Mzomera denies PP coup, clarifies that ‘JB is not fired’

People’s Party (PP) provincial governor for the north Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira has denied to have staged a party leadership coup by deposing founder and its leader Joyce Banda and installing Khumbo Kachali as interim leader, clarifying that Banda “remains legitimate party president.”

Mzomera: JB remains PP leader  and not fired, Khumbo is already a PP member
Mzomera: JB remains PP leader and not fired, Khumbo is already a PP member

Mzomera last week told a rally in Mzuzu that Kachali the interim leader of PP.

He said his statement was sensationalised by the media, citing a headline in the Daily Times which highlighted that PP had fired Banda as “wholly wrong”.

Speaking in interview on Zodiak radio, Mzomera said: “It is not true the way the newspapers are highlighting that Joyce Banda is fired.”

“The legitimate president of Peoples Party is Dr Joyce Banda. Khumbo Kachali is interim leader,” he said.

“Even the laws of Malawi says when the President leaves the country, the vice president becomes acting president,” added Mzomera.

“We want to bring back sanity to the PP so that when Banda returns she should find a strong party. Kachali will lead PP in that direction,” he said.

He denied a leadership coup, saying the media is blowing the matter out of proportion.

“We did not fire Joyce Banda,” stressed Mzomera.

PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola said Kachali has been welcomed back as a vice president not as a replacement to Joyce Banda.

Kachali himself has also said he is not the leader as Banda remains PP president.

The former vice president endorsed President Peter Mutharika during the 2014 general elections when Banda dumped him for Sosten Gwengwe – who has also resigned from PP to rejoin Malawi Congress Party.

According to PP secretary general, the party’s constitution stipulates that the president shall hold office for a period of five years.

Joyce Banda’s mandate runs up to 2017 when her position shall be up for grabs, Matola explained.

Matola, however, said the party would like to express its delight at the return of what he called the estranged VP Kachali who has come back to help the organization grow to greater heights.

Since her party lost the May 20 2013, tripartite elections, Banda has been staying abroad.

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Keen Observer
5 years ago

I think the Secretary General of that Party is missing a point. From what I hear Mzomera is talking of the Acting Leader in the absence of the real Party Leader.

5 years ago

Is Khumbo Kachali welcomed as VP? Why not remaining a MERE member? Mukumunyengelera chiyani? Uyu adachoka mwa MWANO,ndiye INGOMUSIYANI AKHALE MEMBALA CHABE. KODI MUKUMUWOPA CHIYANI KHUMBO? ULEMU KAPENA?

5 years ago

Let JB alone,munamukana kut apitilize kukhala pampando wau President ndiye mukufuna abwele adzidzatani,Peter wakukwanani kale? Simunati munya kumene nonse ama bissiness look at dollar nw ikukwela tsiku ndi tsiku.tiyeninazoni

5 years ago

Mzomera, you’re confunsionis. How come to pick up Kachali as interim president? Anyway I don’t want to waste my time with bulshit unknown party. I want to remind you that pp will never exist and Joyce knows about that. Anyapapi inu

Fitta G Chipeta
Fitta G Chipeta
5 years ago

Dr.JB is a good politician and she knows what she is doing. In Malawi, when one looses in an election nchito yimakhala yomunyoza ndiye amayi akuchita bwino kukana zosambulidwa. Do not listen to what people who hate you say. Mubwera tikudziwa koma pano pumani amayi. Pano ayamba kunena zakakafukufuku ka faki ka cashgate. Most of the people still respect you and remember your fantastic performance in two years. All the best

Hehedeee heeede
Hehedeee heeede
5 years ago

Hilda Mtila Banda is still licking her wounds after being felled by Pitala mbyofo mbyofo.She is really scared to come back to Malawi after losing elections.She always claims to be dishing out some lectures in some foreign lands for almost year and some months.What an unpatriotic person?She will leading her tattered pp party like torn curtains from skype.Koma ndale za pamalawi zafikapo.O Gwengwe ochewa obwerera koochewa onzake.Kodi ndale za pamalawi ndizamasewera?Mavu??Mavu??Mavu??Azungu akuti……Who said this useless slogan?


No wonder Malawi is a failure nation. How can a nation be growing when it has people who dont know what they really want. KK is back in a party he left because of not be allowed to be VP? Do PP think the party is going to grow because of K KK? This party is not a Party without JB. They are people who are greed in this world Malawian poticians are evil greed. So pity that father is a Malawian.

5 years ago

A Ngwira chepetsani kusuta Mzomera.
Zikhoza kusokoneza ubongo.

5 years ago

vomerani a mzomera, mukuopa chidude JB?? kkkkkk. Munthu akukupusitsani azibambo ndevu pepeyaaaaaa kudikila self declared fugitive?? kkkkkk akudyesani Udzu

5 years ago

Jojce Banda where ever she may be has no peace of mind.She may be swimming in a pool of money but she spends sleepless nights thinking about home.Mayi lero muli ku exile.Zimenezo ndiye ndale za pa Malawi.Ukaziputa limba.

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