Musician Patience Namadingo sues Malawi Voice over character assassination

Gospel sensation Patience Namadingo, has commenced legal action against ruling  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sponsored online publication Malawi Voice for defamation after the publication forged a story aimed at tarnishing the artist’s image and subsequently creating animosity between him and Prophet Sheppard Bushiri.

Namadingo: Malawi music prodigy par excellence
Namadingo: Malawi music prodigy par excellence sues  for defamation

On Saturday, Malawi Voice, without permission, copied Namadingo’s Facebook status in which he was urging his followers to pledge their allegiance to God and not a human being or money.

The publication, however, sensationalize the status, claiming Namadingo was hitting at Bushiri and further claimed that the artist has stopped working for the South Africa-based leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times, Namadingo disclosed that he has since engaged his lawyers to commence legal action against the online publication which is famously known for fabricating stories in favor of the ruling party.

“What I wrote is based on a Bible verse. I am surprised how such point is linked to Prophet Bushiri. Anyway, am not here to vindicate myself because what I wrote is what I have been singing in some of my songs and is what Bible preaches,” said Namadingo.

The ‘Sinjenjemela’ hit maker  has since  demanded the publication to retract the story and run an apology or face a hefty fine in terms of damages.

“My lawyers are handling the issue now. I don’t understand why it’s a crime for me as gospel musician to preach what the bible states. I consider that as character assassination because they did not seek any permission or clarification from me based on what I posted on social media,” added Namadingo.

In the status Namadingo wrote: “We have heard that MONEY is power, who has it holds the POWER, school has taught us that we can control our money, the wise are those who control their money,fools are those that are controlled by.. be it their money or by those who have the money, Youngmen & old are on a rampage looking for money or i should say for this power, later on we will be asking one another how much power do you have in your bank account.

“Call it a power bank then, money has the wisdom of the world fooled, the fools made even to go beyond the lowest level of foolishness, IS THERE A POWER THAT IS GREATER THAN MONEY? I say yes!! After three days of guarding the grave the guards were knocked out by a POWER they could not hold against, the big heavy rock that they had used to cover the entrance of the grave was moved out of the way & Resurrection was made real…

“They used and they still do use their money to pay people to spread false news that resurrection had not happened but the power that’s stronger than any currency came in the room in a form of fire and made them all that were afraid and worried speak in new tongues and removed their fear YES the power that made him ascend into heavens right before their very eyes..

“I’m writing to you Men of Malawi don’t chase money no more, money is not THE power, oh Yes I have tested it “u do not need to drink 2 cups of tea to know if it has sugar or not unless you are sick” Be hungry for the power that even money submits to, work hard in your fields, give your praise to no MAN nor WOMAN every kneel must bow before JESUS WHO WALKED ON THE SEA, ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND SEATS ON THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER he alone is worth Your praises, fear 1 true God & his name is JEHOVAH, Blessed is the man that realizes what real power is before his days come to an End”.

However, Malawi Voice which has been on the path of assassinating the reputation and character of Bushiri and any renowned person associating with the prophet with funding from DPP, tweaked the message to portray that Namadingo was attacking Bushiri, a claim the singer has strongly denied.

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5 years ago

Stupid Namadingo.Who told you that social media can be taken serious and sue for damage? What did Jersey Kabwila say about her social media and her case against the government. Once again you are a fool.Which lawyer is entertaining that> Isnt he the same lawyer who said that in democratic erreo there is no crime through social media? Garu iwe Namadingo.You want to please the owner of blood money. Useless. Do not fight the DPP. Very few musicians survived after fighting the government right and left. Ask papa Luciuos Banda. Your carrier is completely gunned down.

5 years ago
Reply to  gulugunya

Stupid gulugunya, tawelenganso bwinobwino matsile akowo akatha

Alfred Minjo
Alfred Minjo
5 years ago

Is there any reason as to why you should sue anybody here? You spoke the truth and thats what the Bible says. Hey you, a born again christian, why getting worried on what you said . Kodi chi christu chanu enanu ncha fake eti? If you need money just work hard muzipeza……….

5 years ago
Reply to  Alfred Minjo

Chi kristu ca a Malawi ndi ca fake.All this God this and God that is just a way to mask their evil deeds such as cashgate, aids, backbiting, lies and whoring.Please dont use God`s name in vain.People can see through you!

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