Mutharika tells North Malawi more developments in the offing: Mzuzu International Airport project starts January  2018

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has assured people in northern region that his government is geared to start the construction of Mzuzu International Airport in January, 2018.

Mutharika: To develop North Malawi

President Mutharika was speaking Saturday evening at Katoto Roundabout on his arrival in the region where he is expected to carry out a number of official duties.

Mutharika said it is the wish of his government that Mzuzu City should have a modern international airport, saying it will open up the northern region.

“I have directed the Minister of Transport and Public Works to make sure that the construction of Mzuzu modern international airport should start without any excuses by January next year,” he said.

In July this year, President Mutharika visited Lusangazi where the airport will be constructed to the tune of U$20 million (approximately K14.6 billion) from Exim Bank of China.

On the construction of Mombela University in Mzimba District, President Mutharika said he was happy that ground work has started.

“We have a number of development programmes here in the North and I’m happy that some of them such as Nkhata Bay–Mzuzu Road is about to be completed.

“I will make sure that I go there and see it [the road] before going back to Lilongwe; and, from there, I will announce another good news for the people of the North,” he said.

The President also said the government will renovate Mzuzu University Library that was gutted by fire a few years ago.

Apart from Katoto Roundabout in Mzuzu, President Mutharika also spoke to people who gathered at Mponela in Dowa and at Jenda in Mzimba.

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Campaign yayambika!!! What is the use of a modern airport when people live on less than adollar a day? When they can’t afford the next meal, when hospitals have no medications, when they have erratic electricity, when the President is clueless, we don’t need a fancy airport, give us our basic needs first !!!

nsanai kugwe

kkk ena kukanika kuvomera cilungamo.kkkkkkk basi ndi chinaism yalowabasi. am i lying of the conditions at our airports?? even toilets with thin cheap toilet tissurs- basic needs antaaaa basi . zokomera inu a J mwina ndi VIP LOUNGE yanu. ya ma priorities kodi? ku kichini ananena ben phili kuti ali ku kichini kuphika tidikile atuluse, nde akutulusa za ci chainazi? ma noodles. cheap meal hahaha
kodi anthu azikacoka ku sanje kukakwera ku nzuzu??????????????? zikatelo? ife a tumbuka tiyeni kwathu nditju

Shelix Munthali

is an airport really a priority for the north Mr. President?


Wamudala pitala kuno ndege zinatchitowuli natepanji wutiphalirenge za university ndiyo kuno yukhumbikana 5-1 yakumala mahala 2019 North yizamusanga ma MP 0 ise kuno ndise wa DEPECO 2019 DEPECO yizamuyola ma MP yose takukana iwe pitala ise cha.


That’s good bwana president. When leaving power in 2019, things will be good for our brothers in the North. Everyone knows you are leaving and you know yourself mukapume mwakula a mdala inu…


Jamax u must be mad..what job is this useless leader of ours doing? Akutizunza ndi ma blackout.. Ana can’t watch TV..welders ndi ometa akulephera kugwila ntchito.DPP 2019 out…I promise u that..useless bastards


Now tell me if pipo are to judge who is mad someone calling himself 2019 and myself as Jamax – who is suppose to be taken to the mental Hospital kkk ofcourse 2019 must be mad kkkkk if the worse goes to the worst then only a Dog can be given that NAME (2019) What am trying to say here is this, tiyeni tisiye mau onyozana tonse sitingakhale ndi chisankho chofanana never!!!! – but we are ALL created from the image og God & we all belong Malawi – therefore let’s respect each other.

Mario pei

Uyu ndi mtesi,pathological liar,i just don’t know what to believe .

Whatever you think of him but APM has great plans fo this Nation and because you are disrespecting him as a chosen leader of this Nation then just wait and see what God will do for him – 2019 is coming – ask me if you are capable of competing with God. Bringing shame to a leader that was cjosen by God is the same as being arrogant to God himself – God is God and he is never mocked – the Bible tells us to give respect to our Leaders because they are chosen by God himself, now quote… Read more »

Mpedzepepedze wa 5-1 ukuvutabe. Malawians have agreed to vote you out no matter what lies you tell us.


Abwana Taonga vitukuko ivo,but finish ka nseu kochoka pa mzimba boma kotulukila pa raiply.jenda embangweni road.ekwendeni kafukule mpaka mzimba.miseu iyi nja kale.Ndale sindikambapo ine, I know of only 2 seats where DPP will win. Obama and vuwa Kaunda will win.enawo bwana asakunamizeni.

Nganiza Muthulika

How promises your brother and u have made tog Northerners? 5 universities were going tog be built said Bingu. How many so far? I have not forgotten What u said No Tonga will be a president ” I will be stupid to vote for u. Bingu said Northerners votes did not make different. Northerners May be stupid but not fools. In 2014 elections Northerners voted for PP. But elections were riggid. No Likoma/Chizumulu voted for DDP but it was lied that they voted for DDP. Actualy boxes were slown in the lake. My vote is MCP.

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