Mlakho wa Ahlomwe pleased with Tonga culture

Northern Region Mlakho wa Ahlomwe chairperson, Michael Gundaphiri has expressed satisfaction with Tonga’s culture saying if well nurtured it could promote integrity and hard working spirit among the youth.

Flashback:  Vuwa Kaunda a Tonga dances at Mulakho celebrations

Gundaphiri, who represented Mlakho wa Ahlomwe during the launch of Nkhata Bay Tonga Heritage on Saturday at Chintheche, observed that smartness, love and hardworking spirit among the Tongas, assisted them to achieve many things including education.

“You know this tribe (Tonga) is so unique; smartness, love and hardworking spirit among these people used to move together with education. That’s why there are a lot of well-known educated people from this district,” said Gundaphiri in an interview.

He said if the youth in the district could learn more from their elders, the Tonga culture would continue to have a rich and admirable history.

“I did not know that Tongas all over the world love their culture as we [Lhomwes] do. I was amazed as I was coming to this function; I was with Tongas who came all the way from Tanzania. This is really marvellous,” he said.

Gundaphiri said he was optimistic that the formation of cultural groupings in the country would not only make the tribes united, but would also market the country across the globe.

“I remember late President Bingu wa Mutharika who was our Patron (Mlakho wa Ahlomwe) once told us that his vision was to have “A National Cultural Heritage Day” whereby all tribes in the country could converge at one place and display their cultural activities.

“So when I see cultural groupings being formed and launched as the Tongas have done today, it gives me hope that one day late Bingu’s vision shall come to pass,” he said.

And speaking on behalf of all traditional chiefs in the district, Senior Chief Mkumbira said apart from promoting cultural activities, Nkhata Bay Tonga Heritage would also promote education among the youth.

He said Nkhata Bay was one of the districts that were brilliant in education but now it’s far behind.

“It is pathetic that many girls in the district fail to finish their education due to early marriages and pregnancies. If we leave the situation like this, we will be killing our district,” he said.

During the function, the Tongas showcased dances such as malipenga, chilimika, masawi, and the famous honala by Parker Town Band established around 1933.

Representatives of different cultural groupings such as Mlakho wa Ahlomwe and Ngoni were present during the event.

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Mr Nyasaland, how was Thoko Banda fooled the Tongas? Nkhani ya culture yomweyi? Anthu enanu munangobadwa a nkhwidzi basi. Pali nkhani yoti munthu nkulalata apa? Tell us how was Thoko Banda fooled? Is Thoko the only Tonga fooled in that foolishness? Bola zisakhudze ndale otherwise mupusa nazo inu a Nyasaland chifukwa pali a Tonga ambiri womwe ndi a DPP kuphatikiza ma MP.

Phillip Magonbe

Point of correction. Phiris and Band as do not belong to the Chewa tribe but to the Mang’anja tribe. Chewa clan names include Mwale, chibwe and Kwenda. The Chewas and Mang’anja share a common language but are two distinct ethnic groups.

Kholowa mkabudula

Nanga a patel?

Mathews Banda
A Phillip, I think you don’t know what you are talking about. Is it possible for two distinct tribes to have the same language, customs and culture? Then, how distinct are they if everything is the same. Which history have you read that says Banda, Phiri are not chewa names? Please, try to present something that is factual not opinion as you have presented. How can two distinct tribes have the same language? Can Tumbuka and Lomwe be sharing the same language, say Chitumbuka but are different? Can you define what a tribe is? What features constitute a tribe? Language… Read more »

Mang’anjas and chewas are the same.Read your history.Why do you think there are so many phiris,bandas in Lilongwe/mchinji/dowa/ku/kk/dedza/salima/Nkhatabay/Mzimba/Chikwawa/MJ/TO/Ntchise/BT/Nsanje/ZA/Mangochi/bt?

Politics is ing to divide these two biggest clans in Nayasalandi.


All phiris are chewas not any other tribe.So Gundaphiri can not be lomwe.And also most tongas are chewas.i.e bandas and phiris.


way to go atonga we shouldn’t lack behind.

Peloma Pepe

So, Andrew Mkonda, tell me, what’s the rationale for putting the pornographic picture of Mulhakho wa Alhomwe when the event in the story is about the Tonga event? Aren’t there any photos of the Tonga event you’ve written about? Or, why not put one about Ngoni that is not pornographic? How hard is it to get pictures of such events? It’s clear you just wanted the readers to view this pornographic photo. Please grow up man!


We really don”t gave a damn what Lomwes think about our heritage, so back off Plz.


We dont need any validation from MLAKHO WA A LOMWE. You may have fooled Thoko Banda but not every Tonga is like Him, so please leave us alone, thank you

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