Mutharika ‘lied’ to say Malawi did not invest in expansion of power generation past 50 years

President Peter Mutharika has been accused of giving “wrong” information to parliament when he told the August House that the worsening  electricity blackouts, which have heavily dented his rule,  is due  to failure by the previous administrations to invest in the energy sector, adding that his administration has lined up medium and long-term interventions to deal with the challenges.

Hajat: Mutharika tells the nation something not factual.

In his 30-minute address titled ‘Rising Above Macroeconomic Stability’, Mutharika said:“Let us be honest to admit that we did not invest to expand our energy generation. For 50 years, we kept thinking as if Malawi would remain what it was in the1960s.’

However, Nation on Sunday newspaper reports that a simple analysis of power upgrades on Escom website, would show that past administrations have been upgrading the power stations from as early as 1966 to as late as 2014.

The paper quote Institute of Policy Interaction (IPI) executive director Rafiq Hajat saying that  the President, as a master of a ship in an ocean, must do everything within his power to gather correct facts.

He said citizens always expect their leader to be honest, and on top of things, warning that it paints a bad picture of the President, and his government, when he tells the nation something not factual.

“It would be a lie to say for the past 50 years no investment was made in the power sector. It doesn’t have to take anyone to explain that what the President meant was that the nation did not invest to expand energy generation for the past 50 years. This is not correct,” Nation on Sunday quoted Hajat as saying.

He said Mutharika should have acknowledged efforts the previous administrations put to improve the power generation.

Major and noticeable upgrades, according to the Escom website, were done in 1980, 1986 and 1992, when Kamuzu’s administration added to the grid 120MW through Nkula B Power Station.

In 1996, under Bakili Muluzi’s UDF administration, Escom, through Tedzani II Power Station, according to the website, added 50MW, and an additional 4.5MW the same year through Wovwe Power Station in Karonga.

Under the same UDF administration, an investment in power generation was made through Kapichira Power Station, which brought 128 MW to the grid.

The current installed capacity for electricity is 351MW, but of late it has fallen to 160MW, which Escom, says has led to the current power crisis, it reported.

As President Mutharika entered the august House on Friday to deliver his opening address, opposition parliamentarians, booed him, forcing Speaker Richard Msowoya to restore order—reminding the House that noise would not be tolerated.

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ps chi

Bushiri and simbi ingowapasani dzukoli agawane otherwise
Ndilakwapo malankhulidwe

Dangerous Dave

Kamuzu and MCP loved Malawi. The leaders that followed are thieves and one of them is in exile because she stole our billions.


Wati? Tiyowoyenge unenesko…the previous leaders did their part and it is not honest to say they did nothing. Zinthu zikavuta let us find solutions..

Fake Petros
Hey!!! this ddp government is full of these Nachisales-type of thinking people.. These Nachisales do not even have basic knowledge of where we are coming from.. People who cannot even differentiate their right hand from the left. To the entire ddp nachisales their peter Mutharika is demi-God he can’t go wrong. Peter is NOT being truthful za history ya energy investment in Malawi, the NaChisales say no. WAKUTETA! WAKUTETA!!! Some of these Nachisales may in fact be beneficiaries of the free primary education ya Atcheya. Anthu oti sanapsye bwino ndi school. Koma ngati za abwanawo (a president ndi gulu la… Read more »
Chilungamo Chimawawa

APM shud just admit that him and DPP have failed to take care of Malawians. pliz let the resign. Malawians are tired of these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nachisale ndiwe chitsilu..maboodza sakuthandizeni…DPP out..

Unfortunately, the people who believe that previous governments made investments in power are suffering from a toxic type of amnesia called ‘short-termism’ which is a disease that has afflicted Africa and Malawi for a long time. The so-called investments which Hajat and The Nation are bleating about as apparently made by previous investment were simply void with zero-effect on our country’s energy demands because the leaders of the time lacked foresight. It went down the drain and no sane person should consider that as an investment – evidence? The extent to which we are struggling with persistent blackouts today. Those… Read more »
Joyce Banda
if your bloody APM is right then what solution does he have other than hiring and firing staff instead of bowing down to mozambique and actually lining it with that Nsanje port deal.. what happened with that?? The deal was just swept under the rug, yet under Bingu Administration millions went into that investment, I think his brother pocketed that money to upgrade his ndatha farm. We wouldn’t be having this crisis if it weren’t from them. Hence Nachisale I agree with the rest of the people commenting here that your APM has not invested into the energy sector other… Read more »

If your power output is largely dependent on lake water levels, it doesn’t matter how much you invest in the infrastructure, the power will fail when the lake levels drop low. If State House suffered power cuts like real Malawian citizens, businesses, APM would have sorted it a long time ago, but he lives in a bubble, insulated from the day to day problems faced by his citizens and the country’s businesses. He may even think he speaks the truth, if he is badly advised and doesn’t seek the truth for himself.


Nachisale go to school I will give you full scholarship. The story is well started.

nsanai kugwe

so this bastard think he can brainwash us by another load of lies. wasnt he in the past rulers?????????????? wats wrong with these power hungery pipo. wat does he want? stuff him out. this is wat we call lack of knowledge of wat they want to do. cisilu ca munthu

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