Of hell on earth, revolutions and coups: Malawi situation

When dictatorship is a fact, said Victor Hugo, a revolution becomes a right. President Bingu wa Mutharika knows this for a fact, and is wary of a revolution or as he calls it a coup, as more and more people catch on to the fact that a revolution is their right.

And this explains why he is panicking, why his is on the offensive and his increasing paranoia that have resulted in his fresh call to arms to his supporters and telling donors off – which for Malawi, has already proved suicidal.

A revolution or a coup d’état according to Vladimir Lenin would be impossible without a revolutionary situation. President Mutharika knows – though he will not admit it publicly – that he is a dictator and again he knows that he is not doing things right; hence his fear of a revolution, regime change or coup or whatever he decides to call it. Mutharika has managed to create a revolutionary situation.

What will guarantee that a coup or a revolution or a regime change initiative comes to fruition before his terms expires in 2014 are the works of his hands and the words of his mouth. President Mutharika through speeches befitting only a headless chicken, is fermenting the revolutionary situation that he has created.

Forget about western countries funding a “Malawi spring” or civil society agitating for regime change or the opposition planning to stage a coup; all these are fallacies that exist only in President Mutharika’s mind.

And, unless he changes his confrontational and two-faced approach, a revolution will not need to funded by anybody or organized by CSOs. Malawian CSOs, if they had wanted to do that, would have done that in 2011 anyway – so let them be.

The revolution, since President Mutharika wants one, will start from where he least expects it. Take a look for instance in his own political backyard and stronghold:

  • There is a rebel group in the DPP called the Hope Alliance – which is proving to be a thorn in the flesh;
  • Then there are vendors, people that due to Ken Zikhale Ng’oma’s lies he has feted and made merry with, are the ones giving his police and civic authorities a headache.
  • And finally,  there are the characters that attacked Kevin Mmangitsa and lately Charles Mchacha, MP.

All these, very close to his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and in fact from the DPP itself, are the people that are setting the stage for a revolution. The more his policies and lack of tact continue hurting Malawians, the more he continues playing politics of divide and rule, the more he is pushing groups like these to the edge and the rest (the mob) will just follow.

He can parade a few chiefs to parrot his policies; he can compromise characters like Goodal Gondwe to churn out lies, he can recite the various developments he has done; he can for all that is worth, despatch Mabvuto Bamusi on CSO annihilation campaigns; all these efforts will come to nought.

Because they do not change the fact that life, under his administration, is very hard and getting even harder by the day.

And to our brothers and sisters who are revolution-minded, we have one piece of advice: know and remember one thing: a revolution, it has been said, is like a novel. The most difficult part to invent is the end.

We therefore encourage all those itching for a fight do some real soul-searching, lest they end up making the situation even worse. As for Bingu, telling donors to go to hell would have, in different circumstances have passed for the joke of the century. Because, it is a fact that life in Malawi under Bingu and his terror machine, is as bad as hell!

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