Mutharika says drilling oil in Lake Malawi to go ahead:  ‘Lake is wholly Malawian, pride of the nation’

President Peter Mutharika has said that Malawi will go ahead with the plan to drill poil and gas in the Lake Malawi, saying there is nothing to worry on   aquaculture as well as human life.

President Peter Mutharika greets veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira who attended the function

President Mutharika being briefed about the water treatment

President Mutharika, First Lady and Vice President Saulos Chilima at commissioned a multi – million Mangochi water treatment plant

Mutharika, speaking on Wednesday in the Eastern Region lakeshore district of Mangochi  during this year’s World Water Day commemorations,  appealed to people  in the country to take care of Lake Malawi, which he said is the country’s national treasure.

The President said the lake is wholly owned by Malawi and should therefore be protected and preserved by all well-meaning Malawians, saying water is an essential commodity that drives the economy of the country.

He then maintained that oil drilling will continue in the Lake Malawi despite calls from environmentalist to Malawi government to abandon the oil and gas project.

“Those who worry about our plans to explore and drill oil have no reason to fear. If we decide to drill oil in the lake, we will ensure to use on-shore clean technology.

“We value our Lake and we will ensure we implement measures to protect it, at all cost,” the President assured at a Nkopola Lakeshore Conference Centre in Mangochi.

Mutharika called on the nation to reduce water wastage and preserve water in catchment areas to make water available for agriculture production and industrial use in dry seasons.

“Don’t waste water, water is life. The World is going through the worst climate change, water resources are dwindling day by day therefore, we must find ways of preserving the water so that we have maximum supply throughout the year,” said Mutharika in line with this years’ theme: ‘Wastewater Reuse for Sustainable Development’

Earlier in the day, Mutharika commissioned the Mangochi Water Treatment plant which has been financed by Opec Fund for International Development.

Mutharika said the Mangochi water treatment works would supply water to about 60, 000 people in the next 10 to 15 years thereby fulfilling sustainable development goal number six.

“That resolve will ensure that we provide potable water to all people living in Malawi by 2030 including the people of Mangochi and surrounding areas. That is why my government has specifically established the Mangochi water treatment plant,” Mutharika pointed out.

He said government will continue implementing policies that make water available, preserved, safe and utilizable for agricultural production and for domestic and industrial use.

President Mutharika added that government was in the process of enacting legislation that provides for an independent regulator for water supply and sanitation.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Aggrey Massi said currently Mangochi water treatment plant is producing at least 5, 700 cubic metres of water per day serving 50, 000 people.

He said considering the quantity of waste water generation and its overall pollution load which was increasing globally, there was need for people in the country to consider other ways of recycling and reusing waste water.

Chairperson of the Water Services Association of Malawi-WASAMA Engineer Alfonso Chikuni said the plant will ease pressure on the existing plants as the Southern Region Water board will be able to treat water locally.

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13 thoughts on “Mutharika says drilling oil in Lake Malawi to go ahead:  ‘Lake is wholly Malawian, pride of the nation’”

  1. Reader says:

    I think this whole issue should be put on hold until malawi gets leaders that are willing to lead and spend every single penny the country has on improving the lives of its people we all saw what happened with kayelekela im sure now there is less urenium there than there was before but what can the people of malawi show for its list resource nothing other than craters left behind. Look if we find oil and there is proper leadership then sure lets drill and build our country but with the leaders we have its better if the oil is left in the ground maybe one day our kids will grow and have something to build on. i swear to God i would rather keep that oil there if it meant future genereations can use it wisely rather than give it to these relics who beling in a museum somewhere. Its true greed has no bounds while most people want to leave quiet normal lives when they are old our old leaders keep on pretending they are 18 and want to secure their future lime seriously dude you are close to 80 years just when are you going to spend all this money you keep stealing from the people. people are dying in hospitals because there is no meds and you are busy driving around in fancy cars bought with stolen money hell you may as well go to the hospitals and kilk them yourself atleast then we wouldnt bother wondering what sort of people you are.

  2. JCInLA says:

    I will pay for the assassination of Mutharika the first day the oil starts bleeding from the lake. I may also fight with the Tanzanians.

  3. Gertrude says:

    Dzuka Malawi Dzuka 2019 VOTE WISELY!!!!!

  4. Ndata says:

    That is going to be the down fall of Peter A. Mutharika, We can not allow this to happen, we will fight tooth and nail. If he wants to see Malawi burning he can go a head paja ndi nkhutukumve

  5. Given W Kazembe says:

    The plan to drill oil in lake Malawi should go ahead. The lake is wholly Malawian.No any country has a legal claim to it apart from my beloved mother land Malawi.
    The soils under the lake could never be shared much as we share the water to good neighbours.
    The oil is our wealth. period.
    Given Kazembe ( Blue Youth Malawi)

  6. Savimbi steven says:

    I totally AGREE with Winston Msowoya above comments.No Oil exploration or Gas on Lake Malawi.These Exploration oil projects will only Benefit Politicians who are ruling right now while the Poor Malawians remain and die in Poverty.For the good of the country,lets continue living the way we are rather than destroying the lake Malawi natural resources and enreaching the Greedy Politician of today.If whites were part of Malawian citizens the way South Africa is;the better bcoz they could use the proceeds nicely to develop the country like South Africa,but Munthu wakuda ngati ine, Mayo !!!! mayo!!! mayo !!!! ine.He cannot be trusted at all.Look at Nigeria;Angola.These countries could have been the richest in Africa if they could have used the oil proceeds carefully.Lets not cheat each other,a Malawi ,just abandone the oil exploration and gas drilling all together.Malawi will never Develop bcoz of these oil and gas,why;Becoz we , Black people are just Too Greedy to the Core.

  7. zebron henry banda says:

    this issue is of national interest ,thus it should be put to a referendum.if the masses say they either want it or not,they will,either way,have themselves to to which country owns the lake,the answer remains:”lake malawi”belongs to the republic of malawi.unlike lake nyassa-which i actually don’t know-that might as well be tanzanian.unfortunately,i am not that blind to see it on any map!we need those $(dollars) rolling in into malawi to completely remove this name:”the poorest country”.it sucks!!

  8. winston msowoya says:

    Personally,Iam convinced that Peter Muthalika is not vehement enough to deal with the country’s odious economic and political inclination.He knows pretty well that his plans on oil rigging from Lake Nyasa,won’t benefit the overwhelming majority of our suffering people and knows pretty well that as soon as the RIGS are dropped into the Lake Nyasa,that spellsout our normal human life including marine life.I remember very well 5 years ago when the rig in the gulf of Mexico broke-down,and the oil spill was spread morethan 60 KM radious that took 5 months to clear the oil from the water despite using very modern technology in novel world.The sequel from this disaster was gargantuan,thousands upon thousands of marine life,were lost human life too was not perfect especially for children miles away.Peter and his serviles,know very well that the project would not benefit our poor people atall,this is the project for the political leaders and the conglomerates period.The people of Malawi have seen the failures of such projects as Kayerekera Mine and Muchenga Coal Mine which both of them ,have enriched the owners and the political leaders while the the land and the people,are thrown into garbage pit.Africa is the richest continent on earth as far as resources are concerned,but its people are the poorest.For instance,Nigeria,Angola and Gambia are the leading oil producers in Africa,but their people are living very disturbing economic life.Let’s take Nigeria for instance.The oil revenue is controlled by the Army Officers,Ministers,Presidents and their lackeys.For instance,The People’s Democratic Party’s Presidential primary is a high point in the calendar of Nigeria’s patronage politics.”It’s not a political party,”says a veteran human rights activist.”It’s a platform to seize power and then share the resultant booty”,observed Tom Burgis,one of the British prolific Journalists.In Gabon,former President B.Obama ordered the sale of a house built by a 26 year-old son of the former corrupt President Jamme at a cost of US$35million and the loot was handedover to one of the international human-rights organisations which helped build a hospital in Gabon for poor people.In Angola,the former President Dos Santos,stepped-down few months ago,and appointed an Army General to lead the nation against the country’s Constitution,the President’s daughter at the age of 36 years,is the richest in the continent of Africa owning US$45 million and just walk 10KM out of the Capital Luanda,you are on another planet,poverty is beyond belief,former freedom fighters are living in shanties under diabolical conditions.Malawi is better now without oil believe it or not.One thing Malawians forget is that the Lake belongs to three countries Viz: Tanzania,Mozambique and Malawi and don’t forget that it also belongs to Africa,so if Malawi starts drilling oil from the lake,the two countries too have the rights to do so whether Muthalika likes or not and if the three countries extract oil from one lake,you must as well say GOODBYE LAKE NYASA and if you want to use force,you will be defeated within minutes.In East Africa,we have two big lakes, Lake Tanganyika which accommodates Rwanda,Burundi,Tanzania and Zambia and for your information,there are thousands of Malawians fishing in the lake without hussle and they live there without legal documentations and another lake is Lake Vitoria owned by three countries VIZ; Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda,they have lived together for thousands of years in peace and harmony.What is Muthalika upto now? He has completely failed to build the economy of our country and politically, he has dangerously divided our country tribalistically to his own advantage.Just to advise the Northerners,if there would be an armed conflict between Tanzania and Malawi,let’s join our brothers in Tanzania,we have nothing to loose.we have had enough from the people of the South and the Central.GOD IS OUR WITNESS!!!!!!!

  9. ellias says:

    Koma abale zimenezi sizitionongera our tasty chambo?

  10. foreigner says:

    DR Chilima looks miles away is it all about consultancy or Chimutu ?

  11. benjones says:

    Please god rescue Mother Malawi.

  12. Mjomba says:

    As a leader, Peter is supposed to take a balanced position on issues of national interest to avoid a repeat of what what happened with similar projects before.Peter as a President, should not be quick to take side on the issue of Lake Malawi oil drilling but instead allow constructive dialogue and debate to flourish on this important matter. We would all want Malawi to do better economically but it is the wish of everybody that such economic advancement should be inclusive and sustainable and not for short term political gains of few individuals. As a president, Peter should have allowed technocrats to bang heads and come up with a consensus that will better serve Malawians on this issue. History has shown us that politicians would want to rush through with projects to save their names without considering what really goes to the poor majority of the Malawians. A case in point is the Kayerekera mine in Karonga, Nobium mine in Mzimba, the infamous Nsanje world inland port and many others. We have witnessed protests by communities in some of these areas due to government negligence in dealing with certain technical aspects before hand. So, what some people are saying regarding the oil drilling on Lake Malawi should not completely be disregarded but instead, the contractors/line ministry should come in the open to provide detailed answers to the concerns of the experts. The interest should be to serve the ordinary Malawian.

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