No individual has monopoly to lead Malawi: DPP should know better

As every Malawian knows, the fight for democracy in 1992/93 was to have freedom, including freedom of choice by having multiparty democracy. As it were, in a multiparty political system people are free to participate in the affairs of their country and this includes being President of Malawi.

Jeffrey says North Malawi should forget having a Head of State

Even the Malawi Constitution allows this and does not say only people from a particular tribe, district or region have the monopoly to lead the country. But the most important thing is for the leader to show why he wants to lead. It is unfortunate that most leaders in this country come in to fulfill their own personal agendas and leave the people to struggle.

Having said the above, it comes as a total surprise to hear some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials tell their audiences at political meetings that it is only a DPP-led government which can bring development to the Northern Region. Such statements are totally misleading, to say the least.

DPP should know better that before it came into power there were other governments which brought in a lot of development. For example, the development by the one-party rule under Dr. Kamuzu Banda cannot be compared to any other government both in size and quality. In fact, politicians should know better that any worthwhile government should have a national development plan for the whole country which must not be tribalistic or regionalistic. Therefore, the question of people looking for a particular party to bring development in their areas does not arise.

Recently, Honourable Jappie Mhango, Minister of Transport and Public Works, who is also legislator for Rumphi North, addressed a meeting in his constituency where he was alleged to have said that only DPP-led government can bring development to Rumphi and not Aford under Honourable Enock Chihana.

With all due respect, political leaders who divert into such trivia show that they have run out of ideas and have nothing to tell people, especially when the so-called development is nowhere to be seen. The minister should have known better that former Aford president Chakufwa Chihana was in the forefront during the fight for democracy that Malawians are enjoying now. This was when DPP was nonexistent.

Meanwhile, it looks as if it is DPP policy to think that they have a monopoly of leading Malawi and, therefore, have to underrate other parties and their leaders. This is obviously not right in a multiparty system which gives people alternative governments by any party from any part of Malawi. It cannot be said enough that perceptions of some DPP leaders can be very divisive and create instability in the country.

What comes to mind is what Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, who is DPP secretary general was alleged to have said at a political meeting in Karonga recently. She was quoted as saying that no State President will ever come from the Northern Region and that northerners’ job will remain to be handclapping and cheering for Presidents from Central and Southern regions. Any sensible person knows that there are some things in life which are better not said. What Jeffrey wa Jeffrey said is one of them and if not checked and corrected could easily bring chaos.

DPP, as a party in power, and its leaders must be exemplary and totally refrain from thinking that they have been appointed to rule forever. They must find a better way of wooing supporters instead of wasting time downgrading their perceived opponents. Above all, the DPP-led government should not think that it has monopoly over Malawians.

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7 thoughts on “No individual has monopoly to lead Malawi: DPP should know better”

  1. Byron says:

    We have individuals such as Santana, Jappie, Jeffrey WA Jeffrey, to name just a few, who have a common denominator;they all have a hollow brain but with plenty of ego. They think like Adolf Hitler. They truly resemble the German vanquisher of the Jewish race because they don’t have love for other people and tribes.

    The characters named above can also be described as having the heart of merciless crocodiles of the Australian outback. It is not ironic to characterize them as delusional and pugnacious, and it is befitting to label them as dangerous to both the Malawian democracy and tribal co-existence or unity.

    In DPP terms, choosing a president is about numbers and not necessarily the right candidate with the right vision for the whole country. If you are a northerner, no chance, really? According to Santana or Jappie or Jeffrey, a northerner is half-Malawian, and in Mathematical equation, northerner<southerner =0 presidential prospect.

    The level of thinking from our DPP bothers and sisters is beyond comprehension. They are sowing seeds of hatred and confrontation in long term. It is such thinking about voting based on numbers why our country I s like in a state of begging for mercy . Wrong leaders have been elected during the 23 years of DEMOCRACY. Evil has prevailed more during these democratic years than the dark years of Dr Banda's rule. In fact, Kamuzu Banda had the welfare of the common man at heart judging his strong emphasis on food security and housing and not forgetting national security.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Emily,just keep cool,nothing sensible you can hear from this misguided and heinous rogue who doesn’t know how the world works.Satana,you must be lacking sense of judgement and such people,we usually call them SIMPLETONS.As a matter of fact,we shouldn’t have been wasting our precious moments trying to make this SATANA,a civilised human being.He is full of hate against Northerners who have been in the forefront in the liberation of our country,while he SATANA,was busy chasing RATS in the bush.He does not know that the Northerners played an important role in reshaping Malawi’s present day multi-democratic society in which you and others are enjoying regardless of what you contributed to our present day liberty.You must thank Northerners for putting you and your fellow thieves into better positions.The Muthalikas,were waiting for hunters to kill and then come to enjoy the kill.Where were the Muthalikas and yourself when,the Northerners were in the middle of the struggle against one of the most barbaric tyrants Hastings Banda?You have seen what Bingu did and you are seeing now what his brother Mathanyula is doing..Satana,we have seen such people falling once and forall.Your hatrade against the Northerners will one day boomerang and don’t fool around with intelligent people because one day,you will be swept by the current into Shire River!!!!!!!

  3. mtete says:

    Agreed. It’s only a party which has run out of ideas and logical thinking that can tolerate its senior leadership to utter foolish remarks as those by Jeffrey who, by the way, should not forget she has a bad past; the embezzlement of public funds through dubious contracts. Chickens will come to roost one of these days.

  4. santana says:

    Can you tell Malawians which party in the north has a candidate who can win the presidential race? If your eyes are really open, it is plain truth that the north with the current voting pattern cannot produce a president. All those who are not agreeing with Jeffrey’s statement there is no one who has produced a name to Malawians, a guy from the north who can be considered a presidential material. Emily can see the truth on the ground but she is deliberately making herself blind because she hates the truth. The pain has been in Emily’s flesh since the time of Bakili Muluzi. This thorn has gone so deep in her flesh that it will any time protrude to the other side of her body. I can understand Mayi Mkamanga’s anger especially when she sees her fellow women from the north being picked for ministerial posts. Come’n Mkamanga tell us any name from the north fit for presidency failing which you should just close your mouth on politics. How long will you shed tears? The already shed tears has turned to a small river around your home village. Accept my sympathy Emily.

  5. Babatemwa says:

    Well-said and well-written, Emily!

  6. Chambe says:

    Whilst no individual has monopoly to lead Malawi, one individual of a President in a given period has a mandate to lead Malawi. This is regardless of which District or political party they come from. It is just unfortunate for one to conclude that the North will never produce a President. Iam of the view that Jeffrey was taken out of context because of her own carelessness in choosing the wrong words but in the given circumstances, the leaders of all the parties we have are region based. MCP strong on the center with a leader from the center. So is DPP in the south; UDF in the eastern, Afford in the north. Following on regional voting lines, Jeffrey may have been tempted to believe the North will never produce a president. Thus of course wrong assumption. There can be such a probability in the event of the demise of a head of state with his/her VP from the north taking over. Didn’t we at one time have a VP from the north?Who could have known about a woman ruling Malawi.

  7. Machiavelli says:

    Mama Emily you can write. I have always adored you since my primary school days. Tell them the truth, in case they don’t know. Both Jappie Mhango and Jeffry seem to be mentally incapacitated.

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