PAC says mass demo to go ahead: To meet next week for dates

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), a multi-faith human rights, democracy and accountability watchdog, says it will consult its board  January 30 in Lilongwe  on new dates for the mass demonstrations that were called off last year.

PAC’s publicity secretary Fr. Mulomole addressing marchers at Parliament building

The protests were called off to push for enactment of the Electoral Reforms Bills following government’s indication that it would table all the pieces of legislation.

But the bills, including the 50-plus-one electoral system of electing a Head of State, were rejected .

PAC said following the shooting down od the bills, it will proceed with the protests.

The three Bills which government shot down are the Assumption of Office President (Transitional Arrangement) Bill, Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections Bill and the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill.

PAC executive secretary Robert Phiri said the board will meet next weke  and direct the secretariat on when exactly the demonstrations can be held.

Phiri said there were wide consultations on the Bills, using the civil society task force and that the shooting down of the Bills is regrettable and retrogressive to the advancement of democracy for the country.

He said  PAC secretariat is ready with the peaceful protests, saying they have a minimum of 120 placards and reflectors for all the marchers countrywide.

“We have the banners, which are ready with the messages. So for us, it’s just a matter of the board’s resolution,” Phiri said.

Phiri said the mass demonstrations will be held and there should be no doubts about it, expressing the hope that people will participate in the protests.

He said the demonstrations will also be highlighting on “broader issues”.

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Zitsilu zisamatitayitse nthawi.. Mwina angofuna podyela funding a landing kwina kwake.. Ikazangokhala masiku uwamva akuti tasintha.. What’s that

Mr CENTRAL is LSM entitled to make bills? Central, can you tell me who was supposed to make ammendments on the LSM proposals if not govt? If LSM has the final say why is the Law advising it to send their proposals to a Cabinet Minister for a final say? Central should accept that PAC and Chakwera have goofed in their sinister motives. A sovereign country does not wait for another country to make a certain law for it to make the same. So your argument of ”where on earth” does not hold water. Laws within a country are made… Read more »
flavius chikadzu

Lets be serious PAC. U will be down played again. There is a lop_hole here. After how long can the demostrations not called off despite possitive response from government. They will wait for you to spend resources only to feed u with tea spoon of honey in eleveth hour to call off demons. Make it clear that if peoples cry are not responded to within specified time even if government responds demons shall never be called off. Think


Kkkkkkkkkk ! Mukhala choncho makape a PAC. Ndinu omwe muluzitse MCP. Muli ndi strategy yopusa kwambili.

Omex70, Are you not sympathetic with what PAC is going through? Do you really think PAC members of Chakwera are using their brains properly or the brains are now contaminated with mucous? Did the govt not table the bills? Were the bills not debated? If all these procedures were done on what reason do they blame govt? Omex70, why don’t you utilize the good brains which God freely gave you? Why do you accept to be brainwashed in such a silly way? Do you really think there is any reason to do perete on the issue of those failed bills.… Read more »

Don’t mention God in these stupid issues man! Where on earth is the 50-plus-one electoral system of electing a Head of State also applied on electing MPs? Did government table what MLS gave them? Why did they cannibalize the bill? Why defend the obvious things man? MPs rejected the bill because it mentioning them and was a tampered bill! You may pretend to be clever when going to bed, but lets see who will be clever at dawn!!


PAC is one of the most misguided grouping in this country. I thought you are a goup of church people, dont you have the rains as the main problem now, why cant you discuss to pray for the rains. your demos have been a floop and this time they will floop again. useless


PAC should be decisive on its resolutions. The demos long overdue please stop tip toeing on the issue. APM & his clones has fooled you too many times to believe the hype. Cheats on Electoral reforms, governance issues, separation of power etc will continue with this corrupt regime. All the best with this endeavor Malawians are hurting to be taken for a ride.


Santana, you are a DPP boot-licker.

Tikuuzeni zoona

Man/lady Omex&0 Santana mwangodana naye. Of all the people who are trashing these stooges of MCPor LCP, why are you fighting only one person?

Wa Nsembe wowona

PAC kuvala chikopa cha nkhosa ali mbuzi za wanthu! Munasuluka anthu anakudziwani.

PAC advisor

I always feel pity with PAC. Instead of mobilizing people to pray for good rains zowona PAC mwasanka ma DEMON – Sration? Mukusogozedwadi ndi ma DEMON

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