Nudity take-over in showbiz industry

I don’t know what it is about these Hollywood products we and our children are being exposed to on our screens. Be it television sets or computer monitors, nude photos of singers, actors and actresses are the order of the day and even with the parental guidance (PG) facility, they always pop up in the most unexpected of places. Probably the PG is easier with specific television programming, but what about musical channels that one would least expect the nudity?

Ka Jive: Will bring dancing talents

Dancing erotic

Oops: Live on stage

Oops: Live on stage

It is almost as if musicians have grown to believe that a successful music video has to be one with less bodily coverage. If you are a parent that pays little attention to trends in music, take time to see the strippers, mostly women parading as musicians as they wriggle from side to side, front and back sometimes prompting broadcasters to censor exposures that are best suited for a whole different viewing and arena. Bare chests, bottoms and sheer nudity are characterising popular suggestive dances and top of the chart songs, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Now, what has nudity got to do with musical or acting talent?  It’s not only with Hollywood, but the trends have taken root across the globe, including Africa. Bedroom antics are laid bare before lights, cameras, directors and the action is nothing sort of pornography for lack of a better word.

When one compares to the music videos made in the 80s and 90s, one discovers a totally different world of viewing with musicians dressed appropriately and, yet, made positive strides in the industry. There is one channel and when you take time to watch it in comparison to the newer and latest videos, it baffles the mind as to where the notion of stripping for success is derived from.

The amount of decency of the classics tells me that the nudity galore is most unnecessary and those that indulge in it do so out of selfish reasons rather than for the love of the trade. If it was for the passion for music, these so-called stars should have been accommodative of all ages and mindful of the need to dress up for the sake of the messages they carry to spread across the board. As it is, the amount of censorship deters others from viewing the x-rated productions by virtue of their content.

There are trends continuously attributed to changing times. During the Stone Age, we walked about half naked not by design, but because trends did not permit as man was still discovering this and that. We have since evolved and discovered better ways of covering up and after so many years of working towards his betterment, we are apparently reversing the times to return to what we fought so hard to get out of. With so many offers on the market in terms of fabric and clothing labels, our musicians have no excuse for walking naked.

It’s not only musicians, but the celebrity life seems to favour ‘rugs’ or nothingness as the true definition of dressing to kill. Just check the images from different awards or red carpet events.

I say we are in trouble. Our children are on fire because inevitably, they shall favour this nude culture. Parents, be on the lookout and stop snoozing.— Source: NPL

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Ehh Tsiii!

azimayi ake amenewo, olo atavula, ine sindingatote. Kuda mwendo choncho, kuchita kuwunika ndi torch pasakuoneka. olo nyere itakupeza, kudya nyiniko, udya bwanji, usanze chani, kununkha kuchikumveka ndipachithunzi pomwe. kkkkkkk

northern speech

its gud to taste evil

vuyisile mtombayithethi



The nudity is an essential part of the package on sale because the music by itself is of inferior quality. Rumba, soukous and kwasakwasa all provided a complete package and, moreover, it was our music, unlike these local variants of the lowest common denominator of so-called global youth culture. Yugh . . . .

sazilala mbuno

nde pano ma kasino njugaaaaaa pa mw. basitu kutha kwa ziko, nde muone mmene ziko litasambukile.
nanga pa godeni pikoko lounge hiiiiiiiii, mayo ine.
LAS VEGASI yafika kwathu kuno- chamba pompo, safuna khusa ndi ndani, Ambuye izani

sazilala mbuno

mpake kamuzu amakesa ma mini, nanga mwana wa angana kuonetsa bumbu bambo ace akuona.

Lt. Frazer Chakhaza
It’s very sad that much as we call Malawi a GOD fearing nation, still full of wise men and women, well educated and groomed generation born in the 20s, 30s, 40s 50s and 60s it appears we lost completely our hope to guide properly our children. It is weird to believe and accept that this trending has to be accepted because it is foreign culture. There still people,families and well educated parents who do not accept their children to indulge in this shameful dressing. You can go around in townships, homes, streets and see children born from well exposed and… Read more »

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