MP Kamlepo says ‘DPP trying to choke me off’ over his anti-corruption stance

Outspoken Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Constituency, Kamlepo Kalua, has said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is deliberately targeting him “to gag him from exposing various corruption activities in government.”

Kamlepo Kalua: The DPP is fighting me because I am taking an anti-corruption stance against their theiving

Kamlepo Kalua: The DPP is fighting me because I am taking an anti-corruption stance against their theiving

Kalua alleges that the DPP has formed ‘a special group’ solely meant to suppress him from making further statements that exposes corruption involving cabinet ministers and the party top officials.

He said the special group has also been tasked to make sure that he completely gets out of parliament even before 2019 so that he has no room to reveal corruption in the government.

Said Kalua: “They have so many strategies, by taking me out of parliament because of lawsuits, that if I am declared bankrupt I cannot be a member of parliament, they even came up with measures of even killing me, they have tried their best of doing it, they are still doing it and they will come up with so many cases against me, even threats up to leading to something that will be seriously happening to me but in a way they are failing…”

The legislator further alleged that President Peter Mutharika sanctioned that the special group should use everything at its disposal to get him out of his seat even before 2019.

He cited a court summon that was given to him on 23 Novemberas  an example.

Kalua wondered why he was being summoned to court while Parliament was still in session saying every member is immune to such developments during the time.

“I am not complaining, because that is a strategy of DPP to make me lose Rumphi East seat. And they have earmarked 3 candidates that that I may not mention their names here that they have said we should defeat Kamlepo Kalu at all cost. So it is a strategy that they want to gag me, they want to intimidate me; they are using even this institution to intimidate me. That is state intimidation and institution intimidation that we have in Parliament here. Because if I am gagged and if I am defeated and if I am silenced these issues of corruption will not come out…”

He said as a representative of all Malawians and people of Rumphi East Constituency in particular he will make sure that corruption dies in the country.

“…So I am going to make sure that corruption is a thing of the past. We must live in a Malawi that is corruption free; we must leave in our country something for future generation. So no matter amount of intimidation that they may have against me it is not going to stop me from talking about it. I know it is a strategy of DPP trying to silence those people that are talking about corruption because they failed to come up with something that would see me killed…”

“… They have done it a lot. It is sanctioned by even the President himself that that this one if we fail to deal with him now make sure that by 2019 he should not there or let us find any means so that he comes out of parliament before even 2019. That is their strategy and I am ready for that and I am not even afraid of it. And it will never stop me from pointing out corruption in Malawi.”

A High Court summon from the Lilongwe District Registry seen by Nyasa Times dated 30th June 2016, commands Kalua  to within 14 days respond to it by either satisfying the claim or file a defence and list of documents with the court.

The summons in question was obtained by Jappie Mhango, then Minister of Tourism (now Minister of Transport and Public Works), at the High Court in Lilongwe for alleged defamation following remarks Kalua made in an interview with Times Radio on March 20 2016.

It is alleged that Kalua uttered words that Mhango is against and deems them criminal as they have a potential to disrupt political reliance of other parties.

In the interview Kalua, was explaining an attack allegedly organized by DPP members namely Jappie Mhango,  Khumbo Kachali, Goodall Gondwe, Nichoras Dausi and others on PP and MCP rally in Mzuzu.

He said DPP hired thugs and gave those PP clothes to go and stop him, MCP president, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, Enoch Chihana and Harry Mkandawire from holding a rally in the city.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has reminded the public, as well as lawyers, that parliamentarians enjoy immunity from prosecution when the National Assembly is meeting.

“I hereby instruct all members of Parliament and all members of staff to refuse any summons directed to members of Parliament,” said Msowoya.

Section 60 (1) of the Constitution grants MPs immunity from arrest, except in cases of treason and that what MPs say in the National Assembly would not be amenable to any action or proceedings in any court other than the august House.

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I did not know he is such a coward. You start issues, you shrink the tail. Just cut the tail so that you are not discovered that you are a coward. If you are a fighter of corruption, tell us what you have done to prevent any alleged corrupt attempt. You are just good at making noise. Nobody wants to choke you, you are choking your minds yourself and this is not good for your health, Mr Kamlepo.

Rumphi West

Kamlepo you talk too much. You spit on other citizens and now you are afraid of their shadows? Conspiracy theories or not, your victims will still drag you to court for some clarifications and redress. Unya uwona!

Rumphi West

So Kamlepo is such a foolish caward? You smear mud at people, call yourself all sorts of pompous names but you are here afraid of the reaction of the people you shit on? Come on PUNK, it’s a court of law you are being summoned to. Go answer a few questions (they don’t allow outbursts mind you), and we shall all see what stuff you are made of, period.

Wataya Changa

Rumphi West,you, yourself are a foolish, coward not mwana chweeee yayeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. U don’t see beyond your nose. Kamlepo is not coward like u. Wambira pachande msana ukowoneka. Chindere chakufikapo iweeeeeeeeeee. Tchaya kamlepooooooooooooooo


Mr Kalua you brought this to yourself and don’t cry for sympathy now. The problem is you talk and think later. You thought the people whose names you dragged in mud would sit quite? If you have convincing evidences as a mature person there are relevant authorities where you can take them. Media will just amplify your barking and when the people you bark at try to defend themselves it will be you alone to confront them.

Wataya Changa

Iwe nde m’dziwapendekadi no mahara/zeroooooooo yayeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Are you getting scared now? I thought that’s what you expect if you become too critical of others; tarnishing their images even in the absence of any slightest evidence?
You always become too personal and you have no tactics on how to bring your sensitive issues to the fore.
You aim at exposing your opponents; down grading them through your nonsensical arguments. You even brought fake evidence in Parliament to show how foolish you are.
Kaya zako izo!


You can clearly see anyamata aganyu how they contribute their comments…amalawi osowa zopanga..easy money..ask where anyamata a UDF ali kuti..nature will take care of think you will be in Government for ever…? One day you will believe kuti a Malawi si zitsiru..Remember 20 July..


Here he comes again, Conspiracy Theorist No. 1 in Malawi.
His analysis of evidence so lacking, as he apparently accepts everything he is told. He doesn’t even look for collaborative unbiased evidence before he accepts the “evidence” , even if it is on a piece of toilet paper.
Perhaps he should look for another vocation.

P.p Boss

These are the kicks of the dying horse. He is now worried that those who supported him have now joined the band wagon which he has been criticising
Ada you are now left alone your friends will bring bread to the table
Just go and confess to Peter he is not hard hearted that he will not accept you
Ada kamlepo sorry you are now alone and soon you will start selling Indian hemp to survive

Cheyo the real northerner
Cheyo the real northerner

Is buying tractors at a very low price when most farmers are failing to mechanise their farming, an immunity?

Ma MP, nonse ndinu akuba. Mbava. You want to hide using the word immunity. Akuba.


Do not fear stand still as a man of iron and never give up until a last bullet goes

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