No foul-mouthing at UTM rally: Chilima focuses on Malawi reconstruction agenda

Various speakers at UTM  Party rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre on Sunday focussed their speeches on various issues affecting the country and how the party is geared to address the challenges, unlike a similar rally by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) a week ago at the same venue that was dominated by obsence and inflammatory language against the opposition and human rights activists.

Chilima with UTM’s Lucius Banda at Njamba
Part of the crowds at Njamba during UTM rally

DPP has since come under heavy critism from the public and various sections of the society, including the donor community, for the foul language at their rally on March 8, 2020 for escalating the political tension in the country.

However, during the UTM rally on Sunday, most speeches centred on national building, current woes affecting the country and plans that the party has put in place to address the sad state of affairs of the counytry.

Some of the people who spoke at the rally included UTM regional governor for the South Steve Mikaya, executive  member George Saonda, secretary general Patricia Kaliati, party patron Noel Masangwi and vice-president Michael Usi.

Mikaya said time is gone for family politics, in refrence to DPP/UDF partnership as the two party’s leadership runs in the blood.

He also said when people are tired and want change they stop fearing the gun.

On her part,  Kaliati said DPP time is up and they should start packing saying the UTM/MCP alliance is set to take over government through the credible vote in fresh elections.

Kaliati also said the alliance government will restore the professionalism of the Malawi Police Service and flash out all DPP cadets who were recruited dubiosuly into the service.

She said the DPP cadets have compromised the integrity and professionalism of the Police.

In his speech, Chilima warned Malawians to take the Coronavirus that is spreading across the globe seriously and take heed of preventive advice being given by health officials and doctors.

“Although the Conoravirus pandemic is not yet in Malawi we need to take it seriously.  Prevention is better than cure so let us listen to what health officials are advising us,” he said.

He urged Malawians to suspend hand shakes and employ other means of greeting each other to prevent catching the virus or spreading it, an advice also shared by Masangwi ealier.

Chilima advised President PeterMutharika  there is acute hunger in most parts of the country and urged him to move swiftly to help Malawians than using millions of money to hire foreign lawyers when his people are suffering.

“I know that you are watching this rally Mr President. I’m here to convince you with the fact that this country is starving. Millions face hunger, including in areas of Thyolo, Mulanje, Phalombe. It could have been wise of us as a country to ensure no-one dies of hunger than spending the much scarce resources on useless legal battles,” said Chilima.

Chilima said the  K600 million given to the South African lawyers could have make a difference in the country’s public health system.

“Our major referral hospitals lack basic resources like beds and essential drugs and the issue need urgent attention by government,” he said.

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Zio ine
Zio ine
8 months ago

Take note of what nnesa said..The same way they bewitched Bingu they want to bewitch APM

8 months ago

It’s very sad that DPP leaders, including APM himself, derive alot of satisfaction and pleasure when its thugs talk foul language against political opponents and foolishly believe this makes the party more popular and stronger. Unfortunately it does the opposite. You can even see APM smirking when such language is being spoken. Further, the foul language used clearly shows the sad upbringing of the speakers.

Sadly, any member trying to bring sanity into the party is looked at as an enemy. It’s this attitude which has slowly and surely damaged DPP.

8 months ago

I know that u r watching this rally Mr President

8 months ago
Reply to  Gee

Just imagine…kkkkkkk

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
8 months ago
Reply to  Gee

Must have been uncomfortable seeing that mammoth crowd and mature speeches being delivered. I bet he went like “patseni madzi nsakomoke ine” kikikikiiiiiiii

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