Nankhumwa spearheads Lhomwe expansion in Yao territory

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development , Kondwani Nankhumwa  has fuelled the the reported  expansion drive of the Lhomwe ethnic grouping by bulldozing Traditional Authorities Chamba and Mlomba of Machinga who refused  to cede part of their territories, and pressed Yao Paramount Chief Kawinga where he has elevated group village heads Nyumwanyumwa and Saidi Mataka of Machinga to Sub Traditional Authority (STA) respectively – all Lhomwe chiefs.

Lhomwe expansion drive: Minister Nankhumwa elevating Makata in Machinga

The elevation of the two chiefs means that Machinga has four STAs, 10 Traditional Authorities (TAs), three Senior Chiefs and one Paramount Chief.

Nankhumwa said Paramount Chief Kawinga did not oppose the elevation of the two  Lhomwe chiefs under the jurisdiction of Yao Traditional Authorities and said

government would continue its programme of promoting chiefs that are hard working.


According to the Chiefs Act, the powers to elevate Group Village Head (GVH) into a Sub TA rests in the hands of the responsible Traditional Authorities .

Recently, Mlomba accused Lhomwe Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa, who is working with Nankhumwa in the Lhomwe expansion drive,  of wanting to disrupt the coexistence that has been there between the Yao and Lhomwe tribes and interfering in the affairs of Yao people.

Herefused to bow down to the demands by Ngolongoliwa and the Ministry of Local Government to lose part of his area to somebody who originally is not from the Yao tribe.

“All along Yaos and Lhomwes have been living in harmony. But now they want to create enemity between us through dubious elevation of some chiefs into traditional authorities. We will not bow down to this because we know this is political,” Mlomba said as quoted by Malawi News  recently when they exclusively reported the issue first.

Mlomba and Chamba, revealed that they were surprised to see government officials comprising the Principal Secretary for Local Government Kiswell Dakamau, Director for Chiefs Administration Charles Thombozi, and District Commissioner for Machinga Bester Mandele forcing them to sign letters which were approving the appointment of the two GHVs as STAs.

The two chiefs said they refused to sign the letters.

But Nankhumwa, powerful Minister in Democrcatic Progressive Party (DPP) administration,  went ahead to elevate the chiefs and warned other Yao chiefs that they risk being removed if they don’t showdedication towards development work.

He also warned Chiefs against corrupt practices.

“My Ministry has noted with deep concern that some traditional leaders are involved in corrupt acts when registering beneficiaries for the public works programmes. For example, they are putting names of their relatives as beneficiaries, leaving out the vulnerable that the programme targets,” he observed.

Nankhumwa warned that once such chiefs are found they would be removed from the chieftaincy and replaced with the guidance of the Chief’s Act.

The Paramount Chief advised the newly promoted chiefs to respect their subjects and work with all chiefs under his jurisdiction regardless of their tribal backgrounds saying this would ensure sustainable development in the district.

Last year, Government promoted Senior Chief Kawinga to Paramount Chief and Traditional Authority Chamba to Senior Chief respectively.

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for once can someone teaches me the meaning of a tribe and how it works in a democratic country. To me a tribe is just an illusion or “imaginary coat” that makes you different from someone you don’t share some cultural beliefs or something to that effect. However if we are to live as Malawians, i believe its simply looking at some one as a Malawian other than as a Lhomwe or a Yao. If everybody would want to make his tribe look more superior than others, imagine what chaos will we create in our already pathetic “Nyasaland”? Sometimes its… Read more »
Mphepo Zinai

This is a sad day for Malawi. Why going about promiting tribal expansion. You are sowing seeds for hatred and discord.

Malawians are now mixed and only the stupid are proud if tribalism


Trying to discredit the govt at any cost even if it promotes tribalism. Shame on you unpatriotic Nyasatimes.


Don’t be surprised when you see Lhomwes siding/voting a fellow Lhomwe. Chipongwe ngati nyansi mwalembazi infuriates those of us belonging to the tribe. And the only way we can fight back to show all and sundry that we have a voice is through the ballot. Hate us at your own peril. Tisamakhale anthu nthawi ya mavoti yokha a Chilunga ndi anzanu thenafter you call us dogs!!!!!!!!!


I wish Chilunga was lying but you people are really dogs. I am happy i wasn’t born a lomwe. You and tumbukas are a bloody cursed groupings. Tumbukas can’t agree on anything. Always fighting. Lomwes agree on wrongs things only with their Prince of thieves.

Prince of shitholes
george chaponda was another shithole. Nankhumwa is worse than Chaponda. He is a worse shithole. The biggest shithole is Muthalika himeself. Why should they take Malawi backwards by promoting tribalism. Most of us live in towns and have never known even our villages and thismeans that there is a shift. We are much more civilized but these shithole dpp politicians want to divide us along tribal lines. The jobs are shared between Lomwes. Come on Malawians.We have to fight these people and shame them in 2019. Malawi does not belong to a few stupid people. I have never heard them… Read more »

Za chamba zenizeni anthu aku Mpanyira inu

Mr Chilunga, your article is not balanced. Firstly take note that Nankhumwa is Local Government Minister, meaning that with consultation with HE he can elevate Chiefs. Tell us how possible Lomwe GVH are in the YAO area. If TA Chamba and TA Mlomba accepted Lomwe Chiefs to be in Yao area then there is no problem here.Should they not be promoted because they are Lomwe in Yao area? Any government check with your records always promote chiefs who are loyal to it. If the two TAs are not loyal to the current government dont think that it will seat without… Read more »

DPP will be responsible for any bloodshed. Due to ethnic conflicts. Is hard working the only criteria for promoting Lomwe chiefs. Even Ngologoliwa is not worth to be Paramount.

The problem with our poor reporters is that they can be twisted around by politicians. They write anything which they deem can appease their masters. The writer has seen to it that the combination of Atupele and Mutharika has resulted into pulling together of the Yaos and Lhomwes. And this togetherness is politically deadly to the opposition MCP. They can write anything just to separate this togetherness. MCP knows that it cannot penetrate in the Yao areas even if they use Sidik Mia. So they think the only way for them to have a political relief is to let UDF… Read more »

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