On Bushiri’s extradition, has Malawi govt listened to his story before proceeding with processes?

Two weeks ago, Malawi government signed the extradition papers to begin the process of extraditing Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, to South Africa.

Bushiri:  Government must ensure that he is well protected and follow his concerns with keen interest to ensure justice prevails.

The South African government had earlier written Malawi government requesting the extradition of the two, who—facing fraud and money laundering charges—left the rainbow nation citing security reasons and, also, because they were certain they would never get a fair trial.

The public reaction to the news that Malawi government had, finally, signed the extradition papers was somehow of a shock to many.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) cautioned Malawi government against rushed decisions in handling the extradition processes.

Senior Chief Lukwa and paramount chief Kyungu raised similar issues HRDC put through, underlining that government need to be careful because the Bushiris had raised issues which Malawi government needed to have given an ear to before proceeding with signing the papers.

The question is: What issues did the Bushiris brought through and has government given them a platform to express them?

Just after their arrival in Malawi, the Bushiris made it very that there had been clear and evident attempts in South Africa to have himself, his wife and family killed and, despite several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been State protection.

Further, the Bushiri argued that with how events unfolded—arrests, not trial, arrests again, kept in prison for over two weeks—they had come to a painful conclusion that what they were facing South Africa, since 2015, is purely persecution NOT prosecution.

They added that what is shocking is that it was him [Bushiri] who, in 2018, opened cases of extortion and intimidation against the officers who were investigating, arresting and prosecuting him and his wife of these several allegations.

Against such a background, Bushiri noted that there can never be independence and impartiality as it will purely be acts of open vengeance.

The Bushiris, then, made 5 requests to the South African government which, upon the granting, the couple would return to South Africa to face their trial.

  1. First, he wanted the South African government to assure them of our safety and security whilst in South Africa.
  2. Secondly, he wanted the South African government to assure them that their bail will not be revoked. He noted that his right to fair trial entails that they have access to their lawyers all the time. He argued that revocation of the bail defeats their right to fair trial and also exposes them to further security and safety challenges.
  3. Thirdly, he wanted the officers involved in investigating, arresting and prosecuting us to recuse themselves as this is the same team that he had earlier lodged complaint against and, also, opened cases against.
  4. Fourthly, he wanted the South African State to see to it that all the issues he lodged and opened against these officers must be pursued to their logical conclusion before proceeding with our case.
  5. Finally, he wanted the South African State to appoint independent and professional investigators and prosecutors who should make independent decisions on the cases we are allegedly accused of.

As expected the South African government ignored all the issues Bushiri raised and just went on offensive, pushing Malawi government to sign the extradition papers.

But one expected that Malawi government would have ignored the offensive South African route and, at least, given a platform for Bushiri to explain his story.

Most Malawians, as it stands now, don’t have clear a picture of why Bushiri and his wife left South Africa. All what Malawians know is the version of South African government that the Bushiri fled from being tried in South Africa, as such; they must be brought back to face trial.

However, the Bushiris have insisted that they never fled South Africa but left because their lives were at risk and, also, because they were certain that they were not going to face a fair trial. They argued that if these two are rectified, they are ready to return to South Africa.

So when will Malawi Government create a platform for Bushiri to express himself to fellow Malawians?

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nafundo zalo
nafundo zalo
20 days ago

why are we paying court staff for bushilis case commited in SA.
kapena sindikuvetss.
tasiya kumakamba milandu ya
Norman cisale
fpitalas frozen account
za ku MRA
ntaba ndi za ma alibino
nanga ya njaunju
ya muluzi k1.7 billion
Za cashgate
mumangofuna kutitenthesa kuti tiziti mukugwila ncito??????
musatinyase ndi bushili amakupatsani ndalama mwanseliyo.
za shit ai

21 days ago

This little thing and his cougar wife are full of themselves!!!!! Please send them back ASAP, atikwana kale!!!!

21 days ago

A Thief can not spell out demands from authorities!!. Who does he think he is? He didn’t ask for government protection when he was conning South African or raping the women

Blessings Mulingo
Blessings Mulingo
21 days ago

Chakwera fears south Africa government that they can close their relationship, and chakwera is not a man enough to stand with his own feet,to make his own helpful minds and ideas. Even he fears too much his Freind chilima which will cost him down the direction of his leadership, thus why he made rush signing extradition papers
He is fearing WHO with their covid vaccine they will destroy Malawi

21 days ago

This is nosense.Is Bushiri above the law and how many Malawians have been accoded the same treatment? None at all. If he is innocent , he will go and challenge the charges. Avoid protecting criminals because they have money but the poor to face the law.

20 days ago

Some of us have many relatives working in South Africa so we will not want to put their welfare at risk because of Bushiri

21 days ago

He did a great job of promoting tourism in South Africa, I wish he it here in the motherland

21 days ago

Signing is not handing him over to SA govt., there will be legal processes through courts.

Mind you, we have many many Malawi citizens in South Africa govt has to
weigh between ONE citizen and over QUARTER MILLION living there.

John chidongo
21 days ago
Reply to  nyarugwe

I am here so what ikakhala xenophobia anayamba kale kuli agogo anthu. Amalawinso ambiri akuchokako. Ndiponso anasiya kukamba ali busy ndi xorona ya athatsa nzeru angoti kakasi afa msani mawa. Musiyeni. Koma kumeneko akayambanso zakezo athawirira kuti kuti aone mkwiyo weni weni wa a Malawi. Kumeneko afatse.

Joseph Bands
Joseph Bands
21 days ago

He jumped bail. How can he require that bail be granted again!? He will be treated the same way as any suspected criminals. The South African justice system is just as fair as ours.

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

To the shock of many? Which many? Bushiri does not deserve to be a man of God if he was swindling people under the guise of being a prophet. These are not the days of prophets like Elijah. Most of these prophets are thieves, failures, former drunkards and womanizers. It a way of surviving. Bushiri should be treated as a normal person. There is nothing special about any human being. He is not from space. If he committed crimes he must go and face justice. He will be acquitted if he is not guilty. By virtue of running away from… Read more »

Mzakwacha Nixon's
Mzakwacha Nixon's
21 days ago

It’s really amazing
A man of God imprecated on fraud and monet laundering issues
Running away,why,if he knows he didn’t commit such?….many question marks.
He is called Major 1,no wonder.
I wish him well and God should soften conditions he is swimming in.

Kwazulu Natal

[email protected]

Idioterne (the idiots)

The fall of a fool and his wife.

21 days ago

The legal battle has just began and the process takes time.

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