Mpinganjira son appointed FDH Bank deputy Managing Director

FDH Holdings Limited has appointed William Mpinganjira, son to FDH Holdings Chief Executive Officer Thom Mpinganjira, as Deputy Managing Director for FDH Bank Limited effective March 1, 2017.

William Mpinganjira: FDH Bank deputy MD

In a statement, FDH Bank Board Chairman Dr Eric Sankhulani said the appointment of the young Mpinganjira to the position will be valuable to the business as well as their customers.

“William is a seasoned banker with more than 7 years’ experience in the banking and financial industry. Prior to joining the banking sector, he worked for Delloite & Touché Malawi and the London Borough of Croydon in the Corporate Finance Division,” said Sankhulani in the statement.

He said for the past 7 years, the young Mpinganjira has been working in the top management positions both at FDH Bank and FDH Group where among other things he established the Risk and Compliance Department for the bank and FDG Group.

“William has been involved in numerous innovations for the banking sector in Malawi and has helped pioneer many projects in various sectors of the economy. William has vast skills in Credit Analysis, Risk Management, Strategy Development and Implementation,” said Dr Sankhulani.

The young Mpinganjira holds Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting obtained from the London South Bank University in the United Kingdom, a Masters Degree in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France.

He also holds an MBA in Banking and Finance from Bangor Business School in Wales and is a Chartered Banker with the Institute of Bankers of Scotland.

Furthermore, he is a Chartered Accountant with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM). He has also completed an Executive Development Programme (EDP) at the University of Stellenbosch Graduate Business School in South Africa.

“William continues to bring to FDH his vast wealth of knowledge and experience at the time when FDH Bank is finalizing the streamlining of its operations following the acquisition and merger with Malawi Savings Bank to form one of the largest financial institutions in Malawi. We believe that William’s appointment will be valuable to the business as well as to our customers,” said Sankhulani.

FDH Holdings is a majority shareholder of FDH Bank and other companies namely FDH Money Bureau and First Discount House.

Currently FDH Bank is headed by Eric Ouattara from Ivory Coast as its Managing Director.



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26 thoughts on “Mpinganjira son appointed FDH Bank deputy Managing Director”

  1. Chilungamo says:

    This is wonderful!
    A visionary entrepreneur. Everyone knows that this is a family business and I wonder where the word nepotism would come from. Knowing very well the RBM requirements for one to get such a senior position in a commercial bank, the boy was purposefully groomed into that channel. Congratulations. It is not the young man’s fault to have a uniquely entrepreneurial father. Neither is it the father’s fault to have such a trainable child. And I hear his sister is also rising high in the same bank. Wonderful.

  2. Nambe says:

    Mr Judge Not kodi UNIMA idakalipo? You would have done the same if you could afford an education overseas for your child. He has the necessary qualifications to take the bank to greater heights. Tsegulani yanu bank!!! Heheee kakolopeni Lake Malawi!

  3. vyantonda says:

    dont cheat us 7yrs what just simply say he is the owner of the bank full stop musanize wanthu mbava inu chimodzzi modzi kugwira kwa makda kkkkk igalu inu

  4. ungwelu says:



  5. ChangingFaces says:

    Its always a relief to hear that a successful father has brought up his sons like this. This young man will carry on the tradition his father established as has previously happened at FMB.
    All I I can say is, if you are blessed with wealth, send your children to top schools, including universities abroad.
    It’s useless sending your children to mediocre private schools if you are a billionaire. Put them through Kamuzu Academy, St Andrews, South End, Bishop Mackenzie, …
    Makamaka aChewa anzanga omwe muli ni ndalama…invest in your children’s education as wealthy Tumbukas do.

  6. Billy Chilewani says:

    I admire the Senior Mpinganjira he made sure that his son has the prerequisite qualifications and was slowly gromed both
    professionally and academically for an eventual takeover.Currently he is understudying the current Managing Director for
    a future takeover. That is how a succession plan should be for most Malawian businesses if we are to be there next 50 years
    from today. Wish the young man all the best and he should just add the human face to his work all will be fine.

  7. mwanamulopwana says:

    Congratulations young man ,use your skills to take FDH bank to another level, you and your sister ndinu ma role models , it is high time now for your to drive business into the right direction

  8. mjiba says:

    bank ya bambo ake mumati amuyikepo ndani??????

  9. che nnungu says:

    Paja ndi Bank ya Mpesa eti? ndinayiwala

  10. Family Affair says:

    What do you expect?
    He is the son of Mpinganjira. no need to waste time justifying his few years experience for such a challenging position. We have quite a number of Malawians who can fit well and perform better on that position.

    He would have just said

    His surname is ‘Mpinganjira ‘ he has been appointed a Deputy CEO of FDH Bank

    and it will sum everything up

  11. Madam says:

    Congratulations are in order. May William be a light for other young entrepreneurs inheriting from their parents. Malawians, let us support the yougman, sucession planning is necessary. Indians are always doing it and no wonder they own our country.

  12. Prescott Nkhata says:

    Congrats William. You are our role model.

  13. Judge Not says:

    Why didn’t the chap pass through the corridors of University of Malawi?

    1. fanny says:

      Too much strikes at UNIMA. 4 year degree now taking 8 years!

    2. Mwitiwa says:

      This is the problem which the alumni of UNIMA have. They think that UNIMA is the best and only university. I did my degrees with Stellenbosch University and you cannot compare UNIMA with SU.

  14. lucius mwaitha says:

    eee what agreat man

  15. CNHIMWE says:

    congrats sir

  16. lesley says:

    7 yrs? Vast experience? mmmm. You would have just said he holds such such qualifications!

  17. Muziwona says:

    Dr. Sankhulani, Never again say that 7 years in the Bank is VAST Experience. Ayi!!!! DO NOT interpret VAST Experience based on those decorations you have given the Young Mpinganjira. They are just confusing to those that know what VAST Experience mean. To me you should have just said that this is the Strategy for FDH Bank to re position the Young Man just as Dr. Bakili Muluzu re-positioned his Son Atupele. Basi . If you add the years he has been on the desks and the years he has worked sizikugwirizana ndi zizungu zoti VAST EXPERIENCE abwana!

    1. FREIND says:

      To me, 7 years experience for a deputy MD is too fast. Tom should have sent his son to be seconded to a big international bank like Barclays, Lloyds or FNB in SA for say a few years. The boy could come back more experienced and sharper for the deputy MD position. Otherwise muika anthu osathyakuka ku top position.

  18. ellias says:

    Congratulations William. We know you, very humble. Continue that spirit.

    Remain Blessed

  19. Na says:

    Humble,accomodating,educated,powerful,rich this is how i see him as i interact with him.Congratulations.Don’t change.

  20. Mbewe says:

    Congrats William. All the best

  21. Nanyati nanyati says:

    Bwana Sankhulani, I admire you for the great effort of painting a very rosy and positive picture of William. But the bottom line is the young man is a Mpinganjira. So Im at great pains to dismiss the word NEPOTISM from my thoughts. Notwistanding the above, congratulations to the young man. Anyway even Jesus said ” How can I feed gentiles first before I have fed the house of Israel “.

    1. Twisted says:

      This is a family business, there are many examples where this model has been applied. Well done to the Mpingajira’s. This is visionary…

    2. Harry The Rabid Mkandawire says:

      Nepotism when its a family enterprise? or is this company publicly traded?

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