Ntata explains cancellation of public lecture: Sabotage

At 4:30 pm, we arrived at Victoria Hotel to make all the preparations for the lecture. Every thing was ready up until around 5pm. Then the hotel told us that we had to cancel because of load shedding. I responded that load shedding was not a problem because one can always negotiate with ESCOM to turn the power back on where there is an event going on.

 Z. Allan Ntata:  Sabotage

Z. Allan Ntata: Sabotage

After hearing this, the hotel changed tunes and told us that it was in fact not load shedding but an electrical fault that had put the whole hotel in a blackout. We asked about the backup generator, we were told the Genset wasn’t working. We asked about standby electricians that normally every hotel employs to address such emergencies. We were told that the hotel electrician had gone to Mangochi and his phone was off.

We asked to bring our own genset. We were told that that is not allowed. We asked to bring our own electricians to work on the electrical fault, and we were told that that was not allowed either.
We even suggested using a car battery to power our equipment and a few lighting devices so that the lecture could go ahead.

That was when we were told that the order had come from the chairman that since there was no power at the hotel, the lecture should be cancelled and no alternative powering methods should be explored.

As soon as we left the premises, I passed by the hotel again an hour later and the Power was back on. An employee of the hotel has confided to me that there was no electrical fault. He said the chairman of the hotel, MR Gani, called the Events and Conference manager of the hotel and shouted at her, instructing her to ensure that the lecture didn’t go ahead at the hotel and he would pay any compensation and damages incurred afterwards. The informant also told me that it was the order of the Chairman to turn off the power at the hotel and use that as the reason for canceling the event.

We remain undaunted, however, and we will soon announce a new venue and date. There’s no power like the power of an idea whose time has come. And the time has come to end corruption and impunity in this country. How many public lectures and private citizen initiatives are they going to sabotage and block?

To the 200 or so people that showed their support and came to attend the lecture, we apologize and thank you for showing your solidarity and patriotism. We can assure you that these primitively savage methods to deter us will only encourage us to keep going.

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foul play….the attrocities of the incumbent reign worry not bwana ntata….tym is coming for somebody to confess


died or live dont scare this man he knows what is right or bad he is big enough


Just join politics and face it head on!!!! we know how corrupted you are.

masa masina

May be he is the only courageous one among us who can hold the bull by its hones. Ntata is testing the character of our president and soon we will learn what APM is made of.
I am also sure that the president knows that Ntata is not a lone foot soldier. There are some other big powers behind him, These are the moments when APM has to act with caution.

wobeba wanga

stupid mtata. APM Boma basi up to 2019.


Weldone Mtata keep it up as for Gani we know thats where he gets his food he will find all plates dry.These bootlickers are ones drawing back our country by scaring you but i know you ve been there than all of us


“The hotel told us ” is this English from Ntata?


Ntata, it really shows that you are confused after being rebuffed by prof to be part and parcel of DPP. Does it need me to remind people that you were chased by the president after you tried to meet him thru back door and that unauthorized entry in Tunthama state house cost the job of security officer on duty. Everything you are doing will never succeed better find something to do. The president will get tired of you and he’s also a human being,he will react one day. It’s up to you to take it or leave it.

I pray that God should keep you long under his divine security and Protection, your such bold person that the nation is looking at, however we don’t fight with BIG fish, Brother Mtata let God speak on your behalf, what your doing is full of excellent but You need God to cover you in every seconds. Mtata let God guild and direct you in each and every day, May Lord Jesus stand for you, if you not corrupted by any opposition party or donor, I request Brother Mtata, if you have stand on truth, pray everytime God to protect and… Read more »
Ntata do you have people behind you ? Learn from the Undules in mass mob,ization. To me you seem a loner. Be careful Malawians will cheat you ..they are never honesty..they will say keep it up but when it comes to things hotting up they disappear… Undule fought the hardest battle and man . He would have been dead by now from unknown sickness but thanks to GOD who saved him and now is a believer. Ask Rafiq Hajat with his heart attack. Seek GOD first to hear what he is saying . Without GODs voice you are fighting a… Read more »

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