Mwenifumbo asks for Chakufwa mausoleum: Malawi govt recognises Karonga central MP as Aford leader

Maverick Karonga central MP Frank Mwenifumbo has frantically pleaded with government to construct a mausoleum for Malawi’s gallant freedom fighter Chakufwa Tom Chihana, saying he is lying in a bush.

Frank Mwenifumbo: Pro-democracy here Chakufwa Chihana needs to be honoured

Mwenifumbo said this in parliament on Wednesday when he contributed on the K1.5 trillion national budget.

“We need to recognise the important role that Chakufwa Chihana played in bringing multiparty democracy. It is sad to see where he is lying (in Mzuzu), it is a bush, not fit for a gallant freedom fighter of Africa,” he said.

He said even a humble mausoleum would be fit for him.

“Even naming a street or road after Chakufwa Chihana would be commendable, he deserves that,” he said.

He also asked the government to recognise the late Levi Mumba for the role he played in the country.

Minister of Civic Education and Culture Grace Chiumia, who recognised Mwenifumbo as leader of Aford, said the government was told not to go ahead with the plans to construct the mausoleum by his son (Enoch).

“The government has money for the construction of the mausoleum, we are ready but the son  (Enock Chihana) stopped us,” she said.

She said the government has also set aside for the construction of Mrs Rose Chibambo mausoleum.

Enoch Chihana an MP for Rumohi central was not in Parliament as he is in South Africa .

He could not be reached for a comment but in an earlier interview, Chihana said the family was against the Mzuzu Council decision to exhume the remains of Chakufwa to another place as the current place where Chihana is lying has been earmarked for other development activities.

Enoch said the Tumbuka culture does not condinr the exhuming of bodies.

Back in parliament, Mwenifumbo told the House that his area does not welcome the reallocation of 30000 refugees to a new refugee camp, Katili.

He said the area is disaster prone and restrive.

“This is counter productive. This project is not welcome,” he said.

He said Rwandese refugees should go back to their home to enjoy fast growing economy in Africa.

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a lot of issues need parliament attention,the first one is flooding of chines business who are flooding in the countryside .These people are snatching small businesses from locals.Mob killings and violence .His area is number one in Malawi,Just within his tenure more than five houses have been burnt even one family of old couple was burnt to ashes on allegation that they become crocs and kill people.even the BBC team was attacked and nearly killed.what will he tell us.Chihana is dead let us perfect our country problems.As population is booming ,expect these problems to grow.if laws are not made more… Read more »
karonga Boy

koma ndi Mkaladi

Truth Shall Free You

If DPP government recognises Mwenifumbo has leader of AFORD, then it means that Mwenifumbo has already sold out to DPP. The man cannot be trusted as leader of AFORD.

President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza
President Mkango Lion Manthakanjenjemereza

Rubbish leaders, we dont need meusoleums, we need real development. On point of order Chihana did not bring multiparty democracy in Malawi. In 1964 Malawi Congress Party competed with other parties like Christian Democratic Party of Chester Kasonga. Two it was the Catholic bishops who challenged Kamuzu, Chihana as an opportunist came after seeing that the weather was calm.

D. Tembo

Indeed those Rwandese refugees should go back home and enjoy their country development. If they would like to invest in Malawi, doors are open in other way than being refugees. The Burundian as well looked the same but Congolese can still be refugees in Malawi because of insecurity and killings in their native country.

Walira Mvula

These are not a priority for Malawi. We have families starving, essential drugs lacking in health centres and looming hunger. Those were local and regional heroes who don’t need national attention. The force of muilti party was natural, no one created it neither did the Tzar of Aford. There are pipo in private and public services that have done great things for Malawi and they dont cry for respect why do little politicians claim honour that they dont deserve. Stop wasting our taxes on the dead that had no impact in our lives

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