Mlaka talks his new spiritual life, gospel music

Mlaka Maliro, recently, announced that is now a born-again  Christian and has dumped secular music and switched to full-swing gospel music. Nyasa Times caught up with him to find out more. This is how the interview went:

Q: When did you decide to quit secular and start singing gospel music?

A: I made the decision last year, but it was until January 1, 2012 when I fully quit secular music and dedicate my life into serving God.

Q: There is a general view that most of secular artists who are joining gospel industry are just in for money, what’s your say on that?

A: Well, firstly am not poor, sick or desperate to make quick cash by doing gospel music. It’s my choice and I will love people to accept me that way. I am here to do God’s work and not otherwise.

Q: But what really made you change your style of music and thought of going into gospel industry?

A: I am not into this for gospel music. First and foremost I am a preacher for Cross Life Church but I also preach in different ministries. I will be doing gospel music just to complement my clerical work since am a musician myself. It was difficult for me to be preaching at same time doing secular music, going around holding shows in drinking joints, it just don’t make sense.

Q: Ok, people have been saying that you do smoke weed and drink alcohol as well. Are you still into such stuff?

A: If I was doing such stuff, it was because of the fact that I was part of the sinful world. Now am changed, I stopped doing all such bad things I used to do. Its time people look at me with different perspective. And if I say I am a born-again it means that I am a new person, and I don’t have time to continue living the sinful life I used to before.

Q: We have seen other gospel artists falling to cope up with the challenges of spiritual life. Do you see yourself living up to the people’s expectations and the task you have set yourself into?

A: I am not doing gospel music to please people nor to make a name. I am into this to serve God, so if people don’t want to believe me, it’s up to them. But for me, gospel music is like a calling, therefore am ready for any challenge coming my way.

Q: How did your old secular music friends welcome the news that you are now gospel artist? 

A: Well most of them are saying I made bad decision by quitting secular music. Their argument is that I have been doing gospel songs before; therefore it was unnecessary for me to completely switch to gospel. But they don’t realize that, if I did any gospel songs back then, it was just because I was able to compose such songs. I don’t think it did serve its intended purpose as I was still in the world of sin.

Q: How did your wife [a member of parliament]  welcome the news?

A: My wife is too into what I am doing, preaching. And she has been very supportive as she has been all these years.

Q: What about your band, Maloto Vibration, what will happen to your band members?

A: I communicated by decision to them and those who are in support of me are still with the band but those who could not agree with my new status have abandoned the band. I heard some have joined Zembani band, some are with Skeffa Chimoto and others have joined Kalimba band.

Q: Any plans to change the name?

A: I have not thought of that yet. Let’s wait and see.

Q: When are you releasing your debut gospel album, and what’s the title?

A: It is expected to be out before July this year. It’s a 10-track album and all songs are done in Chichewa. It is been produced by Ralph Ching’amba at Ralph Records. About the title, am still debating to either call it Yahweh or Njoka ya Mkuwa. I am yet to decide on that.

Q: Any plans for national tour after the release of your album?

A: Of course I will have a tour because am planning of launching it in all the three regions of the country. But a clear plan will be known as soon as I finalize everything about the album.

Q: Any plans to become a full pastor, bishop or prophet as has been a trend recently?

A: I can’t tell on that. To be a pastor or prophet is God’s calling; therefore I will be what God wants me to be. The issue of being a preacher or become a full pastor is up to Him and Him alone, I can’t decide.

Q: What’s your advice to the youth and those who venture into gospel music for money and fame?

A: One thing they should realize that gospel music is done in reverence to our God. It’s about preaching the good news of Jesus Christ to the people. It’s not about money, women or fame, if they are in for that, then they abound to fail in no time. As for young people, one has to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. It’s Jesus alone who can show them which direction to take in their lives.

Mlaka: In gospel show performance

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