PAC cautions Mutharika against 2nd veep post, cabinet reshuffle

After Nyasa Times recently reported about a looming cabinet reshuffle amid revelations that United Democratic Front (UDF) and some opposition lawmakers have been pencilled in the proposed changes and that the President may appoint a second vice president, the Public Affairs Committee (Pac) has cautioned President Peter Muntharika against reintroducing the a second vice president post.

President Mutharika: Advised to stick to lean cabinet and one VP

President Mutharika: Advised to stick to lean cabinet and one VP

Mutharika wants the position of second vice president be re-introduced, with the holder enjoying equal privileges and other conditions as the incumbent state vice president, Saulos Chilima.

The President is preferring Ministers of Energy and Mining who is UDF leader Atupele Muluzi as the country’s second vice president.

But during a meeting with the Head of State at Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe , the nfluential quasi-religious organisation, caution Muntharika against the appointing a second vice president in the wake of austerity spirit.

Pac chairperson, Felix Chingota, reportedly told the President that Malawians are worried that the coalition might also lead to the ballooning of the lean cabinet.

“Any plan to expand the Cabinet by way of including UDF MPs would strengthen the observation that other regions are being sidelined. So too the argument made that appointment of Cabinet Ministers should largely target MPs should not be the way to go where social cohesion is required,” said Chingota as quoted by the local press.

Pac has since advised Mutharika not to change the number of 20 to the cabinet ” so that political inclusivity can be achieved within the same size of the cabinet…”

UDF recently requested the Speaker to relocate its 14 MPs to government benches to reflect the governing pact of the two parties and the Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has advised Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya that UDF can join DPP on government benches .

The only holder of the second vice president position was the late Chakufwa Chihana, the then leader of the Alliance for Democracy (Aford). The republican constitution was amended during the second term of the former Head of State Bakili Muluzi to create the position of second vice president and Chihana was appointed on the premise of enhancing national unity.

But the reintroduction of second vice president will defeat the essence of austerity in the lean cabinet, observers noted.

The government is desperate for donor funding to turn around the economy and there has been a so-called “new friends” foreign policy to look at East and other countries such as Russia and North Korea.

State House press officer, Chikondi Juma, confirmed the meeting between PAC and President. but maintained that it was purely private and refused to comment.

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kodi mmene tinkasakha muja tikaona ngati tikusankha munthu


zosathandiza zimenezi. Let us use our inadquate resources economically

patrick Namaja


Dickson Kambuku
What about our friends from the Northern region? I thought former President Bakili Muluzi administration created the position of second vice President with aim of balance power and unity of the Malawi. Muluzi came from South, Malewezi from centre and Chihana from north. As a Malawian from southern region, I sympathize with our brothers and sisters from North. No wonder the northerners are calling for succession or federalism because of such political oppression from southern region politicians. Remember that there is God who is watching what Peter Mutharika and others are targeting. If Atupele Muluzi, a southern from Machinga is… Read more »
Patrick yohane super

Is there any benefit of putting the other veep? This is not time to enlarge cabbinet, why not development? Mutharika watani kod?


Such politics of appeasement will never develop Malawi but the few power hungry politicians


Inu Alufeyo #7,musatukane munthu apa.PAC imatithandiza madzi akafika mkhosi.Ngati akukana,nde kuti aonapo kale kuti siziyenda pa Malawi.

Inu otsutsa Boma,mukuoneratu mita nde osalota mwamva 2019 ndi mkuja.

prescott Tambuli

The President has the prerogative to choose anyone he feels suitable to help him advance his Agenda. PAC’s argument lacks substance. But Peter must tread very carefully because Malawi is watching. Let Goodall Gondwe become Second VP, as he is mature and organised. Finally, let us stop this nonsense called Regionalism because we are all Malawians.


zandikwa with dis foolish reader. Ife tiribe reader, w r respect ur kng mmbelwa. Thats so

A Kayira
Pac has schooled our president. This man wants to bring confusions both to dpp and the nation. He has completely stopped implementing what he promised malawians. Malawians are tired of hearing about atupere. What has he done to this country? Nothing nothing nothing!!! Mr president, why do you fear him? What sort of appeasement you want to show him? You have already given him ministerial post and some udf members. Remember mr president that atupere fought against you during elections and your vice president saulos spent sleepless nights to help you cling to the presidency. Remember that malawians are bored… Read more »

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