PAC cautions Chakwera against political intolerance

Quasi-religious body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has cautioned President Lazarus Chakwera against being corrupt with absolute power.

Thawale: Malawians are not the same they were 10 years ago

PAC chairperson Monsignor Patrick Thawale told Chakwera on Thursday past state presidents settled on arrogance and retribution against political foes.

“When one examines past regimes as presidents settle their position after being elected, executive arrogance becomes a weapon against those who express divergent views.

“They feel Malawi is their property and therefore no constructive criticism should be expressed,” said Thawale.

He said this attitude ought to be checked because it is one of the biggest problem Malawi has witnessed.

“PAC wishes to caution Tonse alliance that generations have changed and Malawians are not the same they were 10 years ago.

“They have just given you a chance. As an alliance, you must stick to the principles and values you agreed to jointly develop this country,” he said.

Thawale told the president in the face to avoid the same mistakes previous governments made, saying Tonse alliance has to be transformative so that Malawians can witness change on obvious things.

“PAC will not tolerate same old deliberate disregard of rule of law and constitutionalism. Let us refrain from nepotism, tribalism and regionalism,” said Thawale.

He urged Chakwera to appoint capable people in government positions coming from even where the Tonse alliance and the MCP did not receive more votes.

“It has been a trend for governments to award positions to people from areas where they amassed more votes.

“PAC knows that you are aware about these issues. We are just emphasizing so that they are at the back of your mind,” said Thawale.

Chakwera said all issues raised by PAC were critical and he would look into them positively. 

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Tonse Mademo
Tonse Mademo
2 years ago

I hope detailed reason of PAC meeting Abusa sizinali zokhazi. Otherwise they were not hitting nail on its head. They were supposed to tell him his mistakes point blank and ask him to change not kumazungurira

Hate it or take it but it's a fact
Reply to  Tonse Mademo

Too early within a month why not wait as we waited for Muntharika for 6years.

Fake Petros
Fake Petros
2 years ago

Surely even mu banja limene mwezi umodzi basi mwayamba kale ankhoswe ndi malangizo? It’s too early and doesn’t seem to be good faith. Even the use of words like “will not tolerate”. too strong for a noble advice.

2 years ago

Dr Laz, thats what a good leader will do, be positive indeed Malawians have high hopes in your leadership

The Knight Templar
The Knight Templar
2 years ago

That’s an encouraging piece from PAC. Let’s forget HRDC now and look to PAC for a credible civil society organization. A civil society which is not a sale out. Heed the voice of reason your Excellency.

2 years ago

This is a useless and toothless body. Look at them now trying to position the current arrests as political persecution?

Isnt it obvious that those who were in power are the ones who had opportunity to steal and hence the reason they are being arrested?

I prefer the actions of the HRDC.

Isaac Malemba
2 years ago

Only God can change the world, not human beings. Let’s stop trusting politicians too much!

Mbonga Matoga
Mbonga Matoga
2 years ago

Looks like PAC is very good at throwing pieces of advice to others but who advises PAC, surely PAC members are not saints

Conspiracy of criminals

We are still in 2020. Not much change. Change will come. Soon.

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