Mutharika wants Chaponda back as leader of House: DPP Divided

President Peter Mutharika wants the embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda to be reinstated as Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly despite recommendations by commission of inquiry on Zambia maize procurement saga that he should be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Chaponda: Set to return to House as leader

Chaponda who was this week reinstated as minister by the Supreme Court of Appeal following a suspension by the High Court in Mzuzu over his involvement in the trending maize-gate saga, has been questioned about his role in the whole maize procurement process.

Mutharika’s instituted commission of inquiry led by retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa while confirming Nyasa Times’ earlier reports that money did not exchange hands in the maize deal, has found Chaponda and a privately owned company Transglobe of suspicious corrupt practices on the procurement of the maize from Zambia.

However, Mutharika despite promising to take action on the commission’s findings, he is backing his right-hand man and potential successor to be reinstated as Leader of Government in Parliament, arguing Chaponda is cleared of any wrong doing since the findings revealed that no money exchanged hands.

Mutharika’s decision follows a two-and-half hours meeting he had with some of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) top officials at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Saturday afternoon.

Nyasa Times can reveal that Mutharika met with Goodall Gondwe who is DPP’s vice-president for north, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba vice-president for central, Chaponda who is DPP’s vice-president for south, Bright Msaka, party secretary general, Grizeder Jeffrey as well as administrative secretary, Francis Mphepo among others.

Mutharika’s spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani feigned ignorance of the meeting when contacted, saying “I don’t know anything about that meeting. Since its a party meeting, I can’t comment on that.”

Jeffrey said was attending funeral when contacted, but our sources confirmed that during the caucus that started at 2pm and ended at around 4:30pm, Mutharika vowed to push for Chaponda’s reinstatement despite the issue creating divisions in the party with some of those who were in the meeting opposing it.

“According to the President, honorable Chaponda is cleared by the inquiry because the report doesn’t show anywhere that money exchanged hands.

“We could not fight it but this will further divide the party considering the tension currently the maize issue has generated in the country,” explained our source who attended the meeting.

Mutharika, according to our source, is expected to write the Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya on Monday morning to reinstate Chaponda as Leader of House.

Nyasa Times can confirm that some of the government’s Parliamentarians have since started strategizing on fighting Mutharika’s decision.

“As I am talking to you some MPs have are meeting and have vowed to boycott Parliamentary meetings if the Speaker effects the decision. I just don’t know how the party will react to that but this bad for its image.”

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa has been acting as Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly until Chaponda was cleared on the maize saga.

Parliament is meeting for a mid-year budget review meeting.

Mutharika appointed Msosa to chair the commission of inquiry with Mike Chinoko, the Solicitor General Janet Banda and public auditor Isaac Kayira as part of her team.

The inquiry’s findings are based on the testimony of witnesses interviewed by the Commission both in Malawi and Zambia; the observations of the Commission as it interviewed the witnesses; and on the analysis of the documentation made available to the Commission.

Aside recommending Chaponda and Transglobe’s probing, the commission noted that procedures were flouted, ministry of Justice officials were completely left out whilst Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) officials were reckless in the whole maize procurement process.

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I don’t know why Malawians fail to understand that if at all Chaponda did any wrong doing, it was not him personally but the party must be involved.Do you need a proof on this?

Look here pologoza! Malawians do not vote on principal, otherwise Muluzi would not rule for two terms. And Bingu would not win on UDF ticket in 2004. Malawians vote a person into power just because of certain affliations to him not what you are talking about. Even if the votes on parliamentary level are done tomorrow Chaponda will carry the day on DPP ticket. Be schooled that this maize scandal will effect nothing negative on the DPP and Chaponda. Do you think this scandal even if proved true can make DPP supporters vote for Chakwera? Even if these scandals are… Read more »

I am dismayed by Dausi who was making a lot of noise on TVM that the commission of inquiry has found nothing wrong in the maizegate. Wh does Dausi want to fool???? My advice is you can fool some people sometime but you can not fool all the people all the time. Tionana in 2019.

WHY MR PRESIDENT TRUST A PERSON WHO FAILED MALAWIAN cant”t we say Him is also failed? Can”t we say He wants to let DPP not have even a single vote WHY my loving PRESIDENT Just wishing the best to the people what destroy the GOOD image of MUNTHARIKA”S family as well as DPP AS whole. Can’t we say Chaponda is only a person that feat to be minister ..I had been listening to the views of different people about DPP at first i thought is jerous but now i understand people wishing MR President the best . if i were… Read more »
Papa chalo

Peter, Don’t Worry. In the Bible, leaders of your behaviour were dealt with by God. Just wait for your turn SOON. Much has been said to advise you but you are deaf. You and your team (EVERYONE shielding this corrupt ie spokes persons, lawyers, courts etc) is in people’s prayers to be handled by GOD’s Mighty HAND as He does all time. Your Law education was a waste of time. Don’t play with people’s lives in Jesus name AMEN!!!!!

Papa Chalo
Malawians, what do you make out of the following points. • Chaponda hindered ATI (Information bill) to be tabled • Times Media told to stop querying maize scandal • Msaka warned Civil servants never to release any government information • Chaponda said Commission of inquiry was a waste of time and resources • Mutharika said Commission of inquiry was a waste of time and resources (mmmm, birds of same feathers) • Dausi wondered “Kodi a Chaponda ali pa Tchuti? Ayi poyankha funso lanulo bla bla bla …………….” • Kalirani wondered after Mutharika received a report from Msosa; “Kupumitsa a Chaponda… Read more »

Mphepo, well outlined. If the Prez himself does not take heed to that, then mmm he has a problem. Nzeru zayekha anaviika nsima mmadzi. Vubwa.


Mr Mphepo, you are a tue son of Malawi.Am a true-Dpp member from Thyolo East where the president comes from,but people are not happy with hw the big kahuna is handling this maizegate.If the president fail to fire Dr chaponda,this coming election will be Dpp’s last election

Chakulewa Chakwiya

“The president should listen to people” yes.. he listens thats why he instituted commosdion
of inquiry and results have shown that Chaponda did not pocket even a penny…. You mean APM should listen to pipo who always cook negative stories? No way

chaponda chimanga

this is a very good advice. Thanks for taking your time putting together all these facts. You are truly a patriotic Malawian.

Mr Kent, the work of the president will constitutionally be judged in 2019 during the elections. You can not through your biased writings convince us that APM has failed Malawians. Amayi in all the 24 months was telling us that the DPP have failed Malawians and naturally in a multiparty state some people backed her. But the 2014 elections proved that Malawians were not tired of the DPP as you speculate now. Be it known to you that the Chaponda issue will no way weaken the DPP if this is what you think. If Chaponda falls, which party do you… Read more »

A narrow view by Santana. Its not about who takes the constituency boy. Its about having people with integrity to lead us. As far as I am concern APM is clueless and a thief. Chaponda may only have clue in how to swindle poor Malawians. But in all this the true God keeps his eyes open.

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