‘Mozambique ambush’ bodies in rotten state, repatriated to Malawi

Four bodies who were shot on 23 rd April, 2016, by unknown gunmen in the district of Catandica district in Mozambique have finally been repatriated to Malawi in a decomposed state as embalming delayed.

Bodies of Mozambique shooting return to Malawi  theough Mwanza border  as well as survivors

Bodies of Mozambique shooting return to Malawi theough Mwanza border as well as survivors

Bodies of Four of the Malawians who were killed in Mozambique repatriated in demposed state

Bodies of Four of the Malawians who were killed in Mozambique repatriated in demposed state

Minister of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Rejoice Chaponda confirmed the repatriation of the four bodies saying the Mozambique ambush victims  have been repatriated through Mwanza boarder enroute to Mangochi for burial.

To avoid a second  trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, officials  discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.

Chaponda said the Mozambique shooters were “in military attire”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaira said Lilongwe received communication from their Mozambique counterparts in   Maputo, informing that 24 Malawians travelling to South Africa, on 23 rd April, 2016, were attacked by unknown gunmen in the district of Catandica.

Kasaira said the attack resulted in the death of four people, while three (3) were severely wounded.

He said the  the group, which was travelling to South African registered their vehicle, through Barue in Catandica District of Mozambique.

Seventeen survivors of the shooting incident returned home, on 30th April, 2016, through Mwanza border while the three that were injured were hospitalized in Chomoio.

Kasaila said his government has “requested Mozambique to investigate and provide an official report on the incident that led to the deaths of four innocent Malawians”.

Mozambique has not reacted to the Malawi request.

The main road from Chimoio to Tete city and on to Malawi runs through Barue where vehicles have frequently come under attack from suspected gunmen of Mozambique’s main opposition Renamo party.

Kasaila advised Malawians travelling to South Africa to avoid taking the route through Mozambique because of the clashes between government security forces and Renamo.

The shortest land route from Malawi to South Africa is through Mozambique while the alternative route, through Zambia and Zimbabwe, is much longer.

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chancy matola
This is against the police law internationally, the police had all the machinery to communicate with their counterparts ahead of the road to do roadblock and stop the suspected felony, how can they open fire to defenceless suspect’s to such extent? This is incredible, we want those police officers and who ever commanded them to open fire to be tried accordingly. For the issue of due process when travelling its out of order here.these people they had already passed through two legitimate border’s so to say. How many Mozambicans are reported to have been killed by police on same?they knew… Read more »
Thanks Jose and Jorge Manuel. I have indeed verified the news at the following link: http://www.realmoz.com/default.jsp?idUrlTop=11 I’ll paste here the Portuguese version and then the English version (which I obtained using “google translate” since I don’t understand Portuguese). O Malawi aconselha os seus cidadãos a não utilizarem o corredor entre as cidades de Tete e Chimoio, alegando haver guerra em Moçambique. O facto já foi descrito como desinformação, uma vez que camiões malawianos circulam diariamente no mesmo troço, sem escolta . O Ministro malawiano dos Negócios Estrangeiros, Francis Kasaila alertou aos concidadãos que vão para África do Sul por estrada,… Read more »
Jorge Manuel

The 4 Malawians were shot by Mozambican police because their vehicle didn’t stopped when the police patrol asked them to pull over t they were chased for 15 km before they were shot. I wonder why Malawian media is saying these people were killed by unknown men. All Moz newspapers wrote this those who know Portuguese can go to canaldemocambique then click radiomozambique then go to Breves. Where did the the Malawi papers got this news from

This was not an ambush, these guys were shot by the Mozambican police. What happened was that there vehicle was stopped by police but since it was night, the driver didn’t stop . Then the police started chasing them for some 15 km thats when they started shooting them. Its not gun men or bandits as Malawian news papers are putting it. The Mozambican news papers even confirmed and people condemned the police how they acted. Those who read Portuguese can go to http://www.canalde mocambique.com then click radiomozambique then go to breves. I wonder why malawian media are saying these… Read more »
comled oopa chauta

masiku otsiliza ano cholinga tizimenyena akufuna khondo basi mizimu yawo iwuse mumtendere


Shame on u hn minister & yo ministry. I think ur happy now.


Mozambique Why?

Only the Truth

Sad story.RIP

Mtumbuka Wakuda Kamanga

yabwanya nawenso shame on you togather with your government.mtumbuka/mtonga okuda ndi m’manja momwe iwe


Is this what Government can say basi??

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