IMF declares Malawi on track: Finance Minister says economic rebound gets real

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Wednesday declared Malawi as being on track as far as reclaiming the economy is concerned.

IMF Head of Mission Williams addressing a news confrence as Finance Minister Gondwe is accompanied by governmetn officials and central bank governor

Chief of Mission for IMF, Oral Williams disclosed this in Lilongwe during a press briefing on the end of mission for the ninth and final review of the Extended Credit Facility.

He said as far as the team is concerned Malawi has made tremendous strides in reclaiming its economy which was down.

Williams said, “Malawi’s economy was hit hard by the negative impacts of the drought, but the economic outlook is improving with better prospects of agricultural output including the maize harvest.

“Real Growth Domestic Product (GDP) growth after two consecutive years of drought fell below three per cent in 2016 but is expected to pick up in the range of four to five per cent in 2017 while the annual inflation has now fallen to 16.1 per cent as of February 2017.

“The consumption-lead recovery is expected to be driven mainly by a rebound in the agriculture, wholesale and retail and telecommunications sector.”

Additionally the IMF Chief commended the government of Malawi for the tight monetary policy which kept short term money market rates positive in real terms and stronger fiscal management.

“These short term money market rates were key to restoring confidence in the exchange rate which has remained stable. Committing the flexible exchange rate regime and automatic fuel pricing mechanism continued to help Malawi to respond to external shocks as evidenced by the foreign exchange reserve cover that stabilized at about three months of imports,” William said.

The Chief of Mission has since asked Malawi to spend within the available resources and avoid borrowing to maintain the state of the economy.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe concurred with the IMF mission Chief saying the economy of the country has renounced and there is room for further improvements.

“Let me thank the people of Malawi for their patience during the time the country was faced with serious economic hardships. As government we will work to maintain the status of the economy by making decisions with patience and possible consultations,” he said.


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14 thoughts on “IMF declares Malawi on track: Finance Minister says economic rebound gets real”

  1. Chalume says:

    An economy fueled by rain-fed agriculture and trading is not one whose prospects of long-term growth are guaranteed. This is a normal fluctuation that is expected, and long-term growth is what we need to focus on. The IMF needs to know this too.

  2. Omex70 says:

    ‘Major Pen” or whatever you call yourself, don’t be emotional here and don’t show your ignorance here. If you think what the IMF has said will make people to trust DPP led government you are cheating yourself. Its you the DPP die-hards who are trusting your fellow DPP. If DPP was not full of thieves this could have been good news but we know for sure that with this news the thieves in government are ready to steal more and there will be literally nothing changing on the ground. It will be just a rhetoric speed that our economy is back on track but nothing will be seen on the ground. This will make headline on MBC TV and Radios throughout the year and we will see these stupid chiefs paraded on TV to pat government on back while their subjects are getting poorer and poorer.

  3. masa masina says:

    Luck year because God gave us rain. The economy will improve because of good harvest dues to good rainfall. DPP are not rain makers.

  4. gerald white watsopano says:


  5. gerald white watsopano says:


  6. Joseph Banda says:


  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    But why is the IMF Head, dwelling too much on agriculture and fails to elaborate the good government fiscal policies
    Is IMF employing agriculturists to give advice on money issues. Next time IMF should bring WFP representatives so that IMF will comment on fiscal policies while WFP comments on agriculture

    Congratulations Mr Hon minister of Finance and your team. Well done!

  8. benjones says:

    Malawi land of false imagination.

  9. Major pen says:

    koma akanati Malawi fail test of IMF koma ma comment 1000, lero zabwino kuli ziiii, chomwe ndaona ndi jealous kuipa mtima, ufiti, ugalu, ubulutu, ugwape, etc. Mumafuna zinthu zoyipa Dziko lanu yet mukukhala komwekuno, mudzafa imfa yowawa because 2019 DPP is winning again. Do u think if we won from opposition, we can lose so easily?????????????????. Even whole central mukavotere chakwera Mudzaona ndondocha zikukavota. Musazinyenge if MCP win Ndiye Bola Tidzathamangemo muno

    1. Central says:

      Iwe nawenso usafulumire kusekelera, this as said by the delegation is just the first leg! The second and next/last leg is coming!

      Take my words, based on the recent scandals (the recent ……gates) and misuse of resources, you will hear these guys telling Malawians m’maso mwao muli gwaaaaaaaaaa that they can’t resume the credit facility up until Government significantly improves many of issues that have gone sour right now!!

      Before you start gleaning, you should be reading the abstract lines in between their statements…………….!!

      Sincerely, based on what you have said, I suggest you’ve never done a lot with these guys…………..!!

  10. Mwikuha says:

    How can the Tobiahs and Sanibalaths comment on something that is good for Malawi? Have you ever seen the devil giving credit to where it is due? Haven’t you heard remarks by the general Secretary of the CCAP Synod on the same?

  11. Babache says:

    Same old stories and nothing special here. Malawi with poor leadership has been moving three steps forward and five steps backwards. IMF this, IMF that will not put food on the table. As a nation, we need to root out corruption, theft of public resources and political appeasements and start putting the right people in the right positions if we are to make a different story. This is not the first time for IMF to come up with this announcement, which in itself is not a game changer to the current serious problems facing the nation. We still need a strong and focused leadership to turn things for better Malawi. Every one now knows DPP is a raw deal by any standard. The party which does not wish Malawi well by stealing public funds which would make a difference in peoples lives. We need a recovery program and not the business as usual things. Do not expect miracles in a country where blackouts are rampart, seriously paralyzing businesses that are expected to give taxes to government. The agricultural production we are banking on does not have a reliable market. Tobacco market is failing to meet the supply and fetch good prices which leads to low income levels and low purchasing power for Malawians. Dwindling education standards and countless issues in the universities. Inadequate malaria drugs in public hospitals, the list is endless. Serious government is expected to work on these things because they affect the people directly. The IMF and capital hill figures are based on assumptions that are usually out of touch with the reality of life on the ground. People are tired of this academic rhetoric.

  12. Ochewa says:

    MCP and other jelous /Frustrators ,devils ,failures,blind ones(chakweras’) please!!!! put your coments on this issue.Manyazi bwa?

  13. vuto says:

    Good Job wadada Gondwe and Company…. We should now aim to consolidate these gains and work beyond this IMF prescribed recovery so that our system should stop depending on these guys (World Bank and IMF). Lets FIGHT for total independence and well being of our people no matter wherever they belong…

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