Mutharika adamant on worsening corruption, says no rotten minister: ‘Malawi media trashing this country’

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika is adamant that corruption is worsening in the country but  acknowledged that the vice  is widespread, insisting that his government is committed to fighting corruption.

Mutharika: corruption exists in the private sector, judiciary, faith community and in the media

Critics have been accusing the Mutharika government of failing to address corruption, and applying selective justice on the same.

But in his remarks on Monday in Chiradzulu when he presided over the memorial service of worship in memory of Chilembwe, Mutharika rejected reports that corruption is growing in the country and said it is just being politicised.

“Corruption is an evil and I want this evil to stop! But slowly, we are taming this evil. We have strengthened the Anti- Corruption Bureau, National Audit and all graft busting institutions. We have given them more resources. But that is not enough,” he said.

Mutharika denied that corruption is growing in this country, saying what  has been growing is “the perception of corruption.’’

He  said corruption exists in the private sector, judiciary, faith community and in the media.

President Mutharika called on Malawians to join hands and fight corruption which he said cannot be fought by one person.

Mutharika branded as a lie and fabrication the rumour that there are seven cabinet ministers involved in the K236 billion Cashgate scandal.

“There has been mention of seven cabinet ministers. This is a total lie; a fabrication of a certain malicious, vicious, and an irresponsible editor. The Anti- Corruption Bureau just announced last week that there are no cabinet ministers in the said case. Instead of informing the public, this paper is misinforming the country. We must love our country,” he said.

Mutharika said without mentioning the name of the editor and the newspaper.

He nonetheless expressed his displeasure at the local media, saying it is “busy trashing this country.”

Mutharika said worldwide , Malawi is rated number 3 and in Africa as number 1 as a country to visit in 2018 but local media do not cover such stories.

“You will not find that in our local media because they are busy trashing this country. By doing that, they think they are hurting me. They are making a mistake. What they do not know is that they are destroying their own country. This kind of behaviour must change. We need to transform our mindset,” he said.

Mutharika described Reverend John Chilembwe as a visionary and patriotic leader who worked so hard to transform his people.

Born in 1871, Chilembwe was killed in 1915. He was buried at an unknown place in Esperanza Estate in Mulanje.

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Now I know why Trump calls us shithole country! A shithole President who can not see that corruption in his country is so huge that it needs him to arrest his shithole corrupt ministers! A blind professor leading 17million people! Oh Lord have Mercy on us! Remove this shithole President and give us a Doer, a fixer, and an achiever President! Not this loud mouthed shithole fake professor! Can’t you just be like kagame for one day?

My President-I for once totally disagree with your sentiments and posture on this matter.It is such behavior that leads some presidents from the west to label us as shitholes.Let us admit we have a problem and ask Malawians to fix it rather than burry our heads in the sand.With the many deaths that have taken place at KCH and QECH, the long queues at Road Traffic to get simple drivers licenses, allocation of land to Indians since they can bribe, giving all Money exchange bureaus to foreigners, don’t you see something wrong and such activities underpinned by corruption? Change can… Read more »

Typical of shithole african politics. Face the reality Mr. President. Your in forefront of tarnishing the image of this country with your visionless leadership

Thank you Mr President. Teach these people to love their country. Ndimamva chisoni akamanyoza alhomwe ndikumatinso alhomwe dziko la Malawi sikwawo potero sayenera kulamulira. Ndimadikila nyengo ngati ino yokumbukila infa ya freedom fighter number one JOHN CHILEMBWE! Munthuyu sanali wakumpoto kapena pakati koma kum’mwera. Ndipo munthuyu sanali mtumbuka kapena mchewa koma anali mlhomwe wa ku Chiradzulo, ndiponso anakafera dera lachilhomwe ku mulanje. Amene anayambitsa kukumbukila infa yake sanali alhomwe anzake koma achewa munthawi yomwe ankalamulira ndipo achewa amenewa anali okonda dziko lawo. Ndipo chinakoma kuti dziko lonse lidzikumbukira mlhomwe ameneyu pa ntchito yomwe anayigwira yotimenyelera ufulu. Tsono inu a Tumbuka… Read more »

Achimwene Chilembwe anali muyawo kwinaku mmang’anja. Mtunda inu mukutchula wachilomwewo ndiwaamang’anja. Alomwe anayamba kubwera ku Nyasaland kudzagwira ntchito Mminda ya tili mma 1920s. Chilembwe atafa kale. Dera limenero asanadze Bingu munalibe olo fumu imodzi ya chilomwe. A Ngolongoliwawo ndi zotsatila za u president wa chilomwe. Adzaiwalika amenewo mmang’anja akadzakhala president.


Umbuli ngati uneneu ndie ukuonga dziko.What has this to do with Tumbukas?Read your history well .How many Senior Chiefs in MULANJE,THYOLO ,PHALOMBE are Llomwe?These districts are Mang’anja.Just be thankful that in this country we love each other it does not matter whether you are a refugee who came here in the 1920s running away from the Portuguese in Mozambique and to work in tea estates.


A – Pathfinder mumangosokosa zopanda nzeru ngati a Santana ndi anzawo a Hatton yet you don’t know the first or the last thing about the so called your own country. Many of us Malawians are so foolish and stupid that we don’t know what’s right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, and so on, that’s why politicians have been taking us for fools of which we are anyway, i rest my case.


Remember some practices destroys the image of the nation not Mutharika as an individual, we need to be careful in our behavior coz tomorrow Malawians are the ones to face the challenges, let’s love our country osati paliponse nsanje mmmm


Not with this shithole president


Shithole president

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