Mutharika declares London trip a success: Next stop Scotland for State visit

Malawian President Peter Mutharika has declared his diplomacy and trade trip to London a success and has said he is set to undertake an State visit to Scotland.

President Mutharika meets Her Majesty the Queen

Malawian youn researcher Ndiferanji Namacha pose with President Mutharika

Mutharika says London visit a success

Mutharika meets Zainadi Badawi of BBC and chairperson of Royal African Society in UK

President Mutharika and Prince Harry meeting at Buckingham Palace in a London on MondaY

President Muthatika with Lord David Steel

Mutharika said in his post on his Instagram page that he had been in London for his participation at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, describing it as “very fruitful” trip.

“I had a meeting with Prince Harry at Buckingham where we discussed a number of issues at interest. The Prince and I both share passion in wildlife conservation and Prince Harry has been to Malawi several times assisting in translocation of elephants in Malawi,” Mutharika wrote.

Mutharika also said he had an all-party parliamentary group (APPG), a grouping in the UK parliament that is composed of politicians from all political parties.

“I am greatly impressed that the Scotland-Malawi relationship is playing a big role in Westminster helping support our cause and telling the Malawi story,” he said.

Mutharika further highlighted his meeting with investors and business leaders during the lunch hosted by the Royal African Society.

“I told the business captains that Malawi has become a key destination for investment in Southern Africa as it is a signatory to various trade protocols that allow investors to produce for wider African markets,” the Malawi leader said.

Mutharika said his other assignment was at the Commonwealth Malaria Summit in London, held under the theme ‘Ready to Beat Malaria’.

He wrote: “I share the country’s 2017-2022 strategic plan which the government of Malawi is implementing to ensure that the country reduces malaria by 2022 or earlier. I also retaliated our commitment to ensure that our country is free of the disease by 2030.

“I was particularly pleased to interact and to listen to a presentation by one of the Malawian young researchers Dr Ndiferanji Namacha of the College of Medicine.”

Mutharika said since the biannual-Commonwealth summit has closed on Friday, he is proceeding to Scotland for a State visit.

“I will hold bilateral talks with the Scottish First Minister and also address Scottish Parliament,” Mutharika informed.

Mutharika has a lean delegation  as he is accompanied by First Lady and Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Emmanuel Fabiano as recognisable top officials apart from security detail and few aides.

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APM just loves to give the impression that he is important. C Banda, you have it spot on – there is no such thing as a ‘State visit to Scotland’ without the Queen being present. He has met Prince Harry to give him an up-date on the elephant situation in Malawi, that is all. Who would even consider investing in a country which cannot guarantee a regular supply of electricity in an office, never mind a factory! APM can certainly talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk. He will return home to Malawi to a big fanfare but will… Read more »
What type of the people are Malawians everything they look at on negative side. How are you going to progress with this type of shallow thinking. Being in opposition does not mean you oppose everything, that is is not understanding principles of democracy. We can not move forward as a nation cause of this envy, jealous , as these are enemies of every country that want to develop. May be our level of education and understanding things are what affects the way we think. No wonder we are still on the same place no movement , no progress. We expect… Read more »

Zoonadi a president ulendodi waphindu kwainu coz ma allowance ndi mphwamwamwa osati mtundu wa Malawi palibe investor angafike kudzataya ndalama muno magetsi kulibe ziphuphu zili thooo kuyambira ku state house mpakana konse katangale mpaka anthu kumazichita nsomba imbalmb


Success against what? What did you plan to achieve and how much of that has been ticked. As Malawians we need to measure real success against some tangible targets you has set before you left for the trip.


Noted Papa and we are waiting for the signal to move on


All your foreign trips had been successful in your own opinion but that has not benefited ordinary Malawians. Its very logical for wise man to accept reality rather kudzichemera.

C Banda
“Next stop Scotland for state visit.” Who is putting out the deceit that Mutharika is going on a state visit to Scotland? Scotland is not a state in itself, but is only a minor part of the UK/Britain, so the Queen is the head of state for Scotland. A state visit to anywhere in the World includes a meeting with the country’s head of state. There is no indication whatsoever that Mutharika will meet the Queen when he is in Scotland, so he most definitely is NOT on a state visit. As an indication of how lowly Mutharika is regarded… Read more »

See Muthalika is meeting with Prince Harry saying they had a number of issues discussed. The same young man whom the president met here in Malawi are babies who have no say in government as this old Godall Gondwe is saying they can’t run the government. Ameneyu ndiwamkulu pakuti ndi mzungu?


Malawians are interested in a bit of detail which then your your ministers and the PSs should follow up on. What trade and investment figures were you chasing and did you achieve them. That’s how you measure success. Otherwise sucks against what???

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