Nankhumwa dates DPP grassroots leaders in Lhomwe belt to boost Mutharika campaign

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president (responsible for the South) Kondwani Nankhumwa has said Providing proper opportunities for party leaders at the district, constituency and area levels  to engage in planning and strategy formulation contributes to strengthening internal party democratic processes.

Nankhumwa: President Mutharika will win again
Mphepo: Attended the meeting
Nankhumwa drums up APM support ahead of polls
DPP grassroot leaders in planning and strategy formulation
Nnakhumwa flanked by Mphepo addressed the DPP leaders
Nankhumwa meets DPP grassroots leaders in MulanjeJ, Phalombe

“I strongly believe that building confidence in the top party leadership will depend on the willingness of the top leadership to be responsive to DPP grassroots leaders’ concerns and aspirations,” Nankhumwa told reporters on Monday, May 11, 2020 after he held two separate meetings with DPP MPs, district, constituency and area committee members in Mulanje and Phalombe – the ‘Lhomwe belt’.

He was accompanied by DPP senior regional committee members including Directors of Women and Youth, Bertha Nachuma and Yona Mlotha, respectively, and Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, Francis Mphepo.

Nankhumwa said the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Constitutional Court to nullify the May 21, 2019 presidential election, meaning there will indeed be fresh elections on July 2.

“I met the grassroots leaders and MPs to bang heads and see how best we can carry out our campaign.

“I emphasized to them that we still maintain that His Excellency President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika never lost the last election. We believe we won the election hands down but since the DPP and UDF alliance is a democratic alliance and that we believe in the ruler of law, we will abide by what the courts say and we have accepted to participate in this election because we want them to know that we won and that we will win again,” said Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

He said after hearing the various contributions and concerns, “which I will be presenting to President Mutharika for action”, he took time to encourage the leaders to ensure that registered voters in the previous election must go to verify their names and also to get new voter IDs if them.

“I informed them that it is important to vote for President Mutharika in the coming fresh election because he has proved to be the only mature leader in the country worth the mantle of the presidency.

“President Mutharika has always been the symbol of cohesion; stability and development in this country and is always cool and calm and even under very strenuous circumstances or one who never retaliates even when deliberately provoked.

“The MCP/UTM alliance has shown that it is not fit to rule this country because of their impatient conduct. They want power at all costs and have shown that they can do anything just to get power, including violence and underhand tactics.  They are at the centre of promoting violence and regionalism in this country.

“Just after elections last year, MCP was at the centre of the most nepotistic attacks that this country has seen in recent times when they attacked DPP supporters and chased them from the Centre because of the perception that the party is for Lhomwes and from the Southern Region, when it is actually a national party with national representation,” said the VP.

Nankhumwa also briefed the leaders on the decision by President Mutharika to pick United Democratic Front (UDF)  leader Atupele Muluzi as his running-mate in the forthcoming election, saying it is something that Malawians, particularly the youths, ought to welcome and embrace.

“It is a telling indication of the confidence that President Mutharika has in the abilit of youths of this country to deliver at the leadership stage,” he said.

Atupele, 41-years-old Minister of Energy, is on whistle stop campaign tour country wide.

On Monday on his way to Blantyre from Lilongwe, Atupele called on DPP-UDF supporters to remain calm even if provoked, emphasising that they must always remain peaceful.

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9 months ago

APM a mature leader and is promoting national cohesion? Eish….where is maturity when one is still maintaining to have won a clean election despite the constitutional court ruling otherwise?
Where is the maturity when the grounds of appeal were labelled “embarrassing and provocative?”
National cohesion to DPP means almost 75% of the cabinet portfolios and senior government posts are given to Lhomwes!
National party? Lhomwes claim that DPP is their party especially after elections but before elections the party belongs to all Malawians!
Summary…mwauponda chakachino we all know how regionalistic and nepotistic DPP is.

9 months ago

Nankhumwa, this is a very big mistake you are doing, you are telling your old men and women that their children were chased from Central by Chakwera? Are these old men and women have their children at home? Do you think you can fool them again? They know where their children are and what they are doing, your tongue will catch you soon. I thought you are smart. Just accept that you lost Election, don’t say you have accepted the court ruling because you respect the laws in Malawi. Idiot, chimimba ngati Manda.

9 months ago


Kalulu Wadwala
9 months ago

He is lying. A bitter person. He had all the hope to be the next leader. Now the party has been sold to udf. Just resign and start farming

King kunta
King kunta
9 months ago

its Going down.the damage is already done.

Wiske Yoyu
Wiske Yoyu
9 months ago

Akuti vote for APM because is patient and does not reiteriate when provoked. PAMENE ena akuti vote for CHAKWERA because he will provide loans for the youth, cheap subsidised fertilizer etc KOMA WALOZA CAMP YA ADAD NDI MFITIDI.

Vilhomwe Ndivimbuli
9 months ago

Nankhumwa, njoka iwe, we Lhomwez are tired of APM, inu mkjdya ndalama, makolo athu akufa ndi njala, tikumane pa 2 July, Not all Lhomwez support APM and DPP, Asaah

Malawi belong to the citizens

Nankumwa bodza, Munthalika is 80yrs now.What do you want him to do, to keep sleeping at work.Tatopa ndi DPP and UDF,Mwatipusisa kokwanira,the grass root people you are talking are also tired of poverty and DPP.Lomwe belt yikuwonetsani nyekhwe ndithu.Umphawi uzikhala ngati tinayesa kupempha.Dpp and UDF has failed to prosper the country.02 July,you will pack up ndithu,wochenjera ayamba kale kupakira katundu wawo.In Africa we don’t people to keep voting for an 80 yrs old people for what?Adzayese kuyenda ndimabondo munthu Kut mudzaziwe Kut wakalamba.

9 months ago

He is not campaigning for APM. APM is already 80 years old. He is actually campaign for Atupele Muluzi. God is making them pay back what Bakili did for them. Hell starts on earth.

9 months ago
Reply to  Kandulu

For sure 👍👌😊 DPP Mutharika is campaigning for the young muluzi paying back to where it came from

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