Municipality Mayor hails HIV and Aids fight efforts by Kasungu residents

Mayor for Kasungu Municipality, Ireen Katola has hailed efforts by the people of Kasungu in reducing HIV prevalence rate.

Ireen Katola mayor of Kasungu

Speaking during the Municipal Council’s Aids Day Commemoration on Friday, the Mayor said it is pleasing to see that the HIV prevalence rate has significantly reduced in Kasungu.

“Every 100 people that are being tested for HIV, only four are being found positive. This is different from how it was in the past as the prevalence rate was very high.

“I thank the people of Kasungu for proactively being part of the HIV and Aids fight. It seems here in Kasungu the people have taken a step to fight HIV, it is therefore, my hope that by 2030, we will completely deal with the pandemic,” said Katola.

Senior Nutrition HIV and Aids Officer, Lucius Njobvu said currently each and every health centre in the district has HIV testing service so that people don’t walk long distances to access Hiv testing and counseling (HTC) services.

“We are making sure that every health facility has HTC services so that people have no problems when they want to get tested in their communities,” said Njobvu.

The event was held under the theme ‘Hands up for HIV prevention: Focus on empowering young women and girls’.

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