Over 50 years down the road: Is once ‘mighty’ Malawi Congress Party now a mere income generating racket for aged JZU?

“I am at my best, when I meet opposition” – Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

“Apo njuchi ziluma mpo ndipita” – late John Msonthi (Chichewa Translation).Maj Gen John Msonthi – son of late John Msonthi, whose death was never fully explained.

These statements were made around the time of the 1964 Cabinet Crisis in Malawi.

“History takes long to declare its verdict. The villains of today may be declared saints tomorrow; it may be after their death …”-Henry Masauko Chipembere  – an except from his last speech in parliament as a minister and an M.P. on 9th September 1964, before he fled Malawi, in the aftermath of the crisis.

Today in 2013, many years after these statements were made, Malawi and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are again, at a cross-roads. And here we are, standing in the shadows of the Parthenon, poised to rewrite and reshape history and a poor nation’s destiny – if at all we care for Malawi.

Tembo: Promised a “decent retirement package”
Tembo: Promised a “decent retirement package”
Maj Gen John Msonthi - son of late John Msonthi, whose death was never fully explained.
Maj Gen John Msonthi – son of late John Msonthi, whose death was never fully explained.

Are we are ready and do we have the guts?

Yes, we are, and guts we have. 30 years of dictatorship, and a near 20 years of a miscarriage of democracy have graduated us, with PhDs summa cum laude, for the cause.

Do we have the mettle?

Yes, we have.

Do we have the conviction?

Yes we do. And woe unto anyone or any politburo that wants to force us to continue wallowing in mediocrity and povertyjust so that they can earn blood money as their “retirement” package.

Sneak preview:

Hon J.Z.U Tembo has, according to well-placed sources, been promised a “decent retirement package” should he ensure that a candidate, deemed a threat by the current ruling Peoples Party (PP), fails to make it as a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate.

… what is the truth?

… what are implications of MCP fielding an unpopular candidate in the event that candidate X is disqualified?

… and more, what are the chances for Malawi securing the transformational leader she desperately needs to lead the swim out of the oceans of dire straights?

Unexplained deaths…

As intimated in the picture of of Major General John Msonthi above, those that have threatened Hon John Zenas Ungapake Tembo politically, since time immemorial, have never lived to realize their full potential.

Not so long ago, in fact during the Christmas season on 1995, former Inspector General McWilliam Lunguzi announced his decision to join mainstream politics.

On July 1,  1996 – he died in a Dunduzu-Chisiza like road accident. This road accident has never been satisfactorily explained. But fact is: at barely fifty years of age, the life of a promising ex-Inspector General was snuffed out.

The road accident that killed late Lunguzi parallels nicely with the one that in 1965 killed Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza. Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza was treasury secretary in parliament and was supposed to become minister of finance replacing Henry Phillips .

McWilliam Lunguzi - an MCP Presidential hopeful that never lived to campaign for the post
McWilliam Lunguzi – an MCP Presidential hopeful that never lived to campaign for the post

Dunduzu Chisiza died in a mysterious road accident and John Tembo became the first Malawian minister of finance after the death of Chisiza. John Tembo was then sent to England to upgrade his education in 1965 and upon return, became the governor of the reserve bank of Malawi.

The World Bank in 1982 asked the late Life President Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda to instal Austin Madinga as the governor of the reserve bank of Malawi but he too was killed in a road accident.

Africa Watch subsequently reported that Madinga was killed by John Tembo.

… In these series, Wise One from the East – ever at your service – dares to venture where even angels fear to tread, exploring the extents to which Hon J.Z.U. Tembo’s could go this time around, to earn his retirement package, should all else fail.

Wise One from the East has hit the campaign trail, and is taking no prisoner. Watch this space for more, brace your self and stand by!

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