Msaka in Eastern Region blazing whistle stop, urges people to register to vote for DPP

The eastern district of Balaka on Tuesday erupted with political ecstasy when the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) descended on the district in a blazing whistle stop, urging the people to go and register enmass in order to exercise their right to vote in the forthcoming tripartite elections in May next year.

Msaka with DPP secretary general Jeffrey in Balaka
Msaka: Go register en masse to vote for DPP
DPP women at the meeting

The DPP’s Vice President for Eastern Region, Bright Msaka, the party’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, popular known as Jeff wa Jeff,and other members of the party’s National Governing Council (NGC) hit the road from Balaka town to Ulongwe, whipping up support for the ruling party and urging people to take an active role in the coming general elections.

The party, which also grabbed the opportunity to introduce its aspirants for positions of ward councilors and members of parliament, reminded the people that swarmed the Balaka-Ulongwe highway that it is not just enough to be supporters of the party but to ensure that they go out and register their names in the ongoing voter registration exercise by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in order to retain their favourite government of President  Peter Mutharika and his DPP lieutenants.

From Balaka town, the team enjoyed great turn up on the road cruise to Mangochi Turn Off via Chiendausiku and then took the campaign to Mwima before winding up the whistle stop later in the day at Ulongwe Trading Centre.

In all these venues, the party preached a message of hope for a better life for the country’s citizens, promising to step up infrastructure development in the transport, education and socioeconomic sectors to turn Malawi into a prosperous nation.

The party’s vice president in the eastern region, Bright Msaka, assured the people that under  Mutharika, the DPP led government has set a strong foundation for growth, citing the provision of cheaper materials for decent housing, connection of many trading centres to the electricity grid under the Malawi Rural Electrification Program (MAREP Phase 8), expansion of the education sector and building of key roads such as the Liwonde-Mangochi and Balaka-Khwisa as some of the successes of the current political administration.

He said very soon the government will commence the construction of the Chingeni-Balaka-Liwonde road to create a seamless network of key roads in the region. Msaka also announced to the people that the government will also provide relief maize to all those affected by the prolonged dry spells, which has affected the harvest for some of the farming households across the country.

Msaka, who is also Minister of Education, Science and Technology, described the reception by the people during the whistle stop as “heart warming, resounding and overwhelming” and urged them to go an extra mile by registering to vote for their government in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

“When you go and register, please keep your voter’s card safe. It is your passport to prosperity, no one should take it away from you,” Msaka said.

DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey said it is only the ruling party that has a clear agenda of how it can make this country a better place for its citizens.

“The others are just like a swarm of bees that are flying through. They have nothing to offer apart from mere excitement,” she said.

On his part, DPP Director of Elections Ben Phiri said bad leaders are put in place by those that decide not to vote when such an opportunity arises.

“If you decide not to vote, you would have in a way voted for someone else. So please go and register to vote for your favourite DPP candidates,” Phiri said.

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Imeneyo ndiye DPP osati zinazi munthu yekha yekha kupangisa misonkhano ma whistle stop ,koma ziko lonseli mulikwanitsa? tikuwonerani ulendo wa ku opposition basiii .Zikomo kwambiri poyambisa timamovement topanda pake ,mwawagawa mavoti a chakwera Apm tikuzawuka nthawi yomweyo


We dont see the people who attended the meetings so that we appreciate the ecstasy…..all we see on the photos above are DPP officials. Otherwise this is sensational reporting

Hard Truth

Sangakuwoneseni akuwopa mukomoka 2019 isanafike hahahahaha. Kunali munthu kapena kuti chinamtindi chawanthu.


DPP lero so zazii it’s out of fashion UTM boma basi


zazii munthuso lero DPP out of fashion UTM boma basi


Udf will be wiped out kutha ngati nsalu ya makatani from 93 seats to two. Bakili is responsible for most of the bad things we are facing including theft of our taxes, poor roads, poor education standards, poor infrastructure, ndale zotukwana, political violence etc.

Tchelule wamakono

Ndipo tikalembetsa kumene bwana… inu osadanda… tikukudikilani kuno ku Mangochi


Bwana VP ER izi zikuyenda. Uthenga wanu taumva bwino and anthu akutsatilani. Simunyoza munthu mumangokamba mfundo. Bravo.

Make Malawi Great

waste of a vote for these thugs!! better to try something new


ZOn a koma so zonama kkkkk