Nankhumwa says ‘George Malemia’ part of his name: Academic certificates mudslinging work of detractors

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for the southern region and Leader of Opposition (LoP) in parliament on Saturday said that he believes the tumult around his academic qualifications are schemes perpetrated by his political rivals.

Nankhumwa: Kondwani George Malemia Nankhumwa is the name that exists on my paper
Nankhumwa said through an exclusive interview on Times Television,  monitored by Nyasa Times,  that he was surprised that the issue that he has fake papers keeps cropping up.

During the interview,  Nankhumwa paraded his Malawi School Certificate of Education which bears the name KONDWANI GEORGE MALEMIA NANKHUMWA.

“That is the name that exists on my papers. You can cross-check with institutions and the people I went to school with,” challenged Nankhumwa.
Controversial switch of names
During the interview,  Nankhumwa dwelt more on his achievements after his primary education and host,  Wonder Msiska,  did not delve more on asking him why the issue that he used his cousin’s certificate to enter secondary education.
According to Nankhumwa,  his first attempt at the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education was not good enough that he be selected to secondary school so he thought of trying his luck again.
“Luckily enough there was my aunt (nee Malemia) who was a nurse in Mayani in Dedza who invited me over so that I could re-sit my exams there which I did and I was successfully selected to Mayani Secondary School,” he said.
He mentioned that during his stay at Mayani he held a number of responsibilities including that of Headboy.
“I then attained certificates in mass communication from Blantyre Business College and later a Bachelors degree after that. I enrolled with the Africa University of Guidance and Counselling where I am a graduate of Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations, ” he said.
Nankhumwa further said he is currently pursuing a three-year PhD course online in which he is expected to finish next year.
“Expect to call or refer to me as Doctor next year,” he said.
DPP presidency,  Leader of Opposition
Nankhumwa,  responding calmly on whether he was being attacked left and right because of his ambitions for the DPP presidency said he did not have such.
“I do not have plans. May be when the time comes I will make my mind known,” he said.
According to him,  he is a loyal DPP member who will die serving the party.
Unlike speculation on social media,  Nankhumwa said his appointment as LoP has the blessings of DPP president Peter Mutharika.
“Yes. There were problems,  but the issue was sorted out and President Mutharika approved that I continue as leader of opposition,” he said.

Nankhumwa said he is aware of the people behind the squabbles in the party but said he will not disclose their names.

“I know the people but I will not mention them. I have not made up my mind on the party’s presidency,” he said.

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1 month ago

The schools that this guy went to are also suspect

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Mbuli iyi musatisowetse nayo mtendere. Munthu wa sate seveni (37) points angapange PhD. Let him do this at Chancellor College or Bunda College. By just looking at his MSCE he would not be accepted. Mpake a DPP are bitter. There are well educated people like Joseph Mathyola, Bright Msaka, Ntaba, Chaponda, etc who can maybe resuscitate the dead progressive party.

1 month ago

This idiot has a similar story and situation to that which happened to now Presidential Advisor Lucious Banda faking educational qualification. Arrest him now

1 month ago

politics aside, you can’t have kondwani George Malemia Nankhumwa as one name on a certificate.
something is wrong.
And why using nee name of your mum?
zikuoneka ngati std 8 munaba certificate ya mwini, nkuphatikiza mayinawo ndi anu kuti zizioneka normal.
God should judge you.

Ana a Dadi
Ana a Dadi
1 month ago

Kondwani Nankhumwa May be a good person at heart but he is not presidential material, he does not inspire and to be honest I don’t see any presidential material in the DPP top brass……..we are in trouble in DPP

1 month ago

Ma sukulu anapita abwanawa, mavuto ndithu

Last edited 1 month ago by Kabwande
1 month ago

This guy is fake. Several names on a school certificate sound suspicious and speak volumes of his character. Does he know what and how long it takes to complete a real PhD from a reputable University? A PhD takes a minimum of 5 years to complete and you have to do a thorough research project in the field while gathering all the data and information to complete a dissertation. Nankhumwa is talking about 3 years. I think there is need to stop diploma mill colleges from offering academic qualifications because that betrays quality of education. Politicians think there are shortcuts… Read more »

Wiseman Chitenje
Wiseman Chitenje
1 month ago

Call me old fashioned but Politicians
are supposed to inspiring with how they talk, charisma and achievements. What
is the story with this Kondwani  Nankhumwa  guy?  In
2009 he was a below average journalist and now a billionaire, what’s his story?
What else has he done apart from stealing from government and gossip to his way

Jonny Kadzuwa
Jonny Kadzuwa
1 month ago

Kaya zanu izo ife mutiuza milandu
ya certificate ya CHISALE NDI NANKHUMWA ikayamba

GC Kalepa
GC Kalepa
1 month ago

Andale olephera amakonda mabodza

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