzu residents to shun HRDC demos” No, let’s shun Minister Vuwa and his friends! Kabunduli is talking rubbish. New airport at Mzuzu coming, my foot. Two years ago, September 2017, the president said it was coming, and work would start at the beginning of 2018. Completely nothing has been done at the site, except to mess the villagers about telling them not to cultivate or build any more structures, and to stand beside the graves of their relatives to identify exactly who lies where for exhumation of the bodies. How is the construction of Mombera University coming… Read more »

1 year ago

this is one corrupt Ntumbuka enjoy the govt cheese advising the marginalised Northerners to accept poverty caused by the people his feasting with! Thus how you’ll end nepotism and move to prosperity KKKK Next demos you know which house to visit people from the North KKKK

1 year ago

Please he is a Tonga not Tumbuka. Lets enlighten ourselves to avoid cultural encapsulation.

Hate it or take it but it's a fact
Reply to  john

Nothing to enlighten here though Vuwa is Tonga but Kenneth Sanga is a Tumbuka. So my friend all the northerners either Tonga, Ngoni, nkhonde, Lambiya and Tumbuka are all called Tumbukas in the eyes of Lomwes .

1 year ago

Not all of us from the North are Tumbukas..please. The region or district nor my tribe should be construed to that of my political affiliation.

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