Mzuzu Fashion Week: All you need to know

The northern Green City of Mzuzu will this summer hold its first ever fashion week, beginning October 14-17.

House of Towera on the road to Mzuzu Fashion Week.
House of Towera on the road to Mzuzu Fashion Week.
Trendy creative base design
Trendy creative base design
MisK is one of the designers to showcase
MisK is one of the designers to showcase
Lilongwe’s Home Grown set to showcase at the Mzuzu Fashion Week
Lilongwe’s Home Grown set to showcase at the Mzuzu Fashion Week
Models showcase designs by Creative Base.
Models showcase designs by Creative Base.

Mzuzu Fashion Week (MzFW) was established after a series of fashion events that have taken place in Mzuzu in 2015.

With the major success of all the events Kwanza PR and Zik Garvey Investments alongside Mzuzu based designers and artisans have come together to bring the MzFW at the bravura Grand Palace Hotel.


Build brand awareness among the public and credibility associated with the fashion industry.

Unearth the talent that we have in the northern region.

Encourage young designers and models to reach their full potential, be it in business, professional and or personal paths.

Create investment opportunities for SME’s in the creative sector and create a “formal business market” for creatives.

Generate PR interaction with celebrities and opinion leaders.


The designers will be showcasing from the following categories in their collections:

Bridal, Evening Wear, Urban/Trend, Office Wear, Beach Wear, Think Pink! in support of Breast Cancer awareness in Malawi.

Mzuzu Designers:

Creative Base Designs – Katoto (Christopher Ngalu)

House of Towera – Chibavi (Towera Mkandawire)

Sozo Wear – Chibanja (Kondwani Phiri)

MisK – Chimaliro (Kylie Uta Brown)

African Print Madness – Hilltop (Elton Mascum)

Tamanda Matiya – (Tamanda Matiya)

Guest Designers:

Tazma Designs – FAME Fashion Week Up and Coming Winner for 2015

Za Clemoh – Lilongwe (Clemoh Sato) FAME Winner 2011

Home Grown – Lilongwe (Debbie & David Chirwa)


There are 16 official Mzuzu Fashion Week models who are undergoing training and development continuously through the next month and will attend a two days training the weekend prior to the event.

The models are also taking part in photo shoots for promotional purposes and model development in the coming weeks, as is evident from all the Mzuzu Fashion Week promos which are available via the facebook page

Socio-Economic Impact of Mzuzu Fashion Week:

Fashion Week is more than a chance to show off clothing, it is a convergence of art, passion and creativity. It is an opportunity for Malawi’s designers to display their talent and vision through fabric.

Internationally, according to a report entitled “The Economic Impact Of The Fashion Industry”, fashion is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry. It creates thousands of jobs a year and generates notable revenue.

In New York City alone (considered the Fashion Capital of the World), the industry pays more than 11 billion USD in wages and generates about 2 billion USD in revenue annually. In addition to creating jobs and merchandise, the city attracts more numerous tourists to the city every year for fashion shows, fairs and events.

Mzuzu Fashion Week would therefore like to establish Mzuzu as Malawi’s leading Fashion hub that will grow to be recognized internationally. Such a status would draw tourists and investors into Malawi’s fastest growing city, thereby providing employment and revenue.


Early Bird Tickets –Available from 16th September to 30th September (4 Days) MK 16,000
Wednesday/Thursday MK 8,000
Mother’s Day MK 4,000
Dinner Gala MK 8,000
Ticket Outlets: Grand Palace Hotel
Voice of Livingstonia
Judy Fashions
Northside Glam

 Think Pink!

Women and girls are a strong pillar in every society. By educating them on breast health issues, a wider circle of the community becomes knowledgeable. The Breast Cancer problem in Malawi needs to be assertively attended to in order to reduce the mortality rate of women. Valuable lives of women of the reproductive age who may possibly have aided in developing Malawi are being lost needlessly due to lack of awareness of the disease.

Therefore, #ThinkPinkMW aims to reduce the number of deaths from Breast Cancer by raising awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer which can save lives and to advocate for complete treatment for breast cancer in Malawi.

The MzFW team and its designers have as this year’s corporate social responsibility initiative chosen to support Think Pink! During Thursdays show (Mother’s Day) there will be a Think Pink! Segment of the show where all the designers will showcase 1 pink piece. All the pieces will go up for auction and all the proceeds donated to Think Pink Malawi!


“What better way to celebrate fashion in Malawi than by participating in the first ever Mzuzu Fashion Week with other talented local designers and spreading the love for fashion” Kylie Uta Brown (MisK)

“The Base is bringing to the table that everyday trendy plus tribal African style, something that is not too traditional but also not too westernized so come through and see what Creative Base is all about during Fashion Week” Christopher Ngalu (Creative Base Designs)

“African Print Madness (APM) is all about classic trends and fabrics. I am so passionate about clothes I love fashion even both my grandfather and mother were designers so I guess fashion runs in the family. Check out how we keep it trendy yet classic at APM!” Elton Mascum (African Print Madness -APM)

“We at Northside Glam Hair & Beauty Salon are happy to be a part of this historical event. We promise to bring you absolute excellence as fashion takes a huge turn not only in Mzuzu but the whole of Malawi. You definitely want to be a part of this event.” Towela Singini (Northside Glam Hair & Beauty Salon)

Final Note from the Mzuzu Fashion Week Team:

Additionally, more than simply providing a platform for local designers to promote their products, the event hopes to inspire a new generation of fashion designers and entrepreneurs. These individuals could then use their skills to create jobs as well as products that may be exported, thereby generating revenue for the nation. The event also aims to raise the standard of quality in Malawi’s fashion industry.

It will serve as a place where stakeholders can network, compete and learn from one another. This would thereby lead to a greater demand for Malawian clothing and thereby boost the nation’s economic standing. Mzuzu Fashion Week would like to ask for the support of the government, the private sector and Malawi as a whole as MzFW has the potential to be a major contributor to Malawi’s socio-economic growth.

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just me
just me
6 years ago

The pictures are fantastic, keep it up

6 years ago

That is what Malawi need. Let us support the youth. For Malawi to grow we need ambitious & creative youth like these ones.

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6 years ago

Eish!Too much to read,lost interest.

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