Mutharika approves minor MBC policies: Merger of newsrooms

President Peter Mutharika has approved two policies for the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as media analysts say the policies were too minor to reach the Head f State’s table.

Sumbuleta: MBC boss says cause for excitement

Sumbuleta: MBC boss says cause for excitement

According to MBC’s director general Aubrey Sumbuleta, Mutharika has approved that the radio and television newsrooms merge and the television should migrate to digital from analogue broadcasting.

Sumbuleta said this was “cause for excitement” because the two newsrooms worked in isolation of each other though under one organisation.

However, media analysts wonder whether such policies would not have been directed and effected from the director general’s office or with approval from the board.

“This is laughable, the whole president approving the merging of newsrooms. This is no difference from opening hospital guardian shelters,” remarked one on Facebook.

Most people in social media think Mutharika has an uphill task of turning MBC from a ruing DPP mouthpiece to a state broadcaster.

Many Malawians feel MBC, though run with tax payers money, is still biased towards the ruling party and hardly covers the opposition although now it has most resources it needed to balance news.

Malawi now boasts of a dozen television stations and radio stations giving Malawians a choice of which station to listen to.

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Joyce Banda amayesetsa kuwapatsa a opposition mwai ooneka nkuyankkhula.


What are the qualifications of abwana Sumbuleta. I hear he left secondary school with JC in the mid ’90s. How come he heads MBC. Is it on the basis of mlakho

Keen Observer

When was MBC free from political influence?????? Under which government???? It can’t even if another party comes to power it will be the same song. This is Africa.


Kkkkkkkk shaaah, a president! Zowona mpaka newsroom? Kkkkkk aah aminister mukutani let alone a DG basi ndinkhani imeneyi?
Takuziwani mukufuna kutchukitsa popanda kanthu apa kkkkkk.
Akuti kulasa mtengo ndichamuna chomwe kkkkkkkk


Absolute crazy. Radio is radio and TV is TV. BBC SABC to date still run newsroom different. Even if they were to do that, that is an operation issue and not policy. At policy level communication act spells the minister of information as custodian of policy matters not president


What a pity! Is this cause for excitement mr DG? I now know that too many incompetent people are holding positions of influence in MW and unfortunately, they have NOTHING to offer. Empty brains!!!


Silly. No issue here. Sumbuleta, the real Mlhakho guy who has no idea of how the radio and tv operate. I cry for my mother Malawi


What a pity! So these will be touted as his achievements during his tenure of office? Agreed this should just have been a decision taken by the MBC management and are we perhaps been told that the President is behind all the bad decision MBC is known for?

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