Of money schemes in betting

It’s a given fact that betting is indeed a money scheme that is logically defended, physically draining, spiritually defeating and well lawfully abiding yet it’s just a scheme, purposefully created to scheme and scam people. According to the Thesaurus, betting is translated as mere gambling.

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With all facts equal, betting has proven to be one of the most actively played games in recent time with a lot of companies establishing their firms and investing into such whilst scheming from the poor citizenry in the process. This is the scheme where one can instantly be a millionaire with the very little token of money for predicting score results of particular games and at the same time it can lead to financial poverty for trying hard and never hitting the target.

You see folks, these are games that can be life changing and every Jim and Jack seems to be interested in trying their luck, however the implications of being an addict to such are far more reaching than meets reality. Of late, betting companies have marketed, created a succulent hype for their product to an extent that both young and old have been lured into the trap.Yes, everyone wants to try their luck with betting simply because of the overnight wealth generated when one has hit the target, precisely the bottom line is an issue of poverty that draws the line.

However, there is an issue of addiction that is associated with the game and can lead to so many unforeseen problems. You see, these betting companies have infiltrated our cities, towns and even residential locations in their visibility ploy. One thing for certain is that they cannot be avoided by many both young and old.  This is where I find it difficult to digest and swallow, think of an average young man that is unemployed and begs pocket money from parents for their little amenities.

With the betting signage and a thought of quick money all they would do is spend the little begged money of betting games and eventually that becomes a habit. The next day they don’t the money they would do all it takes whether legal or not to find money in order to suffice for the habit that is developing and in the long run become addicts and slaves to the game.

This is not only common amongst young men but also the grown adults who let own can’t do without betting as they would rather prefer to skip lunch and use that money for betting. This is what we are currently breeding with betting ploys with our generation, instead of hard work people have opted for simple, quick means of earning money, its mentally wrong, financially draining, emotionally weakening and spiritually defying.

Yet another aspect to the ploy is the fact that some people have opted to replace their full time work with betting. You may think this is a joke or mere malafide aimed at exaggerating and deterring people but no this is a fact. Some financially weak minds have opted to leave their full time jobs and replacing them with mere betting.

Just think of this gentleman that wakes up to the betting shop and in the course of predicting games which they win and earn bucks and this happens overtime and with good values in return. Such a mind would find it difficult to think of spending the whole day in working and rather opt for quick monies through betting.

Unfortunately, this is the gospel truth which some may dispute but it’s actually the reality that such scheming breeds and continues to infect many leading to a society that is lazy, relying on living a life of quick monies without sweat. This is wrong and must be condemned in its entirety.

What baffles my mind is the fact that not many can see the light through this tunnel that such companies involved are just scheming from the poor populace and profitably benefiting along the process. This is what leaves me with a question as to what is different between betting and gambling? Might we as well just legalise gambling in our communities and market it to the populace since facts have proven that we are a nation bent on getting rich quickly as attested by the high levels of betting in our spaces.

The back end code to this ploy is that whether legal or illegal most money making schemes like betting, gambling, insurances are meant at milking the poor but most able minds are too feeble, too intelligent, too smart and yet at the same time too dull to appreciate the underside scope of most schemes evident in our society.

Bottom line fact is that betting is just another money scheme which is aimed at draining the minds and resources of people that are too free, too weak and too good with useless money to spend. Let the populace critically analyse these schemes before dangling their carrots.

However, with the world being a global village and the trend taking shape globally nobody would think of this as a mere scheme rather a quick money making ploy that can turn a poor mind into an instant millionaire without hard work and investment.

Truth be told, hard work always pays, and fruits of hard work are persevered hence proper investment plan is adhered to unlike quick money that will eventually run out quickly, such is the order of betting.

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