Opposition to press for maizegate, K236bn cashgate in Malawi parliament

Opposition leaders have said they will take government to task over maizegate and K236 billion cashgate when parliament meets from this Monday.

Chakwera: we need report

Lazarus Chakwera, Leader of Opposition in parliament says they will be waiting for a report on maizegate from the parliamentary inquiry on maizegate.

“If you remember very well, I asked for this inquiry. We will be waiting for its report in parliament,” said Chakwera.

He said the government will be forced to respond to the issues.

Peoples Party acting president Uladi Mussa said the government leadership in the House will be forced to be on its toes to explain how K236 billion was stolen during the Democratic Progressive Party era of Bingu wa Mutharika.

He said the government has been running way from this issue for a long time.

“This money belongs to Malawians, not the DPP therefore the government needs to account for it,” he said.

Political parties are this weekend holding what is called caucuses in order to strategise and plan what business to tackle in the 193 strong House.

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The Partriot

As Patriots we will be waiting to hear from Parliament about these two burning issues: the maizegate and 577billion Cashgate.
Verily, verily unto all sane Malawians : politicians will only abuse us if we allow them to do it! We the masses are stronger than any politician….they fear us so much that if we all stood up against corruption and impunity….politicians will have no choice but to act. In 1994 we drove Kamuzu out of office, nanga awa ndi ndani amenewa?
All patriots should be angry with any thieving politicians.


Yaya Jammeh you are missing the point. It is the duty of the opposition to question government on anything that has a bearing on the lives of Malawians. Maizegate and K236 billion have a bearing on Malawians. So to criticize Chakwera because he wants to do his job is illogical. It also shows how shallow minded we are.

Mike Mithi

Mr yahya jamme we need the big man to assent the access to information law first. Thank you


i support the motion press them


i support the motion


Muziona onamiza ake amene mwangopanga comment kumene. DPP yatha yokha ndikuba you think Malawians can go and vote for thieves again. Rubbish dpp go to hell

Yahya Jammeh

This Chakwera is a spent force. I don’t know what he wants to achieve when he keeps making noise that doe not bear fruit. He is failing to press for a report for the prolonged stay of Mutharika in the US when he went to attend UNGA and how can he manage to push for a report for maize scandal this time around? First thing first. I will rule Gambia for 1 billion years while Chakwera remains in the opposition for 1 billion years.

Yahya Jammeh, of what use would a report on the prolonged stay at UNGA of the president be to Malawians? Nothing at all! If it was found that the president was having an operation in the States then what next? Indeed first things first and the K236 billion is a long outstanding case than the one you think should take priority. Besides, Malawians would like to know who stole the money and the punishment thereafter that will be handed to them! I would also urge the opposition to follow up on changing the electoral law to the 50 1 system… Read more »

Mbuli ina ndi iwe

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