Mutharika takes a swipe at ‘cheap politicking’: Concedes Malawi facing challenges

President Arthur Peter Mutharika Friday opened the 47th Session of Parliament in Lilongwe by calling members of the house to rise above cheap politicking and serve the interest of people they represent.

Speaker Richard Msowoya welcomes President Mutharika for State Opening of the 47th session of Parliament

Speaker Richard Msowoya welcomes State Vice President Saulos Chilima at Parliament

President Mutharika waves to the parliamentary backbenchers and public gallery

In a statement that ran close to 40 minutes, President Mutharika highlighted progress his government is making in macro economy, food security, energy, democracy and accountability, education and health care among others.

The president reminded the nation that in the past three years, inflation has fallen from 24 per cent to 8.4 per cent as of September 2017. He said his government has reversed the effects of the infamous Cashgate and the restriction of maize export has ensured that the nation remains food secure.

However, he bemoaned the conduct of some political leaders who choose to remain blind to some government achievements by opposing everything.

“There is no point in denying reality because we want to politick for the sake of politicking. Denial of our progress is testimony that this country has people who oppose my government for the sake of opposing.

“This country has politicians who don’t wish Malawians well. They are so much obsessed with scoring cheap political points that they would rather see Malawi failing than prospering,” Mutharika said.

The president, therefore, called for togetherness in sustaining the achievements that government is making in most of the critical sectors of development.

In the statement titled “Rising above macroeconomic stability”, President Mutharika also appreciated the suffering Malawians are going through because of power shortages.

He said government has short and long term solutions to the electricity problem that include installation of grid-connected solar power plants and diesel powered generators as well as rehabilitation of old power plants and construction of new ones like Tedzani VI.

Responding to the president’s statement, Leader of Peoples Party (PP) in the house, Ralph Mhone, said their job as opposition is to scrutinize government’s programmes rather than just opposing for the sake of opposing.

“What we do is to scrutinize government’s programmes and see whether what has been proposed by government is for the benefit of Malawians,” Mhone said.

Leader of opposition and President of Malawi Congress Party Dr. Lazarus Chakwera said the statement overlooked some outstanding issues from previous sittings.

He pointed out issues like reforms of electoral laws, the Political Party Bills and the establishment of National Planning Committee.

“While the President took us into another public lecture on the role of parliament, he left out these outstanding critical issues which government promised to bring in this sitting.

“During the last business meeting last week, they said cabinet is meeting Thursday (9, November) to deliberate on the same. But there is nothing concerning these issues on this sitting,” Chakwera said.


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Failing to run a church, trying to run a country. What a joke?

Joe M

High inflation is one of the reasons for rising of price commodities, but why is it that you have reduced the inflation by three times but the cost of groceries and other necessities keep on rising????? This to me seems theoretical not practical on the ground. Explain to me better Mr. President.

daniel manda

I do agree with this argument….the translation is quite relavant


The economic performance has remained poor. What has changed is the availability of maize. This has pushed the maize price down to around 3 to 4 thousand per bag from 12 to 15 thousand per bag. The government, desperately need something positive to declare that things are changing for the better. Hence the noise. Now the maize export ban has been lifted. It will be exported and we could end looking for maize in February. In such a case inflation rate will bounce to the twenties. They are living in a lie. Only Gondwe knows the truth.

Be Humane

This is what is refered to as a failed state . Muisova a malawi . All along you knew that this guy was a non performer but because of your tribalism tendencies this is what you get. The problems rocking this country emanate from poor leadership . Enjoy mediocrity at its best . Enjoy peter mutharika ‘s horror film and it’s still loading…………. for more stuff..


This President leaves in Lala land , completely out of touch with reality!, he is either clueless, stupid or in total denial!

Nganiza Muthulika

He is neither a politician ord never He has been. What he was a bad lecture. U wanted him because his corrupted brother was a president by given by Muluzi who later regreted. Peter came to Malawi to live luxuous live on poor Malawi suffering. It will be same mustake to have young Muluzi because he is useless. Sons and brothers to presidents is the worste leaders a country can have. Look at North Korea, Syria, Saud, Kenya. DRC. Its family business. Dont care about people only few in their circle


inu munavotela wina ife tinamuvotera timuvotelanso basi


DPP top brass consider carrying out a survey in Chikwawa/Nsanje to assess APM’s popularity in that area.The main purpose of the survey should be to find out who between APM and Chakwera would amass more votes if a presidential election was held today in the lower shire.By what margin would the winner beat his rival ?

Ife tilibe mau ambili but just to give a big welcome to the new reborn child of Amai GWENGWE …… kkk iwe tamvera malangiza awa – panopa uli ngati mwana olowerera unapita kutali komwe ndipo wakumana ndi zobvuta zambili – koma mwa chisomo wa zindikila kuti uyenera kuti ubwere kwanu ndipo makolo ako akulandila bwino zedi. Tsopano ndifuna ndikulangize iwe paja inadya zambili za abwana ako aja omwe anapita ku Joni zaka zitatu zapitazo ndipo dziwa kuti tsiku lina akubwera, eeeeee!!! koma ukumbukile kuti unalinso running mate wawo, now listen if you are still keeping some of her charms please… Read more »

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