Mzuzu youth hold protests: Petitions Malawi President Mutharika

Business was stand still in Mzuzu on Monday morning when the group of youth launched peaceful protests against President Peter Mutharika’s government, defying heavy police presence in the city centre.

Mzuzu youth takes to the steets in anti-government protests

Mzuzu youth takes to the steets in anti-government protests

Handing over the petition

Handing over the petition

The youth staged the demonstration demanding the DPP led government to come up with drastic measures to solve the food shortage and economic crisis that has rocked the country.

The demonstrations started at Katoto Secondary school grounds and they moved to Nkhata-bay road to Mzuzu city council where a petition was delivered.

Speaking before handing over the petition to the chief executive officer for Mzuzu City Assembly, Andrew Longwe who was secretary of the events told the marchers that as the youth it is high time that government should do something  to address the economic meltdown that is also making more youth to be jobless.

The youth delivered the petition to Mzuzu chief executive officer Macloud Kadamanja entitled, “the worsening economic hardships, food shortage and the suffering of Malawians.”

The youth have given government an ultimatum of 21 days to act and 7 days to respond in writing the demands carried in the petition.

They warned government to brace for more mass demonstrations if there will no action to their demands.

“Demonstrations are going to increase in all parts of the country, and with greater intensity, until Mutharika takes action to address our concerns,” said the petitioners.

“We want our leaders to take the country out of its economic crisis or else they should resign and allow competent people take over,”

“This is the beginning of bigger demos to come. The police and security should not treat us with heavy-handedness because we are hungry and angry,” Frank Kaunda one of the youth protesting said.

This follows demands by opposition to have President Peter Mutharika to resign peacefully within 90 days.

Mutharika said on Saturday that his administration was in control of the food crisis ravaging the poor southern African nation.

The President said several measures have been put in place to check the crisis, adding: “The government is in full control”.

He, however, disputed media reports that people have already started to starve to death.

Mutharika said he will give a national address on the food situation

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Which youth. You only choose the elite and you say youth for mzuzu…… That’s why you were only a handle full at your demo…… Your a disgrace to the youth. Change your name don’t entangle us in your own useless agendas………… We need people who are selfless not you. Until then you will always stand Alone

Elijah Kumwenda

We are all one Malawians,guys let’s stop this nonsense Words,kusankhana mitundu. This is the most issue that put most of the country’s down in our continent(Africa) . Let’s not be like one of them. North, central and South stand together and do demo at the same time not only one part.we all suffering same problem (Hunger,enconomy crisis,job crisis etc.I am Malawian you are Malawian together we can change our country.


u think u pple from north you are smart.

Malawi need federal type of government otherwise with this system of government no change can happen. In the north people are so civilized that they follow up issues of the government even in the remotest village. If all the region could have been like the north Malawi could be far in these 50 years that have gone. Look at Karonga people what they to the miners: Those fall ups are good and by doing that people will respect you and will be afraid to steal from you. The youth it is your time to change Malawi for the better. BUT… Read more »

Its not one man that will erase Malawi problems, but it is us all. In God we trust


in God we trust


so southerners are smarter at eating gaga? in my region north gaga is given to pigs, tell there is only one region which is currently eating gaga in malawi and tht region is southern region if that is what u call smartness then hahahahahah teribble southerners are in love with eating gaga meant for pigs


# 26 You are a disgrace. shut up if you feel you have nothing to contribute.


Madeya ndi zomera za poison zikudyibwa pano ndi anthu akummwera kkkkkkk!!! Njala yamtundu wanji mwayamba kale kufa nayo yet muli phwiiiii tulo poti ali pampando ngwakwathu hahahaha!!! Kuswana kuchepa chaka chake nchino alomwe nanga mutota bwanji ndi njala yake imeneyo? When it comes to change, northern region is always on driving seat!!!! The brave ones from the north!!!!!. Does it have to take northerners to fight your battles? Oh oh oh shame on these ngurus!


Ine ndi muyao weni weni koma atumbuka ndimakupasani ulemu

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