Mwenifumbo elected AFORD ‘president’ at dawn

Delegates at the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) chaotic elective convention unanimously elected Karonga Central legislator Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo, as the “president” of the party in a controversial circumstances.

Mwenifumbo: Elected Aford president at dawn as Chihana did not participate in the polls 

Chihana and his wife Tadala escorted to the convention venue

Mwenifumbo was elected at dawn on Wednesday after AFORD incumbent president Enoch Chihana cancelled what he described as the party’s genuine elective conference on Tuesday night following a furious commotion that ensued at the venue, Don Bosco Youth Institute in Lilongwe.

Chihana had justified the cancellation of the indaba, saying he acted in the interest of the safety of the delegates.

Earlier, Chihana, who is also Rumphi Central member of Parliament,  accused his challenger of bringing ineligible delegates, an allegation Mwenifumbo dismissed.

During the polls, party secretary general Christopher Edward Ritchie who fell out of favour with Chihana was returned to his post.

Dan Msowoya, AFORD’s long time publicist, was elected as Publicity Secretary, IbrahimSwanki was elected campaign director while a Gupta was elected party chairman.

At the compilation of this story, Chihana was set to address reporters to react on the development.

Tension had built up ahead of AFORD’s much awaited elective convention earlier on Tuesday with delegates loyal to the two frontrunners arriving at the venue as early as 10 am.

Draped in AFORD’s blue and white regalia, they sang songs that disparaged each other.

They beat drums, sang and danced for their leaders.

A prolonged stalemate over a list of genuine delegates to the convention worsened matters.

The two camps were accusing each other of bringing to the indaba bogus delegates.

The stalemate lasted from about 3 pm till very late with no any hope of resolve despite several impromptu National Executive Council (NEC) meetings and was attended by 34 of its 56 members. The meeting resolved that both sides present their voters’ rolls.

The High Court in Lilongwe ruled that Aford should hold its convention on May 1 and gave powers to the secretary general to vet and read out the list of delegates to vote.

Most of the delegates, tired, complained that they were being taken for granted by their leaders.

In the cold May night, the delegates, especially women lay on the dirty concrete floor to sleep without blankets to cover themselves.


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winston msowoya
BRAVO MALAWIANS!!!!!!!!! I on behalf of Malawians abroad vehemently congratulate you for electing a Malawian Pan-Africanist Mr.Mwenifumbo who will devote his energy in building our dear motherland Malawi and Africa.Now that the problem of leadership elections is over,Mwenifumbo and his followers must throw their weight on rebuilding AFORD and inculcate it with progressive modern notions that will help Malawi build a strong economic foundation for our future generations,oh yes it can be done,play your part.Regrettably,morethan 50 years of nationhood,Malawi still lags behind many African countries.The sad part of it is that,Rwanda is a very small country and it was at… Read more »

Koseku kufuna kuwabera anthu. Is this national party or regional party? Anganyawa phokoso timayesa azichitatu zinthu za nzeru ngati a ku Livingstonia Synod.

Mtumbuka Usatana

ZiaTumbuka zabefu izi. Mxiewww! You are failing to respect and tolerate each other and you think this way you have qualities to rule Malawi? Forget about it ambwenumbwenu inu. Dull tumbukas!


Anthu ache ati opengawo omwe angavotere chipani cha atumbuka a befu ngati ichi?


Utesi palije bodza palibe Mr Mwenefumbo is now the president of Aford koma we expect more from you the shrinkages the party has experienced should turn into a vision for our nation. We hope you’ll lead a detribalised party spreading to all corners of Malawi let the party be in an expansive mold please don’t “karongalise” the party Enoch has been a good boy by displaying tenacity in holding to the party presidency we do expect you to exercise proportion in dealing with one and all Get the party out of the briefcase!!!


shha chipani chakumpoto basi


Anthu osamva za anzao akufunika kuwachotsa mwanjira imeneyi, using the ballot is the best………………….!! Glory be to God, no one can stop time from ticking, we’re still advancing closer to 2019 when these others will be shown the way out……………………………………………………………. mwatikwana kwabasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ngati fungo la pit latrine yodzaza………………………………………….!!

Watematema Mutu

Chipani ulendotu uwu!


I can see all conventions ending like this. No democracy. The sad part is the family connections.
MCP establishment is good but Chakwera is bringing aliens. MCP doesn’t need money to win so don’t bring confusionist. Leave it intact and respect the old members. For Dpp kindly listen to the voice of reason. Listen to the voice of God.


Shaaaa Frank have robbed Enock big time! Why not forming his own party or join other parties.
As for me not happy with this news.

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