Paramount chief refuses to sit next to chiefs in meeting, labels them enemies

Controversial mang’anja chief, Paramount Lundu of Chikwawa on Saturday surprised people when he refused to sit next to fellow traditional leaders during a full Chikhwawa District Council meeting.

Chief Lundu: Controversial chief who locked a subject

He said he could not sit close to his “enemies.”

Lundu has a difficult relationship with most of traditional leaders in the district as well as in his area.

He is condemned for his dictatorial tendencies.

Recently, he locked up one of his subjects in a room at his headquarters and left him without food for days until the police freed him.

The state has not taken any action against this notorious but powerful chief.

However, the full council meeting was postponed, not because Lundu refused to sit next to fellow chiefs, but councillors boycotted the meeting.

Collex Nankumba, one of the councillors said they were provided with council committee reports the same day they were supposed to meet, instead of three days earlier as the by laws provide.

Chief Mulirima accused some council members of staff of incompetence, saying they do not work for people.

District commissioner, Fred Movete said next time he would ensure the council members get the reports on time.

However, the council members got full allowances and transport reimbursement despite the fact that the meeting was postponed, forcing the council blow up a K1.1 million in allowances and transport reimbursements.

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7 years ago

chikwawa my beloved district, should I educate you? poor planning yields failure.

7 years ago

Can the Chewa chiefs who were paraded on MBC TV learn something from Mang’anja chiefs. If his won chiefs accuse of intolerance and abuse of power who are they to call him a saint. Nthondo, Dambe, Lukwa, Kaomba read him. The Mang’anja chiefs refused to be bought. Their egos are too smart to bend to political pressure from the greedy chiefs

Change Mindset
7 years ago

Lundu zayamba kumutsata. …mfumu uautsiru….imapanga zopoira! Upusa

7 years ago

Inefficiencies in many systems. Why inviting participants without following procedures. Imagine blowing K1.1 million without work actually done. You will also blow more than that amount to conduct the same council meeting with the same agenda. Shame to the planners1

Paramount Chief Lundu should know that it is God who anoints people to become chiefs. The pride will get him nowhere. Learn to be humble. It is cannot be true that all the chiefs are his enemies. Do soul searching please. Kujitemwa chaaa

Champonomba Pakati
Champonomba Pakati
7 years ago

A Chief Lundu ndi munthu oti simungamukhulupirire. Munthu ameneyo ndi wamadyela mphoto, wowononga. Mfumu imeneyonso ndiyokonda akazi achichepere kugona nawo. Watumikira UDF nthawi yayitali kenakonso DPP. Makobili amuzunguza mutu. Tiyeni nazo nthawi ikafika mudya dothi. Mtima wawo sunasiyane ndi malemu Mkhumba.

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