Mutharika slurs North Malawi MPs caucus: ‘Bunch of failurers who can’t see development ’

President Peter Mutharika has gone to town castigating  Northern Region Members of Parliament (MPs) Caucus which has been established  to purely fight for developments of the region, saying it is “a bunch of failures.”

Mutharika walk about in Mzuz city, waves at the people during the inspections of the road. Photo by Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mutharika, who is touring the north, said his government is giving the region many development projects and that the ‘northern block’ causus  are just frustrated individuals and failures who cant appreciate the good things.

Speaking  when he toured tarmac roads  the government is constructing in Mzuzu, Mutharika cited the Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road, Njakwa-Chitimba Road, and the roads in Mzuzu as some of developments his government promised and are underway.

He said all the roads will be completed, adding that he wants all roads in Mzuzu to be tarmacked by 2019.

“Very soon we will start the Karonga-Songwe Road. So, if someone says there are no developments in the North, they are blind, they can’t see or they live somewhere else on the moon,” said Mutharika.

The North MPs caucus maintains that Mutharika government has failed  to provide enough developments in the region.

It also accused the government of Mutharika for practising nepotism and continued application of quota system in selecting students to public universities.

One of its members, Rumphi Central MP, Enock Chihana (Aford) said they are ware that since the Caucus was formed, government is pressing the panick button and had to arrange President Mutharika to visit the north.

“The President visit in the north is to prop up a fake image that government is developing the region,” said Chihana.

He claimed that government is also organising and sponsoring groups in the region to disown the Caucus, saying they will not be intimidated.

“We will not be intimidated at all. It’s high time we fight for the development of the region. North Malawi does not nee lip service or small cake from government . We want a fair share. We pay tax like anybody else in this country. We all vote and we all are Malawians,” he said.

“We are there to fight for development and that is what we will do. We are MPs from different parties, but it is the geopolitics that has brought us together.”

Meanwhile,   some pastors led by Prophet Amos Chuma has said the  idea of forming groups will bring confusion because not all of them are there for development.

But Prophet Chuma said pastors are equally “ not satisfied with the level of development in the region.”

North MPs Caucus publicity secretary Agness Nyalonje (People’s Party) said the pastors grouping might have been funded by government  to divide the caucus.

“They are entitled to their opinion but you don’t start saying these people have ill motives when you don’t know what their agenda is,” said Nyalonje.

Caucus chairperson Kamlepo Kalua said the grouping wants to push for construction of roads, universities, health facilities, secondary and primary schools, and other social development projects in the region.

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At present if we can be serious with observation, the whole Malawi needs modern planning of its cities, highways, road construction and the like so that our country should match modern standards. The state president alone cannot solve all the problems rocking the country he should be flexible enough to accommodate other people’s views. The other issue is we should start electing presidents by rotating in regions so that no region should continue crying. In that way those in leadership will be acting responsibly, they will not take things for granted.

Mutharika hit the nail on the head.. Let’s talk about Nkhata Bay District.. The MP’s past and present have done nothing and will never do anything for the area or the people. There was an American Investor in NB who built a unique and beautiful Tourist Facility in the Boma on the Lakeshore. A local Tonga Man (Richard Chinyanga Chirwa)connived with The Lands Officer (Santos Mphande) to steal the Americans Investment. The MP or The Tourism Official of Nkhata Bay did nothing to help this Investor. Eventually in 2016 after 7 years of struggling on his own the Investor demolished… Read more »


Dyson kasamba

Kkkkkkkk yoo.malawi is a joke taking its pple as a fluke.roads development is far behind.all of us we’re failures.come to south africa n see how they build roads.malawi infrastructure is very bad n poor…good development comes with good leadership.our cities in malawi were not properly planned n designed… South africa’s smaller towns can not even match to those so called cities of malawi.come here in RSA you will c reall development…

Sembamembe Khalekhale
Sembamembe Khalekhale
Bwana Muthalika, you have no moral authority to condemn MPs for the initiative that primarily seeks to foster development of North Malawi. I have never doubted your inability to see things objectively particularly knowing that your main agenda as DPP and as Lomwes has been to promote the supremacy of your tribe. Now you can’t hide it anymore. You are now only promoting and appointing your tribesmen into important jobs in the public sector. Then you think others should sit back and allow you to abuse power wily nilly. This caucus should condemn this politicization and tribalization of the public… Read more »
C mkhovo

Please stop this nonsense Mr president. Your brother brought quarter system in Malawi of which shows the divisions in the nation. Stop copying things from other countries. When will you start constructing mbombela university in mzimba to dismiss all these allegations of favor of your leadership. Don’t drug your name under the mud by your wrong leadership but polish your failure

chance nkhata

we r fuckin tired of this blood kak,called president of south and Central.
caucus viva and it must not die in vane ,these people think we are rabish as the northerners

The Partriot
Northern MPs caucus is the way to go, backward never forwards ever! Mps represent their constituents and Northern MPs represent Northerners FULL STOP!!! Ngati nanunso mukufuna form Mulhako caucus or Lhomwe caucus ….no polubulemu amangwetu! The Northern caucus MPs are not failures, they are winners…they won their parliamentary seats bwana! Let me xool you bwana and the whole blue or Mulhako league….a failure is a leader who can subject his citizens to blackouts and water shortages and proclaim…ndilibe pulobulemu! A failure is a leader that can watch while universities are being closed left , right and center and claim no… Read more »

There is no law which says an MP should live in his constituency. To represent is not the same as to live in, a constituency.


Nanga ma mps apa central akafoma yao zitha bwanji? Nanga aku mmwera akati ifeso zitha bwanji? timagulumagulu timayambitsa maphokoso. Chitukuko chikuta dziko lonse

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